Bands who made the same album over and over again

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mother, Apr 14, 2018.

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    I have only read the first for pages but wanted to get in quick before this thread is closed down. Artists...
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    While I can definitely appreciate progression and change in some bands I think that in general people are way too obsessed with it. I can't imagine how many reviews I've read where the main gripe is that a band hasn't progressed or broken new ground with their latest album. One thing country music gets right, or used to at least, is a priority on tradition. A good song is a good song, I don't care if it isn't some breakthrough in music.

    It cuts both ways as well: For one example, Primal Fear has been criticized for essentially remaking Judas Priest's "Painkiller" over and over. They've come up with a lot of cool songs in the process though. People would have you believe that all the exploration of that sound was accomplished on the ONE album Priest did in that style. It's nonsense.

    It's essentially saying that music is a novelty and anything that isn't completely original and groundbreaking is "been there done that". Music, all genres, could use more tradition.

    Primal Fear, Thulcandra, Caladan Brood, Gruesome, HammerFall, Airbourne... All bands adopting a different band's style and exploring their sound. All great.
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    Yup. People saying the Ramones kept making the same album either didn't listen to them or think punk all sounds the same.
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    Is thread is a minefield. Mention the wrong band in a disparaging way and all hell comes down on you. One that is not so loved? Yeah, “they suck or they’re so overrated”.

    Many bands have put out very similar variations of the same album. Sometimes because it’d massively piss off their fan base if they didn’t. It’s not that these bands lack creativity but more because they have pidgeon holed themselves into one sound.
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    Correct. The Ramones did have an overall style and purpose but the same album each time - no. You have nailed a few of the most obvious changes of style and production above and while they were never going to evolve into progressive concept territory they did move into new areas that suited the furrow that they ploughed. We had pop, country, thrash, punk and a few other genres along the way and different producers gave fresh insights into the band throughout their career.
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    Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers? Not totally - the band members changed which meant the composers did too, but after awhile it gets pretty samey. More so than, say, Horace Silver, way more so than Miles.
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    Me too and I like it when a Blues artist makes a Blues record and don’t like it so much when they think they need to “branch out”.
  12. Are Dire Straits and Roger Waters fair game here? Even if so, doesn't bother me. Both are great.
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    Waters music is like a fine whine! :winkgrin:
  14. ABBA don't belong in here at all.
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  15. Incompletist

    I wish there was a band who had made the same album over and over again. Same songs, same order, same arrangements. Now that would be interesting.
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    The thread says to me that any band that lasts more than a few albums, no matter whether you like them or not, very rarely, possibly never, make the same album over and over again.
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    I didn't say that I don't like his albums, I do and have I fourteen of them that I listen to on a regular basis. But, he has a formula that he tends to stick to and therefore, IMHO, fits into the theme of this thread. His style is a pretty unique Blues/R&B blend that I like very much.
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    I agree on THE BEACH BOIZ
  20. jeddy

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    In their heads they were still KISS
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    AC/DC, Van Halen, Rolling Stones, all the Corporate Rock bands.
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    Kiss?! I'm thinking you haven't listened through to their discography?
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    That's only after Brian Wilson's mental breakdown prevented SMiLE from happening when it should have. I believe in an alternate universe where Brian Wilson stayed sane and functional, the next album after SMiLE would have been bigger than the "The Beatles".
  24. I disagree. Chicago albums from the late 60's to the 70's have a distinctive signature sound which is easily mistaken for making a rehash of the previous albums. Their music from one album to another are different specially with the introduction of Latin elements starting from 1974 when they added the Brazillian percussionist Laudir de Oliveira to their lineup and the increasing songwriting contribution from other members of the band.
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    I think a really good example is Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (not Petty solo, just with the Heartbreakers). They only really did one album ("Southern Accents") that really strayed from their trademark Byrds/Dylan -influenced sound, otherwise they pretty much stuck to their formula. A great formula it was though, Petty knew exactly what they did best and they stuck to it.

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