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Audio-Technica launches new entry-level VM95 cartridge series

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by daytona600, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. daytona600

    daytona600 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Audio-Technica launches new entry-level VM95 cartridge series, featuring the next generation model of the legendary AT95E

    AT-VM95C with Conical stylus

    The series’ entry model features a 0.6 mil conical stylus and improves on its predecessors’, the AT91 and AT91R, sonic performance with a new aluminium cantilever and coil design offering an increased output voltage (4 mV).

    AT-VM95E with Elliptical stylus

    Replacing the legendary AT95E cartridge, the AT-VM95E arrives with an improved output level, dynamic range, frequency response, and transient response. The aluminium cantilever and 0.3 x 0.7 mil bonded elliptical stylus reproduces a superior sound experience, while the new coil design delivers increased output voltage (4 mV) compared to the previous AT95E and AT95EX models.

    AT-VM95EN with NUDE Elliptical stylus

    This model is furnished with a 0.3 x 0.7 mil NUDE elliptical stylus and aluminium cantilever for enhanced sound reproduction.

    AT-VM95ML with Line Contact Microlinear stylus

    This model features a Microlinear diamond stylus and aluminium cantilever.

    AT-VM95SH with Line Contact Shibata stylus

    This model comes with a Shibata diamond stylus and aluminium cantilever.

    AT-VM95SP for 78rpm SP records

    Designed exclusively for SP records, with dual balance outputs, this model sports a 3 mil conical stylus and aluminium cantilever. It allows archiving specialists to use this cartridge for vertical cutting disc reproduction and to choose the signal independently from the right or left side of the groove.

    AT-VM95C is available Autumn 2018, priced £29/€34

    AT-VM95E is available Autumn 2018, priced £44/€49

    AT-VM95EN is available Autumn 2018, priced £99/€119

    AT-VM95ML is available Autumn 2018, priced £149/€169

    AT-VM95SH is available Autumn 2018, priced £179/€199

    AT-VM95SP is available Autumn 2018, priced £69/€79

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  2. jlykos

    jlykos Forum Resident

    Parts Unknown
    Great news. I bet that the one with the Shibata stylus will sound outstanding and will be a great value. I had the LP Gear version of it and it gave me 80% of the performance of my Soundsmith Carmen at 20% of the price.
  3. tables_turning

    tables_turning In The Groove

    Mid Atlantic, USA
    Kudos to A-T for recognizing the value of the 95, and making a good thing even better. Will be anxious to hear the reviews.

    I also wonder if the current 95 series styli will fit onto the new 95 -- from what I can see in the pic, that might not be the case. Current 95 series owners might want to think about stocking up on what are about to become "Version 1" styli before they're removed from production.
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  4. Chris Schoen

    Chris Schoen Rock 'n Roll !!!

    Maryland, U.S.A.
    AT makes good carts. :righton:
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  5. allied333

    allied333 Audiophile

    The AT-95e was a salvation for audiophiles with little spare money. It just did not sound great, but for the money.....
    The VM95e looks to be the bargain of the new lot replacing the AT-95e and should sound better too at same cost of AT-95e. That is good news.
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  6. Chris Schoen

    Chris Schoen Rock 'n Roll !!!

    Maryland, U.S.A.
    Would a Shabata stylus really make much difference on this cart?
  7. vwestlife

    vwestlife Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    I like the new stylus options, but I dislike how they changed the housing in order to make these new styli incompatible with existing AT95E's.

    However, it does appear that the styli for the VM-95 series will be cross-compatible with the AT-XP5/XP7 DJ cartridges, which are also based on the AT95E:

    Press Release - Audio-Technica Exhibits New Line of DJ Products


    The Goldring E1, E2, and E3 and Stanton 750 cartridges are also based on the AT95E.
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  8. JohnO

    JohnO Senior Member

    Washington, DC
    I'm interested about the "improved...transient response". This is their same claim for the upgrade AT95EX stylus for the original AT95E. But I do not remember seeing any explicit review directly comparing the 95E to the 95EX.
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  9. McLover

    McLover Senior Member

    Athens, Tennessee
    I am also elated about the AT 95 range, that there is a family of stylus options which cover every record playback need from mono to super discs, and 78 RPM users are catered to. This is the new sensible happy medium for today's audiophile who must respect a budget. And the VM range for the higher end users. With comparable options in the range, and those with lower mass arms. I like Audio-Technica's new range. And very nice value for the money.
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  10. MikeInFla

    MikeInFla Forum Resident

    Panama City, FL
  11. FulhamTarheel

    FulhamTarheel Forum Resident

    NC, USA
    The Shibata stylus edition could grab my attention, if reviews are good.
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  12. theron d

    theron d Forum Resident

    Baltimore MD
    frequency response graphs available?
  13. jupiterboy

    jupiterboy Forum Residue

    Buffalo, NY
    Yeah, I'm on this. I'll need something new soon. Maybe I'll get better channel balance.
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  14. tables_turning

    tables_turning In The Groove

    Mid Atlantic, USA
    You can transform your 95E into a 95EX simply by swapping the stylus. The cart bodies are identical, both physically and electronically. I've done this, and I can hear the difference.

    Of course, the introduction of this latest range probably renders that detail irrelevant.
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  15. luckybaer

    luckybaer Thinks The Devil actually beat Johnny

    What's a good source for frequency response graphs?
  16. jupiterboy

    jupiterboy Forum Residue

    Buffalo, NY
    This is a basic AT95 with the Shibata stylus taken from the Hi-Fi News test LP pink noise.

  17. Dr. J.

    Dr. J. Music is in my soul

    Memphis, TN
    Yes, but from my perspective having the ability to swap out styli going from back to front is a huge step up. Installing old-style AT styli on arms with non-removable headshells (Rega, Pro-ject, etc.) can be a pain in the butt. Moreover, I think these will look better on newer arms because the stylus is more forward on the body.
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  18. Dr. J.

    Dr. J. Music is in my soul

    Memphis, TN
  19. jupiterboy

    jupiterboy Forum Residue

    Buffalo, NY
    I wonder if the output voltage drops for the better styli? I hope so. Four is a little hot for me.
  20. hesson11

    hesson11 Forum Resident

    Are those threaded screw holes I see? If so, that's yet another point in its favor!

    Edit: It seems that they are, indeed, threaded. I just checked the AT news release linked to above, which confirmed it. Nice move, AT!
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
  21. SNDVSN

    SNDVSN Forum Resident

    Anyone heard these yet?
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  22. Robert C

    Robert C Forum Resident

    London, UK
    I wonder why they've put the Shibata above the Microline?
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  23. harby

    harby Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    The answer to the new product line and the discontinuing of other cartridges is printed on top of the cartridge - China. AT cartridges were made in Japan; foreign companies can't own a majority share of production in China, so this is a Chinese company making AT-labeled cartridges. A good time to increase the prices across the board?

    In specification only, the mysterious .4x.7 elliptical used in AT95 gets a profile upgrade to .3 used in less expensive but now discontinued AT92E.
  24. Dellarigg

    Dellarigg Forum Resident

    I have the AT440mlb. When it's good, it's very good, but it does pull out surface noise on a lot of albums that used to play fine on more basic cartridges, however well I've cleaned them with an RCM. Which is frustrating.

    Anyway, if I stick with a microline, would the above AT-VM95ML be a good replacement when the time comes? It's around the same price my 440 was. Or is it the more expensive VM540ML I should be looking at?
  25. SNDVSN

    SNDVSN Forum Resident

    Because it's better.
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