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    Now THAT would be an interesting twist! And then not even acknowledge it. :D
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    I saw Infinity War opening weekend, but I didn’t want to post about it right away, so I could allow it to sink in. I would rank it as a top 5 Marvel film (on both my personal list and when looking at it analytically). I think they did a good job of handling all the different characters for the most part, even though it did feel a bit overstuffed occasionally. My only complaint on that aspect is that some characters felt underutilized. Captain America and his whole crew specifically felt like they were just there. I was hoping the film would pick up where Captain America: Civil War left off in some way, but after briefly addressing those issues at the beginning, it moves on pretty quickly. They also weren’t kind to Star-Lord in this movie; he was portrayed as weak and/or stupid for most of the movie. The whole arc of Bruce Banner not being able to become The Hulk went nowhere, although there is another movie for them to resolve that in. Those are all fairly minor complaints, though, and what they got right far outweighs what they got wrong IMO. I had low expectations for Thanos as a villain, assuming he would be just a big purple man who wants to destroy stuff. I was totally wrong. I would probably rank him as the best MCU villain, although he has some tough competition when compared with Loki. I really liked how the made Thanos the center of the film and thought that that was a very fresh new direction that really deepened the character.

    I liked the direction the film took at the end. I thought it was brave for a blockbuster film franchise to end on such a bleak note. The release schedule alone proves that the characters who disintegrated will be back, so I’m not worried about what will happen to their franchises. I’m fairly certain that Loki and Vision will stay dead, but I’m guessing that Gamorrah will come back, given her importance to Thanos, and the fact that there is another Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming. Going into this, I was predicting (and hoping) that Iron Man and/or Captain America would die. I like both characters, but given their long winding track records, killing them would be a nice, satisfying way for the franchise to move on after Avengers 4. Needless to say, it really threw me for a loop when they killed off everyone who has a future in the franchise. Maybe with all the newer characters out of the way for most of Avengers 4, those characters will be able to build the proper gravitas over the course of the next movie to be killed in a satisfying manner. I also got the impression that Thor would die in Avengers 4. It certainly appeared that they were setting it up. As much as I love the original four Avengers, it would be interesting if they killed all of them (or at least gave them a permanent exit in the next one.
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    I saw it today and it was great,and I love the set up for the next one,marvel forever..DC are you paying attention??
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    Other than that the movie is already overstuffed with characters, is there a reason Ant Man wasn't around? Wouldn't Captain America have called him again?
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    Black Widow mentions that both Scott (Ant-Man) and Clint (Hawkeye) took a deal from the government and are on house arrest, because they are the only two Avengers with kids/families.

    Ant-Man and the Wasp (out in July) takes place before Infinity War, so we will get to see what Scott has been up to in the interim since Civil War. I believe both Ant-Man and Wasp are confirmed to appear in Avengers 4.
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    I assume they'll go 'sub-atomic' into Thanos's blood stream and....... do SOMETHING!....maybe?...
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    We know from various official sources and the trailer that Ant-Man & Wasp will be going into the quantum realm to save the original Wasp.

    Presumably, this takes place during the events of Infinity War.
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    That's how he's portrayed throughout the entire GotG film, too.

    I agree, that was odd. It felt like a punchline without a joke.
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    I saw this today. I really enjoyed it. Thanos is an awesome villain. Great acting all round.
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    Watched it again, which was a different experience as I knew what was going to happen. Thanos is the main character in the story, probably because all those heroes had to share their screen time. Fortunately he was given good lines (he truly believes his desire to murder half the universe would be for a greater cause) and the actor portraying him did an excellent job.

    How come Tony Stark didn't die after Thanos crossed his body with that blade? He's just a man, no superpowers.

    How come Thanos didn't die after Thor hit him in the chest with that axe? Thor even pressed it a bit more to make sure the axe got deeper inside his body.
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    Just a guess on the first spoiler, but earlier Tony shot that foam like material on the space cruiser to close up the hull breach, and he seemed to be spraying the same substance on himself. Perphaps that was done to seal up the wound??

    As for the second one, I'm not sure other than Thanos is obviously pretty tough and can take a beating. Regardless all he would've had to do is use the time stone to roll it back and change the events in order to prevent the injury in the first place. I noticed that after the finger snap, when he was sitting and watching the sunset in that "hut", he was already healed.
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    I haven't seen the movie yet, but I wonder if perhaps the missing characters from this movie might turn out to be pivotal to setting the universe right in the next movie.
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    I saw the film for the second time Sunday night. Black Widow mentions that after the accords (from the film Civil War), there was too much risk to their families, so both Ant Man and Hawkeye agreed to stay home under house arrest. I guess that means that unless they were specifically called in (which they weren't), they'd have had no idea what was going on regarding Thanos and his army. Banner's response to this was great "wait, we have both a Spider Man AND an Ant Man now?" :D.
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    I saw it again with some friends on Saturday and they both wanted to know why nobody thought of cutting Thanos's arm off. Especially once Thor had a magical axe!
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    Even Thanos sarcastically told Thor "you should have aimed for the head"!

    That was another fun aspect of the film, when characters voiced possible moviegoers' remarks, like the above-mentioned by Bruce Banner about "a spider and an ant", Starlord ridiculing Thanos' chin, Spider-Man apologizing to the unconscious Guardians for not being able to keep track of everyone's names, etc.

    It's as if the writers said "fans will question certain aspects of the movie, so let's beat them by having the characters make fun of it all first".
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    Too busy doing a different film!
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    Seen it three times now ( twice 3D), can't wait 6 months till Blu Ray.
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    I think the fate of Thanos is open to interpretation. That end scene is a nod to the scene from the comic, where Thanos 'retires' after being beaten. But in the film he suffers a far deadlier fate and then he appears in the soul stone and then on the grass outside a hut (which very much looks like Wakanda).

    Where in the hell is that place then? Is it Wakanda?

    I think Thor killed him, he just had enough life to do the finger snap, and somehow he is at peace now inside the soul stone in some artificial perfect mind world.
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    Thanos is essentially a god. His skin is superhero hard. In the comics he is attacked by the combined forces of the Avengers plus galactic beings like Galactus and isn't even scratched. He beat the hulk easily.

    I don't think any of the Avengers had a weapon that would easily cut of his arm, it's not like just using a sword, especially once he has the full gauntlet.

    Thor's new hammer could have probably done the trick at the end, but when they were trying on Titan to get it off they had no way of cutting his arm off.
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    Watched Avengers Assemble ( Steelbook/BD) the other night, wow.. Chris Hemsworth looks more chunky different bone structure in 2012.
    CGI /SFX still holding up, but can't compete with :Infinity War.
  24. So, anyone else note how StarLord's emotional outburst on Titan essentially doomed half the universe?
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    To err is human (or half human half living planet).

    They made lots of mistakes though. They should have killed Vision at the start and destroyed his gem, his life wasn't worth trillions of others. Gamora should not have told him where the soul stone was and let Nebula die. Strange should have disappeared with the Time stone, Thor should have gone for the head....thinking about it they should have put Doctor Doom in charge of the saving of the galaxy, he wouldn't be squeamish.
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