Beatles Live at Hollywood Bowl essential?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by samurai, Aug 29, 2016.

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    The mid-South.
    OK, I'll begin to steer us back to the topic.
    Can't make the immediate leap to Hollywood Bowl, but we can get there in 7 links:
    We start with the link between Beatles and beer (or 2 lagers and lime and 2 lagers and lime).
    And this is a scene from a movie.
    And the movie is being made by United Artists Film Corporation.
    And United Artists were originally a Hollywood-based film company (although Help! was not filmed in Hollywood)
    And Hollywood has the Hollywood Bowl, where the Beatles performed in 1964 and 1965.
    And their performances were recorded and issued on LP in 1977 and re-issued in 2016.
    And THAT 2016 release is the subject of this thread!
    (Whew!) :tiphat:

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    Irmo, SC
    My favorite beer!
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    What a great jukebox!!!
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    When the Beatles were touring, they were the ultimate live band!

    Most everyone wanted to see them more than anyone else!

    No longer can anyone say that they weren't a good live band, because the new Hollywood bowl absolutely blows that total myth out of the water!

    Before this release their best stuff was in the studio, but now nothing they did in the studio rocks as hard and has the excitement of Hollywood Bowl!

    Essential... absolutely!
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    Dude, just buy it. You could have listened to it three times in a row already rather than read all the responses here.
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    Whoever you're talking to, I second the emotion.

    Every fan should buy this fantastic album!
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    Way off subject but beer reminded me that we always made the joke that Schlitz rhymed with something else.
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    While responding to the thread titled Are Criticism Of The Beatles As A Live Band Overblown, I posted some thoughts referencing Live At The Hollywood Bowl.
    This made me realize that I hadn't listened to that album since July of last year, so I pulled it out cranked my Bose system and sat back!

    AND NOW HERE THEY ARE, THE BEATLES! That right there does it, I'm primed, I'm stoked, I'm ready!

    I don't care if I sound like a broken record, this album just does it for me! I like straight ahead rock and roll, I don't need experimental, I don't need avant garde, just plug in and rock out, that's what I want, that's what I like and boy do the Beatles deliver with this ABSOLUTELY AWESOME album!


    I just can't say enough about it, The Beatles young, hungry, excited and exciting, hot, tight, hard rocking, live and conquering the world!

    Live At The Hollywood Bowl is MOST DEFINITELY ESSENTIAL!

    So essential that I listen to it again and again and again!
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    For the first time I looked at the CD liner notes and was extremely disappointed that they didn’t include the 70’s pics from the original record! However at least they had the George Martin “Bay City Rollers” notes.
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    Olney, MD
    Re: rhyming with something else ---- so did Schmidt's, which was a beer I remember seeing a lot in the '70s.

    To the subject, yes Beatles at Hollywood Bowl works for me as essential, as an example of live Beatles during Beatlemania.
    However, I only need one such example.

    BRODNATION The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    It’s the Beatles live with Hi Fi sound. What more can you ask for. (Barring Shea of course)
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    The original recording of the 1964 Hollywood Bowl concert (it’s out there in many forms) is one of the two or three greatest live rock and roll albums ever (along w/ Dylan “RAH” and Jerry Lee Lewis at the Star Club). The best/most influential band ever at the peak of their performing powers, riding a wave of mania, conquering America. They were all still totally into it. On the 1965 tracks you can hear that some of their enthusiasm is gone. The 1964 show is essential.
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    Okay it's 2020, and I haven't listened to HOLLYWOOD BOWL in almost a year, been into so much other music. It was time to put it on again, and guess what, it happened again!

    This album is an absolute GEM, I don't think I'll ever stop saying that! It's the ABSOLUTE PERFECT DOCUMENTATION OF BEATLEMANIA! It doesn't hurt that it FLAT OUT ROCKS either!
    This is the ULTIMATE BEATLES ALBUM to me, because it captures what they really were... A TIGHT HARD ROCKING LIVE BAND! I wish in the later years they could have GOT BACK TO BEING THAT. Every time I listen, it solidifies itself as my FAVORITE BEATLE ALBUM! I'm so grateful we have this ABSOLUTE DIAMOND!
    THE BEATLES at the height of their FAME and PERFORMING YEARS, what an ABSOLUTE TREASURE!
  14. It's a great live album even if the performances aren't perfect. It captures the raw excitement of the band during a key point in history. As such, it's both a terrific historical document and a brilliant snapshot in time.
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  15. maccafan

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  16. DK Pete

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    Great post (I love your excitement)...not to flatten your bubble but to me, while the album beautifully captures Beatlemania as a whole, I don't think they're all that great on it. There are 1963 performances out there which show a much tighter and even more hard rocking band. By 1964/65 things, IMO, were staring to unravel...for whichever number of reasons one chooses to go with, as they continued becoming the epitome of a great, progressive *studio* band, they got worse and worse on stage.
  17. DK Pete

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    Levittown. NY
    I agree with totally captures the excitement.
  18. notesfrom

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    NC USA
    Great remix by Giles & Co.
  19. maccafan

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    Don't worry, you can't flatten my bubble! My ears know what they hear, and the Beatles are on ABSOLUTE FIRE on this album!
    Everyone has their opinion and you're entitled to yours! I'll never agree that they weren't great on these performances, they are ABSOLUTELY ROCKING on these! SHE'S A WOMAN is just DRIVING SOULFUL ROCK AND ROLL! The GUITAR ATTACK of DIZZY MISS LIZZY is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, It's like HEAVY METAL especially for the early 60s!
    I've let many people listen to this album, and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE says these performances aren't great! My musician friends who haven't heard it gained a new appreciation for them as a LIVE BAND! What surprised me was the love Ringo got from them. The listening pleasure I get from this album is UNTOUCHABLE! As I said, this is the ULTIMATE BEATLE ALBUM for me! Okay now I've got to go listen again!
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    I think it’s great and I listen to it quite often. It’s an exciting listening experience as far as I’m concerned. I’m going with essential just because it’s a live album. My only gripe is it should have been issued as a double album back in 1977 featuring both 1964 and 1965 shows in their entirety.

    When the recent Ron Howard documentary was released, the soundtrack album should have included both shows.
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    Totally agree, the more the better!
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    I think Giles felt beholden to retain his dad's original incarnation, with a few bonus tracks thrown in, which were nice.
  23. DK Pete

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    Even though I basically stick by what I say, you've inspired me to have a fresh listen and for this, I say, 'thanks!".:righton:
  24. DK Pete

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    Levittown. NY
    There *is* one major criticism I have of this album and it's more so on an historical level...rather than reissue the original album, Giles and company should have put it out as a double album with both complete concerts and all bonus tracks intact accordingly.
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    Big fan - yes
    Casual fan - no

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