Beatles Live at Hollywood Bowl essential?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by samurai, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. teag

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    Looks like John was making the decisions in 1977 also.
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  2. Chance

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    Morris County, NJ
    A perfect snapshot of the Beatles slaying the faithful at the height of the hysteria. Exciting and essential for me, yes.
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  3. Arnold Grove

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    Provided that you still have hair... :hide:
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  4. Arnold Grove

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    Yes, it very interesting. Even though John at times could act as the never-look-back type, he was likely the most nostalgic for the band during the 1970s. He delighted in getting old Beatle bootlegs, and he seemingly was the point-person for all related matters with Capitol Records (maybe because he actually lived in the USA). I am sure that Apple/Neil Aspinall in London were contacted too, but the majority of evidence always points to John being involved. Paul, of course, might have been involved behind the scenes, but he downplayed his role (at least publicly) throughout the 1970s.
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  5. DK Pete

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    No doubt, the excitement on this album is well represented...but it got even better on August 15 of 1965. There isn't a moment in Beatlemania which shows how bombastically out of control things had gotten.
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  6. NumberEight

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    Surely you mean all three...


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  7. musicfan37

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    I would settle for that.
  8. Lemon Curry

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    I think the original mix of the complete '64 show is right up there with the best of the boots. It has an entirely different feel than the official releases, and is more emotional.

    The official ones, which mix the '64 and '65 shows together, lack the urgency and energy that the '64 show had.
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  9. Evethingandnothing

    Evethingandnothing Forum Resident

    Not essential, but worth hearing.
  10. Panther

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    Tokyo, Japan
    I bloody hate this album. Even in the sketchy world of "Beatlemania" post-1963 live recordings, it's weak. In that era, you're best served by the Atlanta 1965 bootleg, plus some varied assortment of Ed Sullivan-or-other live TV performances. (The best numbers at the second Tokyo show are great, too.)

    I just noticed that this thread is 4 years old. I wonder if the OP has made his decision yet...?
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  11. Mylene

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    I played the vinyl once and I played the CD once.

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