Beatles Red & Blue Albums (2023) (w/ "Now and Then")

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Panama Jack, Oct 25, 2023.

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    I think the 600 million figure is an underestimation given that EMI confirmed over a billion sales back in the 80's. Given that they released music during the peak decades of pop I doubt anyone will ever get close to them when it comes to sales figure, even someone like Taylor Swift is a extremely unlikely to match what must be 1.5 billion to 2 billion Beatles sales (given how much they have sold since the billion was confirmed nearly 40 years ago, which included the best selling album on earth from 2000-2010).
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    I thought I'd post this before I wind up deleting it. The sinusoidal patterns are especially prominent between 7-8kHz, and the marker is right on the 29 second mark. The period between peaks is right at 1.3 seconds (I did some gamma and contrast adjustments on the screen shot to make them clearer).[​IMG]

    I tried this with "Love Me Do" as well, which we all know is a needle drop. I even did it on a needle drop of the US Rarities needle drop (LMD), but neither of those showed this pattern. Apparently there weren't any vinyl symmetry issues with those.
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    While we’re talking vinyl here, can anyone point to a good source for poly vinyl sleeves for these, like the NAT 12”, with the cut corners and preferably from amazon?
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    Never put records in PVC sleeves.
  5. Geordiepete

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    You want polypropylene or polyethylene sleeves, not polyvinyl chloride, which uses plasticizers to make it flexible, and the plasticized PVC lets off gas which can cause discolouration or worse, audible defects, to the precious vinyl (but not plasticized) record.
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    Which one is that?
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    Exactly: 1

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    I wont quite say I’m losing interest but the excitement I felt for the post-RS albums isn’t quite there as we go back in time in terms of remixing. I think what these new “red” remixes show is that there’s really not much that can be done with these songs; and in trying to do “something” often ends up as stumbling.
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    The blue and red have entered Billboard at 15 and 20 respectively.
  10. Man at C&A

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    Not great, I'm surprised the blue has done better with it mostly being previously released remixes.
  11. DK Pete

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    While I didn’t expect top five, I was hoping for top ten for both; the first week showing usually being the top placement for these reissues, I don’t see them going much higher if at all.
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    It's not out of any disrespect for the music, but I wanted them to flop badly because of the very high prices, especially as the packaging is so cheap and mediocre. If they sold loads and charted highly it could lead to similar excessive prices on other artists albums. It will have cost them a UK number one, not beating a Taylor Swift album that's been out three weeks, as well as decent Billboard chart positions.
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  13. zipp

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    Here are my thoughts on the 1962/1966 CD 1

    I have the original vinyl and now the 2023 CD. Some of my comments regarding the sleeve and the lyrics may not be specific to the new release.

    The music

    I'm pleased to have Love Me Do and She Loves You in stereo. They could probably have been done bettter but I always prefer stereo to mono. She Loves You in particualar seems less brash (and thus better) to me. On a headphone listen I found Day Tripper stronger. On a casual hifi listen the only thing that stuck out was the opening chord to A Hard Day's Night which seemed stuttered and echoey when it's usaully unified and strong. It's kind of like hearing it done live at the BBC.

    The sleeve

    The inner sleeve photo is slightly cropped left and right but less cropped top and bottom. The boy above the railings in the top left corner is now almost recognisable. I love this photo and am surprised none of the people on there ever came forward to say they appeared on an album photo with the Beatles.

    The lyrics

    Two big mistakes have been corrected. First in A Hard Day's Night we now have ''So why on earth should I moan ?'' instead of ''So why I love to come home.'' and in Ticket To Ride we now have ''She ought to think twice'' instead of ''She ought to do right''.


    When this album came out in the UK it reminded people how good the Beatles were right from the start. Since their break-up the Beatles had been rather out of favour. The first side of the vinyl was played a lot.
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  14. Man at C&A

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    I was excited for the red album remixes but whenever I've listened to them over the last few days I've just ended up thinking 'I don't like it'. I particularly dislike Eight Days A Week (drums too high in the mix) and I Saw Her Standing There (the snare sound) and lots of people have loved those. I really don't like them bringing the drums up in the mixes. Overall, even when they haven't done that, the remixes just aren't clicking with me. It isn't an automatic dislike of remixing or Giles Martin's work in particular. I like the 1+ remixes and didn't care all that much for the Yellow Submarine Songtrack ones.
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  15. Adam Pajda

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    I was physically tired after listening to both sets.
    I don't like remixes and will stick to 2009 cd's.
    Completely pointless endeavor.
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  16. hlennarz

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    Did they fix the wrong line of "Across the Universe"?
    On the original sleeve it read "Sounds of laughter, shades of earth" when it should be "Sounds of laughter, shades of life"

    Some covers used the wrong "earth" line since. For example the one by the Scorpions. :D
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  17. :rant:
    Once again, as is all too often the case, CD buyers are condemned with a compromised compressed choice.

    Sure sales will be great; yet it would be even greater to have The Beatles releases all have best sound possible from each format.

    Graphs on Parlogram vid:
    Thanks for posting on this thread. Just watched on YouTube & had to vent.

    Easy pass for me.
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  18. Floatupstream

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    I didn’t purchase it for the same reason I didn’t in 1973, it’s not canon and I already had all the songs. In my opinion, Red and Blue are for casual fans. It was such a head scratcher to me why this was the next step. Remixing all the original albums should have been done first and then you could have condensed those mixes back into Red and Blue.There are millions of obsessed Beatle fans world wide and I suspect a lot did a hard pass on this. That being said, a full RS remix would be automatic buy for me as well as countless others, I suspect.
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  19. Geordiepete

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    50th anniversary of the original Red and Blue albums, and bringing the remixed set out now gives an extra year to work more on Rubber Soul and the extra material for that much anticipated set.
  20. monkboughtlunch

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    Plenty of time to nudge the 22 millisecond "Nowhere Man" hi-hat offset back into correct position in a digital workstation. :D
  21. adm62

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    Ottawa, Canada
    Recorded in a few weeks nearly 60 years ago and now needs an additional year to make it sound better ;)
  22. John Hatter

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    I’m with you...I havent bought any format, just listened on YouTube etc. I’m a mono kind of guy for Beatles, but if the vinyl had been reasonably priced I would have invested in the new LPs. But n0t at current prices. Having said that, I didnt buy them in 1973 either, as I already had all the tracks.
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  23. Big A2

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    As you probably know, some of the album remix CDs have the same issue. Just mind boggling after the 2009 remasters made such a point of not over-compressing, and actually led the way for non-screwed up remasters in the years following. To quote Paul, "Cheap and nasty I reckon".
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  24. efegarcia

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    • 2010 remastered version
      2014 mastered vinyl
      2023 remixed editions
    How many times they want to sell then same compilation over and over again..?...ok..this time they have included one more disc..but I don't see the point of buying this again....

    if you want to win new buyers...attract new is not enough to put a sticker on the cover saying..." EYYYY,, the version of Yellow Submarine now has the guitar solo on the right channel instead of the left channel as in the latest 2014 79 Euros-Dollars again"

    I bought the single..the "now and Then"..but I haven't really seen the need to buy this again..I'm surprised it even made it this high on the charts..I'd like to see the number of units sold.
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  25. HarryLime

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    Those mixes were made by Emerick from the same mono single master, so what could it possibly bring to the table? Also as Jackon points out in the podcast, MAL doesn't work too well on processed audio, that's why he kept asking for the original tape for Now And Then and ultimately bought the Star Club tape. So that indicates two things: it will never work that well on She Loves You because all we have are processed masters, and using the RS1 or RS2 will not help to improve it either. All we can hope for is that a future iteration or replacement of MAL will sufficiently be able to extract the audio we want, or some kind of better source for SLY will turn up. The latter's chance is of course minuscule, but stranger things have happened in the past as well.

    What someone should ask him though is why on earth he and his team accepted this version of She Loves You. But as he also mentions in the podcast, often Apple will simply claim the version they deliver is the real/official/proper/best version, unless he proves them wrong. He was able to refute the claim by them that there was only an hour worth of footage from the Threetles session because George wears 3 or 4 different shirts indicating at least multiple days where the camera crew visited them. God know how much other subpar stuff has gone by his 'radar' simply because Apple (and maybe even EMI) didn't bother to carefully check before supplying what they had and he didn't know how or where to look to know it wasn't the best option.
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