Barnes & Noble in-store Bl. Fri. music deals?

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  1. I was just at my local B&N and can confirm it’s the B&N exclusive edition. And I purchased it ;) Along with Brian Wilson’s No Pier Pressure and Springsteen’s Devils & Dust (both also at 50% off). The Springsteen is a bit of a blind buy but for the price it’s worth the risk.
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  2. DLD

    DLD Senior Member

    Dallas, Tx
    Stopped by one of their Plano (Dallas burb) locations, nothing on sale, 11:00 a.m. this (Friday) morning.
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  3. breakingglass

    breakingglass Forum Resident

    My Atlanta Buckhead B&N had a small segregated selection marked at 50% off, maybe 50 records. Nothing of interest to me.
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  4. fmfxray373

    fmfxray373 Capitol LPs in the 70s were pretty good.

    san diego
    No Line On The Horizon is a no brainer if your store has a copy left. I bought the clear vinyl two years ago...I imagine the black vinyl is good also.
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  5. Jspmike

    Jspmike Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    I think it may be the clear vinyl that we have in the store - not the black vinyl unfortunately. I will see if the black vinyl is available when I get to work...
  6. hyde park

    hyde park Forum Resident

    Flossmoor, IL, USA
    My clear copy of No Line on the Horizon sounds great.
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  7. black sheriff

    black sheriff Magic City

    Drove over to my local B&N last night. I picked up a couple of records that I had put back last time. Music section looked the same as the prior 50% sale, minus a few more titles. The racks are getting pretty empty. I also grabbed the latest issue of Songlines magazine on the way out. Great mag if you like World music.
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  8. rogertheshrubber

    rogertheshrubber Senior Member

    Freehold, NJ, USA!
    Wow - two discs that I definitely would've grabbed, really like that Gregg Allman. Nothing at all worthwhile in my local NJ store - usual recent Springsteen LPs
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  9. U2Achtung1

    U2Achtung1 Well-Known Member

    New York
    Has anyone picked up Wonderful Wonderful by The Killers?

    Curious how the pressing sounds. It's included in the sale.
  10. Thesmellofvinyl

    Thesmellofvinyl Forum Resident

    Cohoes, NY USA
    Neil Young’s Return to Greendale was not half off at my local store but Colorado was.

    Thanks to Jspmike!
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  11. Jspmike

    Jspmike Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    That's really strange that they did not have "Return To Greendale" at 50% off. I checked that one myself been as it's a box set. I don't think it's sold just yet- it looks like a nice set.
  12. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    I picked this up online over a year ago for about $8.00. No red flags noted upon first listen but it is by far not the first Killers I go to when reaching for one of their albums to listen to.

    Here is what I picked up in the sale. Nothing that wasn't there previously but for $12+ per album, these were worthwhile to me.

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  13. Thesmellofvinyl

    Thesmellofvinyl Forum Resident

    Cohoes, NY USA
    Hm, the one I saw was an LP set but not a box set. I noticed the CDs were 30% off and thought about asking them to mark down the Young Shakespeare box set; had to control myself, though.
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  14. Jspmike

    Jspmike Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    The "Return To Greendale" set that I marked down is the one which contains 2 cd's, 2 records, 1 blu-ray and a DVD. It's was $99.99 but in the sale I marked it down to $49.99. I will triple check when I go to work tomorrow (I'd double checked it the other day!).

    As regards to the CD sale they seem to have been recently classing CD sets that contain one vinyl record in them as "vinyl" in the computer system to avoid offering them in the CD sale. I'd been hoping to get Stone Temple Pilots "Tiny Music" set in the sale but unfortunately it was not included. I will wait for the next coupon...
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  15. @Jspmike have you heard of any plans in the downsizing of the B&N vinyl offerings in-store? Of the B&N stores I visit it seems the stock has been going down and not replenished much. One store I go to is relocating and a manager told me that the store’s selection of merchandise would remain the same except for the vinyl which is being substantially downsized (the move to the new location is happening so as to conform to the new B&N layout/design).
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  16. Jspmike

    Jspmike Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    I have fortunately not heard anything about the vinyl being downsized (and fingers crossed it won't be). It's a good seller in our store although anything that I bring into the store needs to sell as unlike CD's and DVD's we cannot return vinyl. Unless a manager is really on top of their game or an employee is really dedicated then I sometimes wonder if the music department is just an afterthought. The reason why my store is well stocked is because I'm constantly shortlisting throughout my shifts. With demand being so high, pressing factory's running behind, global pandemic etc... it has been a lot more difficult to get everything we want into the store. For example, we've been out of stock of Nirvana's "Nevermind" for the last several months (as soon as I spot that back in the warehouse I'm going to get a load in!). I'm hoping that it is these issues that are affecting stock levels rather than a decision to downsize.
  17. Radical347

    Radical347 Well-Known Member

    San Francisco, CA
    I hit up 3 Barnes & Noble yesterday and picked these up, all 16 @ 50% off came to $240 including tax. (Some have a 25% off sticker, but were 50% off because one of the stores had a sign that said "all records marked as 25% off are 50% off from 8/13-8/16")


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  18. U2Achtung1

    U2Achtung1 Well-Known Member

    New York
    Anyone see anything about when this ends?

    And has anyone picked up Memphis Rock and Soul by Melissa Etheridge? I'd buy Medicine Show, though it didn't have a sticker at mine.
  19. Jspmike

    Jspmike Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    Going from memory I think it finishes on September 6th (the albums will then go to 25% off). I'd get somebody in the store to double check the price on "Medicine Show". The Barnes & Noble Exclusive version is definitely part of the sale in my store.
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  20. Jspmike

    Jspmike Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    I was able to order the following albums back into my store so they are still available in the 50% off sale -

    The Cars - Heartbeat City
    The Cars - Panorama
    The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion
    Led Zeppelin - Coda
    John Mellencamp - Scarecrow
    John Mellencamp - The Lonesome Jubilee
    Love - Love (Music On Vinyl version)
  21. U2Achtung1

    U2Achtung1 Well-Known Member

    New York
    Picked up:

    U2 - Best of 1990-2000
    Pearl Jam - Yield
    Roxette - Look Sharp! (Barnes Exclusive)
    Melissa Etheridge - The Medicine Show (Barnes Exclusive)
    Tanya Tucker - While I'm Livin' (Barnes Exclusive)
    Of Monsters & Men - Fever Dream
  22. Radical347

    Radical347 Well-Known Member

    San Francisco, CA
    I picked this up during the sale. Tbh, I (unfortunately) find the sound quality on this one pretty bad.
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  23. Jspmike

    Jspmike Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    The 50% off vinyl sale is back tomorrow (26th December 2021). Not so many new additions to the sale at my store although it could have something to do with the fact that I've sold a ton of vinyl these last few weeks. Here is the list of what we have for sale in my store that I printed out a couple of days ago -

    Suzanne Vega - Lover, Beloved (B&N Exclusive) $9.50

    Rides - Pierced Arrow $9.99

    The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It $17.00

    Jeff Buckley - Grace $18.50

    Paul McCartney - Tug Of War $17.50

    Vangelis - Rosetta $15.00

    Maria Callas - Mad Scenes From Anna Bolena $11.50

    Color Me Classical (B&N Exclusive) $15.00

    Angela Gheorghiu - Eternamente: The Verismo Album $11.50

    Anna Netrebko - Verismo $15.00

    Tenors - Under One Sky (B&N Exclusive) $13.00

    Rosanne Cash - She Remembers Everything (B&N Exclusive - Red Vinyl) $11.00

    Rodney Crowell - Close Ties $14.50

    Kim Richey - Edgeland $11.50

    Rumer - Nashville Tears $15.00

    Kiefer Sutherland - Down In A Hole (B&N Exclusive) $10.00

    Tanya Tucker - While I’m Livin (B&N Exclusive - White Vinyl) $11.50

    Joan Baez - Whistle Down The Wind $15.00

    Madison Ward - Skeleton Crew $9.00

    M Ward - Think Of Spring $11.00

    Leslie Jordan - Company’s Comin’ $13.50

    Bill Frisell - Epistrophy $18.00

    Bill Frisell - Small Town $18.00

    Anita O’Day - Anita O’Day & The Three Sounds $12.50

    Liz Wright - Freedom & Surrender $12.50

    Air - Moon Safari $13.00

    Arcade Fire - Everything Now $14.00

    Beck - Colors (B&N Exclusive - White Vinyl) $14.00

    Brendan Benson - Dear Life (B&N Exclusive with poster) $10.50

    Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion $17.50

    Black Crowes - Three Snakes And One Charm $17.50

    Joe Bonamassa - Different Shades Of Blue $17.50

    David Bowie - Changestwobowie $11.00

    David Bowie - Lodger $13.00

    David Bowie - Man Who Sold The World $13.00

    Bruce Hornsby - Rehab Reunion $9.99

    Jake Bugg - On My One $17.50

    Bush - Razorblade Suitcase $15.00

    Will Butler - Policy $9.50

    The Cars - Panorama (Expanded 2LP) $15.50

    The Cure - Faith $11.00

    The Cure - Mixed Up $18.00

    Dams Of The West - Youngish American $11.50

    Depeche Mode - Exciter $15.50

    The Doors - Soft Parade $13.00

    Edward Sharpe - Person A $12.50

    Elvis Costello - Look Now $12.50

    Elvis Costello - Look Now (Deluxe) $17.50

    Melissa Etheridge - Medicine Show (B&N Exclusive - Opaque Violet) $12.50

    Eurythmics - Be Yourself Tonight $14.00

    Eurythmics - Touch $14.00

    Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold $10.50

    Patty Griffin - Servant Of Love $13.00

    Josh Groban - Bridges (White Vinyl) $11.00

    Glen Hansard - This Wild Willing $11.00

    Mick Jagger - Gotta Get A Grip/England Lost $12.00

    Jim James - Tribute to 2 $12.00

    Jim James - Uniform Clarity (White Vinyl) $12.00

    Jim James - Uniform Distortion $12.00

    Rickie Lee Jones - Kicks $10.00

    Rickie Lee Jones - The Other Side Of Desire $10.00

    KD Lang - Shadowland $10.50

    Kirstin - LOVE (B&N Exclusive) $12.00

    Little Village - Little Village $11.00

    Meat Loaf - Braver Than We Are (B&N Exclusive - Red Vinyl) $15.00

    Lone Below - Half Moon Light (B&N Exclusive - Yellow Vinyl) $11.50

    Shelby Lynne - I Can’t Imagine $12.50

    Stephen Malkmus - Groove Denied $13.50

    Laura Marling - Semper Femina $13.00

    Paul McCartney - Egypt Station $17.50

    Paul McCartney - New $12.50

    Paul McCartney - Pipes Of Peace $17.50

    Tim Merritt - Bramble Rose $13.50

    Kip Moore - Wild World (B&N Exclusive - Picture Disc) $16.00

    Van Morrison - The Prophet Speaks $15.00

    Van Morrison - Versatile $17.50

    Neil Young - Return To Greendale $49.99

    Beth Orton - Kidsticks $10.00

    Paste Quarterly - Volume 1 Issue 2 $15

    Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings At The Speed Of Sound $17.50

    Pearl Jam - Binaural $14.00

    Dan Penn - Do Right Man $11.00

    Pink Floyd - More $14.00

    Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds $14.00

    Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets $14.00

    Lou Reed - Berlin $18.50

    Josh Ritter - Fever Breaks $9.50

    Robert Randolph - Got Soul/I Thank You (B&N Exclusive 7” Single) $4.50

    Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup (Super Deluxe Edition) $62.50

    Rostam - Changephobia $12.00

    Roxy Music - Avalon (Half-Speed Mastered) $15.00

    Rumer - This Girl’s In Love (A Bacharach & David Songbook) $11.00

    Rush - Hold Your Fire $15.00

    Frank Shiner - Lonely Town, Lonely Street $9.99

    Shovels And Rope - By Blood $11.50

    Jordan Smith - Something Beautiful (B&N Exclusive) $11.50

    Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes $15.99

    Bruce Springsteen - Springsteen On Broadway $42.00

    Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars $15.50

    Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars: Songs From The Film $15.50

    Wesley Stace - Wesley Stace’s John Wesley Harding $11.50

    Ringo Starr - Postcards From Paradise $12.50

    Rod Stewart - Blood Red Roses $15.00

    Taylor Hawkins - Get The Money $9.00

    U2 - Zooropa $17.50

    Utopia - The Complete Bearsville Singles $16.00

    Van Halen - Women And Children First $12.50

    Kat VonD - Love Made Me Do It $16.00

    Tom Waits - Alice $12.50

    Tom Waits - Bastards $14.50

    Tom Waits - Real Gone $12.50

    M Ward - Migration Stories (B&N Exclusive - Clear Vinyl) $11.00

    M Ward - What A Wonderful Industry $10.50

    Paul Weller - Kind Revolution $14.50

    Yusuf - The Laughing Apple $13.00

    Neil Diamond - The Jazz Singer $12.50

    Barry Manilow - This Is My Town (B&N Exclusive)

    Bette Midler - The Divine Miss M $12.50

    Ondara - Folk N Roll Vol 1: Tales Of Isolation $15.00

    Barbra Streisand - Walls $13

    Steve Tyrell - A Song For You $10.50

    American Epic Soundtrack $10.00

    American Folk Soundtrack $9.50

    Backbeat Soundtrack $12.50

    Orange Is The New Black Seasons 2 & 3 (Clear Vinyl) $12.50

    Blinded By The Light Soundtrack (B&N Exclusive Orange Vinyl) $15.50

    Jessie Buckley - Wild Rose $11.50

    Carlito’s Way Soundtrack (B&N Exclusive) $12.50

    Dumbo Soundtrack (B&N Exclusive) $10.00

    Flower Drum Song OCR $15.00

    Hello Dolly OCR $15.00

    Hemingway Soundtrack: A Film By Ken Burns & Lynn Novick $10.00

    Patti Lupone - Gypsy $20.00

    Tootsie OCR $18.00

    Vinyl: Music From The HBO Series Vol1 (B&N Exclusive - Yellow Vinyl) $15.00

    Kamasi Washington - Becoming $13.50

    Hans Zimmer - Hillbilly Elegy (B&N Exclusive) $10.50

    Maxwell - Blacksummersnight (B&N Exclusive - Autographed Photo) $14.00

    Mavis Staples - If All I Was Was Black $11.00

    When the first 50% sale went live a couple of years ago I was told not to order any sale items into the store as these were slow moving titles. Once they were gone - they were gone! What I've discovered is that every so often some of what I would consider some of the more popular titles do from time to time reappear in the warehouse for a very short period of time and I have very quickly brought them into the store (I promised my manager that I would sell them!). These titles very quickly sell from the warehouse and are out of stock when I checked the warehouse inventory yesterday so you are very unlikely to see them in other Barnes & Nobles (the titles by 1975, Air, Arcade Fire, David Bowie (Man Who Sold the World), Cure (Faith), Eurythmics (Be Yourself Tonight), Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, U2). If I can help in any way let me know.

    Also we have been asked over the Christmas period not to manifest items from other stores. Presumably in a weeks time we will be able to do so again.

    There is a BIG sale happening in the book department tomorrow. If there are any hard cover books that you have your eyes on then tomorrow could be the day to purchase them (I've been told not to talk about it!).
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  24. Black Elk

    Black Elk Music Lover Thread Starter

    Bay Area, U.S.A.
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  25. cdash99

    cdash99 Senior Member

    Stopped in the Framingham Mass store this morning. Vinyl selection down by 50% from normal levels, nothing stickered or segregated into a sale area. While the movies are well curated, the vinyl department really needs a champion or its demise will become a self fulfilling prophecy.
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