AT-VM95ML Skipping / Possible Anti-Skate Issue

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by WithinYourReach, Mar 7, 2021.

  1. Chris Schoen

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    Increase the anti-skate force by .25 increments until it stops skipping. Also try a slightly higher weight, maybe 2.5g.
  2. Leonthepro

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    Then yeah its just too weak. If you are able to tighten the spring a little your problem will be solved.
    Its not too strange the 95ML requires more Anti Skate since its a much finer shape and tracks a little heavier.
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  3. Boltman92124

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    But did you remove the stylus and reseat it with a click?
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  4. WithinYourReach

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    Good news! I got the cartridge to work. No more skipping problems while playing records. I opened up the turntable to check the anti-skate mechanism is working as it should and put it back together. Setup everything as before, but I just kept having to tweak the anti-skate until I found the sweet spot. Exactly 2.6 to a VTF of 2g. It doesn't like records with a bit of a ridge at the lead-in when cued automatically as @Boltman92124 and @33na3rd mentioned before. I'll just have to manually cue the tonearm so the stylus will land in the lead-in without any issues. Now I just need to put some hours on it to break it in. Thank you all for your help!
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    Another way.

    A new way of adjusting anti skate! | Audiogon Discussion Forum

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