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  1. Green3000

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    USA midwest
    So, I have a few Beatle Lp's I would like to know the value of. yet I really do Not want to sell them unless I am going to make the bank. I have doubts any of them go over Two-Hundred Dollars. but you never know.

    I have Introducing the beatles on VeeJay, it looks to be the Seccond Pressing and in great shape.

    All Items match as it being the 2nd pressing.

    Meet The Beatles - Mono and Stereo Capitol Lp - looks to be the first press with out credits and no mention of G. Martin.

    It looks like Both Mono and stereo have no Credits on the cases.I might look at the Lp's Later.

    Something New : Capitol LP's Mono and Stereo : possible first pressings. and of course I have multiple copies and one green label witch I believe is from 1982.

    The Second Album : Mono and stereo : first pressings possibile

    Live at the Hollywood Bowl :Embossed from 72" If I am right

    Any Information would be great. Maybe I need to insure these? any Idea on Insureing them would also be great to know.
  2. Strat-Mangler

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    Go on Discogs to get an idea. The band's name, by the way, is "The Beatles" ; not "Beatle".
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  3. Green3000

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    USA midwest
    thank you and Yes I know they are the beatles! my fault, writing that post while too tired.

    Discogs does not help too much though!
  4. Christian Hill

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    You're not going to make bank on those. You'll be lucky to get $200 for all of them.
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  5. Tim Crowley

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    I bought an original mono Something New on amazon for $8---just to give you an idea.

    Green label is from the late '60s.
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  6. 12" 45rpm

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    To me "great shape" equals VG at best.. Those are worth way less than NM which is what most collectors want..
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    BRODNATION The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    I would search up the album title and use the sorting code (top left) and year stamps to refine your search, then play and eye grade them and look what the average price for that grade is,
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  8. Bingo Bongo

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    Other than the VJ album, Capitol released a trillion albums from the Beatle(s), so sounds to me like you should keep them and enjoy them.

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