Bands with one to zero original members

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  1. Incompletist

    The original Renaissance had fallen apart by the end of the second album. Founding Yardbirds member Relf had left, whilst the other founding Yardbirds member McCarty stayed for another album but only co-writing (not playing) some new songs on album no.3, before leaving. By the time Annie Haslam had joined they were a completely different band. I preferred the Relf/McCarty/Hawken line-up with Jane Relf on vocals.
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  2. John Fell

    John Fell Forum Survivor

    Status Quo - Francis Rossi
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  3. The Lone Cadaver

    The Lone Cadaver Forum Resident

    Steppenwolf - John Kay
    Curved Air - Sonja Kristina
    King Crimson - Robert Fripp
    Caravan - Pye Hastings
    Yardbirds - Jim McCarty
    Renaissance - Annie Haslam
    Grass Roots - none
    Guess Who - none
    Beach Boys - Mike Love
    Deep Purple - Ian Paice
    Badfinger - Joey Molland
    Camel - Andy Latimer
    Poco - Rusty Young
    Steeleye Span - Maddy Prior
    Strawbs - Dave Cousins
    Yes - Jon Anderson
  4. Incompletist

    I have not read that. Because of his health? An weird proposition unless they are to become a covers band version and do not try and write new numbers. And I think they would need a subtle name change. I think (a) version(s) of Ubu have in the past been referred to as Proto Ubu. Maybe a Thomas-less band should be called Post Ubu. Still, Thomas has a way of conceptualising such things and making them work. I wonder who his replacement could be?
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  5. walrus

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    Nashville, TN
    Foreigner still has it's primary songwriter, though. (at least most of the time) It's pretty dicey, but still more legit than The Guess Who.
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  6. lazydawg58

    lazydawg58 Know enough to know how much I don't know

    Lillington NC
    Little Feet still include key members from their prime years so I don't think they would fall into the same category as the others.
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  7. Derek Slazenger

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  8. Tristero

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    I'm amazed that it took this long to name them, as they were the first band to come to mind for me after Yes. I suppose that both bands were characterized by "perpetual change".
  9. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    True, most of the classic lineup is left, but the thread asked for bands that have one or no original members, and they do qualify here.
  10. Jimmy B.

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    AC/DC. Just Angus.
  11. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Machine wrapped in butter.

    London, England
    Nope. Otis Williams is still there, so they fit the thread, but he's an original member and the only constant in the band.

    Others with no original members:
    Doctor Feelgood (though 3/4 of the original lineup are still alive)
    Sugababes (the original three regrouped as MKS, or Mutya Keisha Siobhan, but none were in the final lineup of Sugababes)
    Man (no original members, the most 'original' is Martin Ace who joined on the third album)
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  12. lazydawg58

    lazydawg58 Know enough to know how much I don't know

    Lillington NC
    The Flying Burrito Brothers lived on in various forms for many years. Rick Roberts immediately after the classic lineup ended, Gib G. a little later, Walter Egan was with them for a while, Garth Hudson for a few years. The were called the Burrito Brothers, Burrito Deluxe, the Burritos etc.
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  13. Folknik

    Folknik Forum Resident

    Otis Williams, the only original Temptations member still living, had left the Temptations for quite some time. I didn't know he had returned.
  14. PyroMessiah

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    Martinsburg, WV
    Metal Church has one original member and has made albums with entirely different lineups. Napalm Death has zero original members and that's been the case for a long time. W.A.S.P. - one original member. Same for a ton of bands really that are still pretty successful like Cradle of Filth.
  15. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Machine wrapped in butter.

    London, England
    He's never left. He's been on every album, and any shows he's missed are few in number.
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  16. scoutbb

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    ...... and Fleetwood.
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  17. drpep

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    Rose Tattoo
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  18. scoutbb

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    Kansas is down to 2 original members.
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  19. pbuzby

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    I think he meant that Fleetwood is technically the only original member. Bob Brunning was briefly the bassist in Fleetwood Mac before McVie agreed to leave John Mayall and join them.
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  20. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Only five years after their debut, Fairport Convention's 'Nine' album had no original band members. Great album though.
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  21. Jimmy B.

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    The E Street Band - Garry Tallent.
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  22. SonyTek

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    The Grass Roots was the first one I thought of also. And, yes, you are correct, not one original member remains in the group. All present members have joined in 1984 or later. Once Rob Grill died in 2011, it was no longer the same band anyway IMO.
  23. Brian Doherty

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    I'm thinking, with no other examples coming to mind or brought up by the very smart people on this board, that Dead and Co. do indeed win the award for taking this trend in the OTHER direction: band with the most original members of an old/iconic band that is playing that band's music but NOT using the band's name, with 2/5 original members and 1/2 most definitions of "classic" band members.
  24. fallbreaks

    fallbreaks Forum Resident

    That's right! 46 years later, Garry's the only original member left.

    Vini Lopez and David Sancious left in 74, and they are both still living. Danny Federici and Clarence Clemmons lasted in the band until their deaths, in 2008 and 2011 respectively.
  25. negative1

    negative1 80s retro fan

    abc - with martin fry, they've lost most of the original members since the first album

    cabaret voltaire - with richard h kirk, lost most of their members

    flock of seagulls - mike score, even though all the original members reunited, its just for one album so far,
    and they don't tour with him.

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