Bands with one to zero original members

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    A spinoff from the other thread.

    Typically seen on the nostalgia circuit, these are bands who tour and/or record despite having only one or sometimes NO original members. I can't help but feel- except in the case of openly revolving-door bands and bands which revolve around a frontman- that it's nothing but a cashgrab. Why else have there been bands touring as T. Rex when Marc Bolan, who practically WAS the band, died 40 years ago? Nobody thinks of T. Rex and sees a drummer from a later lineup and a bunch of little-known musicians. It's somehow even worse for lesser-known bands- the average person in the street may know the name and a couple of their hits, but not know the members. How are they supposed to know that this band they're seeing lack most or all of their original members?

    There's been speculation for a while now that Kiss may soon be playing with no original members. I KNOW they're playing characters but it's bad enough seeing people other than Ace Frehley and Peter Criss playing the Spaceman and the Cat, I couldn't imagine anyone else apart from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons as the Starchild and Demon. I know Paul's voice is shot to pieces now, but why doesn't he just call it a day without embarrassing himself and the millions of Kiss fans out there?

    So discuss, list more examples etc.
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    Humble Pie has announced an upcoming tour with zero originals, joining Iron Butterfly and Blood Sweat & Tears-- the only bands I know of (apparently Little River Band too) who play without anyone on the records.
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  4. Zoot Marimba

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    Foreigner-one or none depending on how Mick Jones is fairing health wise.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd only has Gary Rossington left.

    Little Feat since Richie Hayward’s death.

    The Temptations since Melvin Franklin’s death.

    The Four Tops also only have Abdul Fakir due to the other three dying (well, Levi retired then died).

    Public Image Limited-John Lydon is the only one left.
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  5. GroovyVinylDood

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    The current line up of "The Guess Who" are living up to their name ........
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    Oddly the Beach Boys count with only 1, though someone in the other thread claimed they had 5. Being alive isnt the same as being in the band.
  7. Sear

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    Tarragona (Spain)
    The Platters
  8. Sear

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    Tarragona (Spain)
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    No original members:

    Grass Roots
    Blood Sweat & Tears

    In BS&T's case an original member (Bobby Colomby) manages the group but gave up performing years ago. May be true of Grass Roots as well, not sure. Also true of Guess Who I think (bassist Jim Kale owns the name although I understand he has health issues and rarely tours).
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    Apparently Humble Pie is another case (like Iron Butterfly) where one original member puts together a line-up and sends them out on the road without him. I wasn't aware they were doing this until you posted, Brett. Sad... they should at least have invited Clem Clempson.
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    I'll give them a 1.5 with David Marks in the fold.
  12. detroit muscle

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    Dr Feelgood
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  13. Dennis Metz

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    Clem was not an original :cheers:
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    I absolutely hate these stories of these bands that continue on the road with one or zero original members. What the hell is the point and why do people pay good money to see these shows? I'll never ever understand. I'd rather stay home and listen to those original records. It's looking like Journey is headed in this direction as well. Neil may be getting forced out for some reason.
  15. Old Zorki II

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    Basically perfect example of Theseus paradox...
    Also - one may say that even with 2 or more members survived they are very different from what they been 40 years ago. Many completely lost their voice, etc.
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    Eagles, now with one original member
  17. pbuzby

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    I guess they couldn't get Frampton.
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    Fleetwood Mac though a I suppose you should count McVie.
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    The Guess Who have a new album coming out. I don't know if Jim Kale plays on it, but I don't think he tours with them. He owns the name and hires the current lineup.
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  20. DPK

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    The Cure
    Guided by Voices
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  22. lechiffre

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    The Cure
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  23. yamfox

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    Both of these fit into OP's exception of bands that revolve around a frontman, imo
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    I feel obliged to post this:

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    Remember what Mark E. Smith said:

    "If it's me, and your granny on bongos, it's The Fall."

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