Bands who made the same album over and over again

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mother, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Vinyl Socks

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    Though it's just my opinion, the Stones best songs happened while Mick Taylor was with the band. Heck...he likely wrote most of them!
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  2. Oatsdad

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    I find this perplexing. Do you really think "Blinded By the Light" sounds like it could've been on "Darkness"? Or "Kitty's Back" could've been on "Greetings"? Or...??? :confused:

    The first 4 albums each offer completely different sounds. "The River" feels closer to "Darkness" but still exists as its own entity and doesn't sound like "Darkness 2"...
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  3. Oatsdad

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    Not necessarily. Plenty of Ramones and AC/DC fans have acknowledged they don't show much stylistic variability.

    I will say that it's more likely a casual fan will think everything "sounds the same" because they know the material less well.

    When music is unfamiliar, you're more likely to focus on superficial similarities and miss the differences, methinks!
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  4. carlwm

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    The early albums are very different. They were practically a jazz rock band at first.

    I can see you point with the Steve Perry era, especially Infinity through to Frontiers. However, for me they have the same vibe rather than sound. Mind you I have spent overly much time listening to them which helps me to spot the differences! :)
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  5. drakesroots

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    Eh, if its down to AC/DC and the Ramones I'd say AC/DC as the bigger offender.
  6. carlwm

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    Glad you can spot the differences. My cloth ears don't. :)
  7. Jim B.

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    Not the Fall, they are almost the exact opposite of this type of band. I know that quote (by Peel) can be viewed that way but it's not what he intended. He meant the Fall were unique in that their records, however different, always sounded like them. But clearly there is a huge variation in sound and styles over their catalogue and they were constantly evolving and changing.
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  8. rancher

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    Disagree with the OP on Wilco, maybe of late, but not historically. AM was just country rock, Summerteeth was Pop, YHF more experimental, A Ghost is Born different than all the others ... lately they are in a bit of rut though, still a number of good tunes but some sameness
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  9. PaulKTF

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    James Taylor is very much a "love him or hate him" kind of artist where almost all of his albums sound pretty much the same with the same production work and style (there are of course exceptions to this rule).
  10. Michael

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  11. Chemguy

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    Yep, when he plays it sounds like Boston. And it always sounds like Boston.

    I love Boston. I mean, a lot.
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  12. uzn007

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    Well then I guess you're not very perceptive.
  13. Rojo

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    You have a point. But I think that did not happen until some time in the 1980s. I would say they did basically the same album over and over, with minor variations, from "Steel Wheels" to "A Bigger Bang".
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  14. Rojo

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    I have to agree 100%.

    I cannot say I'm very knowledgeable about Kiss, but I know their late 70s albums because they were all over the place at the time.

    Later I had the chance to listen to an earlier record like "Destroyer" and I was surprised at how different they sounded -- a very raw and dry sound, quite different from the polished, catchy pop tunes you can find in"Dynasty" or "Unmasked".
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  15. John Fell

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    I mentioned earlier it wasn't the all albums after Brian Jones though. In the middle seventies they began to incorporate funk, disco and reggae influences into their music. Even the later Bridges to Babylon albums was the first Stones album to feature sampling.
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  16. alexpop

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    And you think your immune. :laugh:
  17. Jack Lord

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    I'd agree both the Ramones and AC/DC never really deviated from their trademark sound.

    What should they have done? Add string quartets? Bagpipes? Record a Rock Opera (Ramones Overture- 1, 2, 3, 4!!!!)? Switched to Jazz?

    Some groups find a winning formula and stick with it.
  18. John Fell

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    AC-DC added bagpipes to their song It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll).:uhhuh:
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  19. crookedbill

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    Fu Manchu.
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  20. Jack Lord

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    I stand corrected and humbled.
  21. Rojo

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    I agree. I think their 70s albums are quite unique -- different to what they had done with Brian Jones and each of these different from the one that come before.

    As for "Bridges..." it is true that they put some effort on trying some different tricks there.
  22. bataclan2002

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  23. drbryant

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    True, but it’s one damn good album.
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  24. bRETT

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    The Ramones deviated plenty, that's why many fans feel that every album after the first three was a letdown.
  25. impalaboy

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    Whaaaa??? VH I & II had a similar sound, but after that they mixed it up with each new album. 1984 was a real big change.

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