Artists You Used to See Every Time They Toured - But You Stopped!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Oatsdad, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever Thread Starter

    Alexandria VA
    With nearly 1000 concerts across my 40 years of show-going, I've seen a lot of the same artists multiple times, and there are many I'll see every time they tour.

    Then there are some I used to check out whenever they hit the road but eventually bailed.

    Example One:

    Rod Stewart. Back in 1982, Rod was the fourth artist I ever saw live. I loved that show and continued to see him each tour through 1993.

    But then I just lost interest. He seemed less and less invested in the shows and I felt like he mailed it in too much of the time.

    Saw him one more time a few years ago for the heck of it but didn't feel I'd "lost out" because I'd missed 20 years of concerts.

    Your examples?
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  2. Champagne Boot

    Champagne Boot The Passion of the Was

    Pretty much reached this point with Dylan. Saw him just about every year from 2002 to 2013, often multiple times a year. Saw him again last fall to see if I was missing anything, and this new Sinatra cover gig just isn't my thing. Respect his artistry, respect that he's doing what he wants to do, but I'm off the bus.
  3. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    The Grateful Dead until 1995........then Jerry Garcia died.
  4. Fullbug

    Fullbug Forum Resident

    the Who.:hide:
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  5. Ethan B

    Ethan B Forum Resident

    san diego
    Alice Cooper/ Constrictor was the beginning of the end.
  6. PDK

    PDK One-eyed sparrow watcher...babe

    Central Florida

    I've seen the greatest hits performed in stadiums and arenas enough times to where some might question my sanity....

    I will just get the blu-rays at this point.

    Their last release saw recording that often (for me) surpassed the original recordings so... I still kick them a few bucks.

    I'd see them again if settings and circumstances were intriguing but for now... kinda stale.
  7. martinb

    martinb Forum Resident


    Saw them many times from the early days right through the 90's until the split in 2003, including a couple of fanclub only gigs.

    Never felt the urge to see them since they reformed.
  8. Spazaru

    Spazaru Angry Samoan

    Jonathan Richman. Probably saw him 50 times from 1989-1999 or so. I still love him. Just had enough I guess.
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  9. Spazaru

    Spazaru Angry Samoan

    Elvis Costello. I'll only see him solo now. With the band his setlists aren't as unpredictable and there's less funny banter. Also he has trouble projecting over a loud band at this point IMO.
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  10. boboquisp

    boboquisp Ziggy, my buddy

    NE Ohio
    YES - used to see them every tour up to 2004.
    That's when I stopped and they should have.
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  11. RonBaker

    RonBaker Forum Resident

    Jackson, Ohio USA
    Coldplay. Tickets became too expensive.
  12. PooreBoy

    PooreBoy ~Well Respected Man~

    East TN
    Elton John. I saw each tour that came through Knoxville from 1973 to 1984.
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  13. George Co-Stanza

    George Co-Stanza Forum Resident

    The Flaming Lips - last time I saw them, 4-5 years ago, the excitement and fun of their live shows seemed to drop off big time, and that combined with the dip in quality of their albums, made me jump ship.
  14. Monosterio

    Monosterio Forum Resident

    South Florida
    Stevie Ray Vaughan

    I saw all but one of his Miami concerts from 1983-89. And, believe me, I did not intend to stop in the ā€™90s... :sigh:
  15. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Elliptical Envelopment

    East Bay, Ca
    Saw a lot of Phish between 97-2000 then they atopped touring and saw them a smattering of times therafter, last in 2009. After 2004 I just dont really care about them any more.
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  16. mahanusafa02

    mahanusafa02 Forum Resident

    Rush, unfortunately. I moved to Europe from the US in 2015 and now they say they're retired from touring. I got into them in 2003 and saw them on every tour at least once, prior to 2015.
  17. ccarty

    ccarty Senior Member

    Neil Young, even Dylan too...

    I rarely go to shows anymore. Too much money, too much hassle.

    Guess I'm getting crusty.

    Seen them both 30 times at least.
  18. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    I saw him solo last year. I said Iā€™d only see him again with a band.

    Go figure.
  19. detroit muscle

    detroit muscle Forum Resident

    I saw every tour from War to Innocence & Experience. I stood in line and was on the front rail the last 3 shows I saw.
    The Joshua Tree 30th anniversary show only played London. Upcoming tour only playing London & Manchester. I'm not at a place that I want to pay tickets, hotel, travel and days off work to see a show.
  20. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA
    Steely Dan 8 or nine t0urs - multi cities - very little setlist changes
    Fagen's Nightflyers was interesting RIP Walter

    Neil Young - depending on the latest album
    Todd - the hits tour was very nice

    Always go see Wilco!
  21. wdiv

    wdiv Forum Resident

    Just saw him last week. Great show!
  22. Fox67

    Fox67 Forum Resident

    Same here.
    Saw SRV four times in Rhode Island and twice after that he went down the street to Jam @Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel after the show with Roomful of Blues (who earlier had joined him on stage at The Providence Performing Arts Center)
    First time I saw him was at Rhode Island College.

    Search for setlists: stevie ray vaughan rhode island |
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  23. CBS 65780

    CBS 65780 "Could I do one more immediately?"

    Dublin, Ireland
    Here is a list of people I never would have cried off seeing for any reason, in any incarnation, and did see many times, but lately finances and fatherhood (very closely linked, actually!) put an end to that. I just stopped. Overnight, almost. I'd say I have missed at least the last three shows here by these acts having seen some at least three times that beforehand.

    Bob Dylan
    Neil Young
    Jackson Browne
    Randy Newman
    James Taylor
    Belle And Sebastian
    Roger Waters
    Loudon Wainwright III
    Richard Thompson

    Going to be seeing Ben Folds on his next stop here but skipped his last three appearances in the city.
  24. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    I'm sitting in the Capitol Theater Port Chester right now before an Elvis Costello & The Imposters concert.

    Last night of a 3 night run and the 1st 2 were great.
  25. Spaghettiows

    Spaghettiows Forum Resident

    Silver Creek, NY
    Metallica. I might see them again, but only if they do one of those shows where they play an iconic album in its' entirety, and that album would have to be Master of Puppets.

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