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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by manfredas370, Aug 13, 2018.

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    Long story short:
    looking for upgrade my system. In general, I want to have simple system - one source (CD player) and amp.
    Last month I auditioned OTO Line Signature vs. Meishu Line vs. Meishu Line Silver. OTO was really good, but Meishu Silver made me almost cry - how beautiful it sounded, and how much more expensive it is, than I can afford... Honestly, standart Meishu didn't impressed me a lot.

    And lucky, I found pretty good deal on Audio Note P3 Silver (3oob tube amp) with a lot of upgrades. It's power amp, but with volume control, and could be used with one source.
    But I really don't get technical details about matching impedences between source and amp, and if it would be good match. At the moment my source will be my Yamaha CD-S2100 player, later on the road I'll try to buy Audio Note CD 3.1x/II one box player.

    Maybe people with more technical knowledge and Audio Note afficionados could help me with advise . Will it work with these specs, I have:

    Audio Note P3 details:
    - Input impedence: 100 KOhm
    - Input sensitivity: 450mV for full output

    Yamaha CD-S2100 details:
    - Output Level (1 kHz, 0 dB) SA-CD/CD: 2.0 ± 0.3 V
    - Output Power:
    • SA-CD: 1.89 mW (max)
    • CD: 1.36 mW (max)
    Audio Note CD 3.1x/II details:
    - Output impedance: Less that 2 kohm
    - Reference output: 3.0V RMS (approx.)

    Matching tube 8-10 W amp with my speakers shouldn't be problem - they are two way with simple crossover, 96 dB and 8 Ohm.

    Also, what I'll be missing and what sound properties, beside more inputs, should be better with, let's say, Audio Note M2 preamp?
  2. Fred Hansen

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    San Francisco
    A quick response..
    Your amp should work well with an AN CD without preamp, in-line attenuators would likely have a negative impact on the sound quality
    I recommend CD 4 over the 3
    Support your local AN dealer
  3. manfredas370

    manfredas370 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Thanks for fast reply. Yes, CD4 is much better, I don't doubt it :)
    Is it audible negative impact with just in-line attenuator? Also, P3 I'm looking has upgraded with Audio Note stepped attenuator (stereo) with Tantallum resistors.
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  4. Fred Hansen

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    I would love to help you but I don't feel qualified to answer this question. I'm sure it is very easy to create a simple system around the P3, though. If you want to get good quality digital and think the CD4 is too expensive for your budget right now, consider getting a DAC instead. There are many good DACs that don't cost a fortunate and this will also allow you to play music from the internet (radio, YouTube, etc.). You can always sell the DAC and upgrade later without losing too much money.

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