Bands that were huge and then disliked*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Musician95616, Jun 10, 2019.

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    Reading an online article about The Knack and remembering how huge "My Sharona" and "Good Girls Don't" was back in 1979. After about 6 months or so it seemed that everyone hated The Knack. So I'm thinking about other bands that everyone seemed to like and then later everyone seemed to hate. These bands immediately come to mind.

    1. The Knack
    2. Hootie And The Blowfish
    3. Spin Doctors

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  2. Jacob29

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    First one that comes to mind is Nickelback
  3. DTK

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    Foo Fighters, kinda like Nickelback.
  4. bettsaj

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    First band I thought of was Nickelback..... But I guess the whole band has been tarnished due to good 'ol Chad.
  5. Django

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    Bon Jovi
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  7. NettleBed

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    I guess the extent of "huge" and then "hated" is somewhat flexible. Lots of crossover with the topic of "one album wonders," I would imagine. And all of these bands still have fans, who probably take exception to the idea that the band is hated.

    And as far as "hated," the hate isn't going to last forever - that's usually just a temporary reaction to the size of the success after the moment is passed.

    Maybe Grand Funk falls into this? They were pretty huge and then their popularity kind of fell off a cliff. Critics coalesced against them fairly early on.
  8. dmiller458

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    They were hated from the beginning.
  9. intv7

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    :confused: Huh?

    Foo Fighters have never been hated by the masses, nor are they anything like Nickelback in any way, shape, or form.
  10. intv7

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    How would a band that the public hated from the beginning sell out Shea Stadium?
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  11. willwin

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    The Knack weren't considered the "real thing" at the time. Their second album didn't do well, but I don't think they were ever hated. Today they are simply one of those great onehitwonder bands.

    There was always a lot of antagonism towards Hootie. I only barely remember that one song.

    The Spin Doctors were considered to be at least okay at the time. Now I always see them in "worst band ever" lists.
  12. dmiller458

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    They weren't hated by the public. They were hated by the music press.
  13. intv7

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    Ahh, gotcha, I didn't catch which part of the original statement you were clarifying. Yeah, never a critical favorite, for sure!
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    First band that comes to mind for me is Quiet Riot. They were huge with Metal Health and then lost most of their fan base due to the lead singer's tendency to trash everyone else in interviews. I saw them in an arena probably within a year of their peak popularity, and ticket sales were so bad that they sectioned off most of the seats so it didn't look 75% empty.
  15. mark winstanley

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    It's really hard to say, because these "hated" bands sell a lot of product, so someone doesn't hate them. It is like they are not "cool" to like, so folks buy their albums and keep it secret lol

    Tons of people tend to hate
    Phil Collins
    and a lot of it comes down to some kind of genre war, or turf war or something
    I always did, and still like U2 and Collins, I personally found Nickelback a bit boring, I think I only ever heard one Creed song.
  16. dmiller458

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    Now a pattern is starting to emerge. Kevin Durow, Doug Fieger, Scott Stapp, etc. came across as major league DBs.
  17. stollar

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  18. JRJ

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    The Knack were not a bad band at the time (1979) but they were often compared to the Cars. Absolutley no competition there.
  19. dmiller458

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    We've talked about this before; mainstream commercial rock is the hardest sound to get right and it's the easiest sound to get wrong. Nickelback and Creed were a part of the re-commercialization of their time.
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  20. rockerreds

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  21. Scribbled_Lines

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    Lost Prophets went from fairly popular rock band to a hated band that is never mentioned in polite company ( for the obvious reasons)
  22. bmh5879

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    I automatically think of Creed and Nickelback (and a million other early 2000s rock bands), but Limp Bizkit sold 50 million records worldwide. Anyone ever meet a LB fan?
  23. fmfxray373

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    They can still fill stadiums.
    Don’t confuse people hating them here in the world of the non-filter with the reality of actual ticket sales.
    I am sure Coldplay will be next in this thread.
  24. agaraffa

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    Milli Vanilli
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  25. overdrivethree

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    Spin Doctors weren’t bad. They just stood out in the early ‘90s in a way that became dated pretty quick. But there’s nothing on Pocketful Of Kryptonite that deserves heaps of critical scorn.
    Maybe just overplayed? If so, that reward goes to...

    Hootie and the Blowfish. Just a nice poppy bar band that got huge *real* fast, half the album was released as singles on the radio, and it was everywhere, all the time for about 18 months. I was a teenager at the time, and as much as they were on the radio/TV, it was the first time I understood overexposure. It was like, doesn’t everyone who’d buy this CD have it already?

    Creed - the last unremarkable ripple of the post-grunge wave. Stapp made a joke out of a vocal style that had already been overused that decade. Of course they’d get huge and then become loathed.

    Limp Bizkit - don’t get me started.
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