Attention Kentucky Forum Members – Half Off All CDs at Louisville's Better Days Records

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    I am creating this thread to let you all know that Better Days Records, a store here in Louisville, Kentucky, has started a half off all CDs sale for the next week or two. Box sets are included.
    With the sale, the majority of CDs in the store are $2.50 each, better price than some Goodwill locations. Also, the used stuff they sell is usually near mint (at least the CDs).
    The owner said he wants the sale to spread by word of mouth, but wants the discs in the hands of real listeners, rather than scalpers. If you are in the area, you should probably stop by to check it out. Hope this helps someone!
  2. live evil

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    Thanks. I’ll need to make the trip.

    My son loves Guestroom.
  3. runofthemill

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    Harrodsburg, KY

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