Batman records of the 60s!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jfire, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Don't forget Dickie Goodman's classic "Batman and his Grandmother"!

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    Wow. I remember one of my parents bringing home a Batman LP for us kids. Had to of been in '66.
    I'd never recall the name of the album, but I do remember it having the theme song on it. Beyond that, I think it was the incidental music that occurred during the fight scenes.

    It is safe to say, I would have never remembered this had it not been brought up.
  9. rockclassics

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    Maybe this one? This is the one I have/had.

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  11. dumangl

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    Jan & Dean Meet Batman (1966).


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    I had the blue one in the link with Dan and Dale. I also have a Batman loose leaf notebook that is pretty nice, which I've never seen on Ebay or anywhere.
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    There's this cheapo cash-in on Design Records, a division of the notoriously bad Pickwick. I haven't listened to it in ages but it's mostly badly-played, generic instrumentals that they slapped some vaguely Bat-related titles on.

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    "Gotham City Municipal Swing Band" was used as the theme song to Oakland, CA.'s KTVU "Creature Feature" hosted by Bob Wilkins.
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    Same here. I remember having a Batman album around the mid 60s. I too remember it had the theme song on it, and a bunch of other stuff. I can't remember the album cover but none of those shown on the link were enough to jog my memory.

    I also remember owning an album of cowboy movie songs, a Mary Poppins album, and The Beatles Second album. They're all gone now.
  18. Jose Jones

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    I loved this album as a little kid in the early 70s, then it got destroyed/lost and forgotten until the mid 90s, when I found a sealed copy at the now-defunct Car City Records in St. Clair Shores, MI for $4.00. :)

  19. vivatones

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    The Marketts were the backing band for a package rock show that I attended in the 60s. I still remember that as the curtains opened at the start of the show, The Marketts were playing the "Batman" theme.
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    Whoa. This takes me back. I clearly remember receiving this album for my sixth birthday, and playing it again and again while laying on the living room floor in front of the ornate Zenith console stereo. I haven't heard this album for at least 45 years, but I can still recite certain lines from the thing...

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  22. Easy-E

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    Surprised no-one has mentioned this one:

    Recorded at IBC Studios in August 1966. Released on the Ready Steady Who! EP on November 11, 1966.
  23. Folknik

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    I have that budget label cash-in album Batman and Robin by "The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale." It was in my collection for decades before I learned that it was actually Sun Ra and members of the Blues Project. It's a keeper.
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    Just discovered this record in my collection,and giving it a spin.Actually it's pretty good.Only song on YouTube."The Joker Laughs" is actually pretty discturbing.


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