Beatles Christmas LP - UK Lyntone. Is this legit?

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by Muzyck, Dec 3, 2016.

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    I have had searches set up for over a year looking for an original UK pressing of "From Then to You". I have never seen a copy with the label this Ebay seller has up. I was thinking for sure that it was a counterfeit, but if that is the case, the seller has a big set of attachments to for the set price.

    Does anymore know of any legit copies where pressed with a label like this? Not that I would be willing or able to purchase at the asking price anyway.

    The Beatles From Then to You The Christmas Record 1970 LP VG++ | eBay »
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    I've had a copy of this label and I can say with certainty they are all not period correct, not genuine, fake bootleg pressings. When I first saw this label about 3 years ago I was a bit surprised that this variation could have missed the collectors market for 40 + years. So I bought one from the UK. When I received the Lp I did a thorough check over and it was pretty clear it was a fake. The label texture and print quality were both inferior to what would have been produced by Lyntone in the early 1970's. The cover was a pretty good copy of the original but a copy none the less. It lacked the high gloss front cover laminate and again the back cover was slightly off compared to my original copy.

    Lyntone would never have reprinted this style of label or produce a new cover for a handful of missed fan club members - so that angle to legitimacy is way off base.

    Suffice to say major players in the UK market like Tracks have seen this new label and all have stated it's a fake. And after seeing one in person I agree. Save your money and get a real one when it comes up for sale!!!

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