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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jack, Jan 2, 2020.

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    Experienced writer, if not in Beatles / music circles.
  3. Michael

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    I will get this! thanks for the link!
  4. Mother

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    Certainly looking forward to the Peter Jackson film but do yourselves a favour and listen to the podcast Something About the Beatles where they dissect these sessions on a day by day basis. Enthralling stuff.
  5. quicksrt

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    City of Angels
    I like this period of the Beatles for the music, the three or four awesome hit singles, songs, and their timeless coolness looks.

    Exciting to see what has been unearthed by now at this late point.
  6. NumberEight

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    It’s been done...


  7. docwebb

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    "authorized story ". May be watered down....
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  9. beatleroadie

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    I wonder what, if any, effect this will have on the book surely to be included in the SDE of LIB50, presumably out in MAY 2020...?
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  10. Paulismyname

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    Could there be two books in the SDE? One a reproduction of the original from 1970 and the other like the past sets with essays, track information, etc?
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  11. joeislive

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    Thats what I am hoping for , and from what I've been reading from various comments is what is being implied.
  12. ssmith3046

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    It's a companion piece to the "new" Let It Be film so it will be interesting to see what's new about it. The film will be the telling of the story from a different angle? You can't change history but I guess you can rewrite it.
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  13. ronbow

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    Yea, i’ve been thinking about that too - a nicely-bound hardcover of the original book, plus a comprehensive accounting of the Get Back / Let It Be story “From Twickenham to Savile Row”.
  14. beatleroadie

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    So ultimately we are getting 3 books about Get Back/Let it Be in 2020.

    1. Anniversary Edition book with essays, photos and all tracklist info and liner notes
    2. Reproduction of the original Let it Be book
    3. "The Beatles Get Back" book, a companion volume to the Peter Jackson documentary
  15. Muddy

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    New York

    Now, that's pretty funny, right there!
  16. Arnold Grove

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    1 & 3 are definite.
    2 is hopefully.

    And hopefully without the pages falling out. ;)
  17. The original release of ' Let It Be ' in Canada came with this book.
    I cut out the pictures to make a Beatles scrapbook.
    WTF was I thinking?
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  18. let him run...

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    I think your last sentence might be backwards. Although nether of us have seen the film, so it's all a guess.
    But, both the Let It Be film and the new Get Back film are all culled from the same hours of film. So, that stuff you can't rewrite, whatever shows up on the film, is actually what was happening.
    Every documentary film maker has a story he chooses to tell, both Lindsey-Hogg and Peter Jackson had/have an agenda. If Jackson shows it wasn't as bleak as Let It Be showed, that there were good things going on as well. Then that could change history. We could have a number of people thinking, "wait...I thought they were miserable and in the middle of breaking up the whole time on this one." That could change your perception of the these sessions. Because you're seeing stuff you've not seen before. At that point you're seeing history changing.
    A pretty good example of history changing is the idea of American Indians being the bad guys. Nothing but savages. When I was a kid we played cowboys and Indians, do any kids play cowboys and Indians anymore? We pretty much know that things were very much reversed from what we were taught as recent as my elementary school years. History has changed. All it took was more information. Let's see how everything shakes out in May. But, one more comparison that is really close to what we're talking about. The Get Back album that was sent to some FM stations here in the states on acetate and then called back, was a pretty fun listen, at least I thought so. I recorded it off the radio at the time and listened to it as a new Beatles album for a long time.
    When Let It Be finally came out it was a bit of a downer for me. I liked the warts and all Beatles (as nature intended) of Get Back. I think May is going to be a great time for Beatles fans.
  19. let him run...

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    Don't feel bad, all the pages were going to fall out anyway, you were just ahead of the game.
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  20. davenav

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    Or maybe it’s not a huge conspiracy theory and they’re just going to show more footage, and provide actual historical context??
  21. ssmith3046

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    Hope so. I left the theater feeling depressed when it was released. I'm ready for happy Beatles.
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  22. I did exactly the same! I had an excuse though: it was falling apart, and at the age of 13 I didn't know any better...
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  23. Arnold Grove

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    I believe that Hannibal Lecter, when he was a wee lad, also started his "career" by cutting out the pictures to make a Beatles scrapbook. :hide:
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  25. vince

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    Now, THAT'S a gif!!!
    I could think of a million things George could be looking up at, saying, "It's been done.", and driving away!

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