Australia not accepting Air Mail packages at the moment.

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by quicksrt, Sep 13, 2021 at 8:24 AM.

  1. quicksrt

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    City of Angels
    At least last week, my wonderful LP sold to Aust. buyer was rejected by the USPS. Online I found a notice that due to new rise in cv-19 infections, they (Aust Post) were clamping down and not even taking packages sent from the US unless they were sent Priority Mail which I think is starting at $55.

    I don't understand why they would accept Priority but not First Class, but anyway, I'm holding a nice semi-expensive LP for a buyer. I hope they don't get sick of waiting and just cancel the order.

    USPS Suspends Package Services to Australia Due to COVID-19 Outbreak
  2. Joseph.McClure

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    We gotta flatten the curve :)
  3. PunkSaxMix

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    I have been feeling guilty for all nonessential orders that tax the crumbling UPS structure.

    Medical equipment, yes I had to have. But music? Maybe--if you count mental health as essential!
  4. kwadguy

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    The bigger question is why the USPS structure is crumbling. If people won't come back to work, hire someone else. People are still looking for jobs.
  5. quicksrt

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    Their budget is spent, and they can't hire more people until their pension costs decrease as retirees start to drop dead at a faster rate. They have to work out from the hole they are in for over-extending themselves with high pension payments demanded by union contracts. This has been a problem for almost a decade. They will be short-staffed and underfunded for a while. Not forever, but a good while yet.

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