Artist names you're unsure of how to pronounce

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  1. bob_32_116

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    Perth Australia
    Dionne Warwick apparently had to constantly correct people's pronunciation of her name. I heard her once in interview saying "Mah name is..." and proceed to say it how she wanted it said: "Dee-yon War-wick". Accent on the first syllable in each word. The 'e' is silent, and the second 'w' is not silent. She got very tired of being called "Dee-own-ee Worrick".

    The history of her name is rather curious. She was born with the surname Warrick, but when it was misspelled "Warwick" on a concert program she decided she liked that better and changed her name accordingly. Later on she changed it again, to "Warwicke", adding the extra letter on the advice of an astrologer. She dropped the 'e' a few years later and reverted to "Warwick", claiming that the extra letter had brought her nothing but bad luck.
  2. Jamey K

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    Me-shell N-deego-cello
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  3. lastdamdown

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    A-buh or AH-buh?
  4. DaveinMA

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    I agree, but a guy from Boston agreeing about word pronunciations probably isn't helping.
  5. whodanny

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    It's pronounced "Thingummy". :tiphat:
  6. izgoblin

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    That's how New York-born Italians would say "Mangione", so you're likely right.

    In proper Italian, 'gi' is pronounced as 'j' and the final 'e' is silent. So if Chuck were from Italy, he'd likely pronounce it "Man-JOAN". But he ain't, so what the heck am I on about? :)
  7. Denim Chicken

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    Until I had heard One From The Vault, I had no idea how to pronounce Godchaux. Thanks Bill.
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  8. Maltman

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  9. Michael Macrone

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    This is news to me, and I grew up in an Italian family and studied the language.
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  10. PhilBorder

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    It's Be-At-Els
  11. BwanaBob

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    Maryland, USA
    Ferry/ Fairy - Merry /Mary. Ferry rhymes with Merry; Fairy rhymes with Mary. Ferry and Fairy do not rhyme/ are pronounced differently. And I'll stick by statement, if you cannot distinguish those words you are auditorily challenged. I'd still buy you a beer though.
  12. NorthNY Mark

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    Canton, NY, USA
    I suspect that it isn't so much that people can't distinguish the two sounds, but rather, more that the degree to which the distinction is emphasized vocally differs by region. In the US Midwest, for instance, the sounds in those particular words are much closer together than they are in NYC, New Jersey, Philadelphia, etc. What seems to you like a natural distinction between specific vowels sounds like a colorful accent to others when they hear what sounds like an exaggeratedly short "e" in words like "merry." I guess my point is just that it may not be as absolute as you are making it out to be.
  13. marmooskapaul

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    Laetitia Sadier---from Stereolab
  14. shepherdfan

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    Eugene, OR
    Boat-loads of Classical artists, performers and composers. LOL!
  15. bob_32_116

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    Perth Australia
    Thank you Mark. :) At least someone here is able to understand what I was saying. Accents vary widely, yet some people insist on taking the view that their way of speaking is the only "correct" way.
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  16. Manalishi

    Manalishi With the 2-pronged crown

    New Hampshire
    Don Van Vliet (vlee-et or vleet?)
    Perry Farrell (fuh-rell or farrell rhymes with barrel)
  17. Emilio

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    I guess you can call him Kee-ko low ray ro and it will be an acceptable pronunciation. The actual Brazilian pronunciation is tricky for English-speaking people, especially "Loureiro". But if you want to give it a try, listen to it here, at 00:10. The Brazilian "r" (I mean a single "r" between vowels) sounds like "dd" in "daddy".
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  18. TheLazenby

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    I've always been told it's not "Ag-neth-a", it's "Ag-nyet-a."
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  19. christian42

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    Lund, Sweden
    Then you've been misinformed.
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  20. Picca

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    Modena, Italy
    In Italian no vocal is silent.
  21. Zeppelin fan

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    Roy Clark
  22. rocknsoul74

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    What about Chvrches?
  23. Wright

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    I heard the first syllable is pronounced ang, like the director Ang Lee.
  24. action pact

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    In the '80s they actually applied a hype sticker to one of his LPs that said "pronounced 'Coburn'."
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