Audio Note UK Ongaku Kensei 211 valve Single Ended Triode balanced amplifier now up & running!

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Steve Hoffman, Jul 22, 2017.

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    I don't think you should try and explain it. I don't think anyone has a shovel that big to fill the potential hole.
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    Seemed slightly out of character, not that I know you well enough to comment. I assumed one symbolized the records that were maybe not so well recorded and the other symbolized perfection.
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    What pic did you intend to post?
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    Oh, to contract Lycanthropy!
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    Bettieā€™s Butt is better.
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    Both the Bees' Knees.
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    Hi Steve:

    I would like to ask a few questions. As this is a terribly expensive amplifier on loan, and it's valued at approximately $140,000.00, which I suppose does not include the connecting cables:

    1. If Customs did damage the amplifier in their ignorance of it's value, fooling around with it, are they responsible for damages they cause?
    2. Do you have to sign off on any shipping or Customs damage the "second" you receive the amplifier? What happens if the amplifier has been dropped and that damage is unseen during the delivery, and discovered days after it's installed?
    3. How long to you get to keep such a rare piece?
    4. Who insures the amplifier while it's in your possession? I can imagine what would happen if you called any insurance company and told them you wanted to insure a $140,000.00 amplifier.
    5. What happens in the unlikely event of theft, fire, water damage, dropping, accidental damage while in your possession, scratches, dents, etc.?
    6. Do you have to pay to send it back and pay to insure it?

    I can only imagine how worried I would be if I was given or loaned a $140,000.00 component, it would be my luck some stupid home quest might spill a Coke on it, not to mention anyone that knows you are receiving such a piece, there are some crazy people in this world. I called State Farm to make sure my meager Parasound/PS Audio/HP/Aerial/Polk/Definitive Technology equipment was covered, and they acted like I was the only one in the world with audio equipment that expensive, and that was after being turned down by two other insurers that said, I owned equipment that was past their ability to insure! The manufacturer might have Loyd's of London doing a blanket coverage on the amplifier? :agree:
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    The company handles all that stuff. Don't worry.

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