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Astral Jazz

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by saw119, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. saw119

    saw119 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    United Kingdom
    Astral Jazz, cosmic jazz, Avant Garde jazz, spiritual jazz whatever you want to call it, it's what I'm into right now. I'm talking psychedelic, questing, world fusion jazz with a seriously spacey edge. I really love it when Indian classical instruments are used alongside trad jazz instruments. A beautiful sitar or a meditational tanpura drone underpinning a wildly spinning free jazz horn. I'm loving Journey in Satchidananda and lots of Don Cherry's 70's work; Brown Rice is incredible. I haven't heard a huge amount (I've heard a lot of Coltrane's free jazz excursions to the outer limits though) but I want to. Any other fans? I'd love you to pile in with suggestions and thoughts. I was surprised that Ptah the El Daoud didn't move me and I don't even know where to start with Sun Ra!
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  2. barryalan

    barryalan Cat in Space

    Santa Ana
    Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood
    - Journey to the East

    This came out on ABC impulse! In 1967
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  3. pig bodine

    pig bodine God’s Consolation Prize

    Syracuse, NY USA

    Marion Brown - Sweet Earth Flying
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  4. mbennet

    mbennet Well-Known Member

    Bethesda, MD
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  5. unclefred

    unclefred Coastie with the Moastie

    Oregon Coast
    shakti with John McLaughlin had some nice releases.

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  6. Black Elk

    Black Elk Music Lover

    Bay Area, U.S.A.
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  7. Simoon

    Simoon Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    Pretty much anything by flautist, Nicole Mitchell.

    Bennie Maupin - The Jewel in the Lotus
    Julian Priester - Love, Love
    Jothan Callins
    Nat Birchall
    Dadisi Komalafi - Hassan's Walk
    Matthew Halsall & Gondwana Orchestra - When The World Was One
    Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Be Known/Ancient/Future/Music
    Leo Smith - Divine Love
    Kamasi Washington
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  8. mgb70

    mgb70 Forum Resident

    Orlando, FL
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  9. CliffL

    CliffL Forum Resident

    Sacramento CA USA
    Ornette Coleman-"Sadness"...I discovered this when I found a copy of the E.S.P. label compilation album from 1967-

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  10. saw119

    saw119 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    United Kingdom
    I'm currently digging this great slice of Japanese Cosmic Jazz thanks to Julian Cope's excellent Japrocksampler


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