Beatles Upcoming Releases: group or solo

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jmxw, Jul 28, 2022.

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    By its bespoke offshoot MalEvOlent Productionsᵀᴹ.
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    George's voice did get thinner, more reed-like as he got older. I think when you are not singing regularly, your voice does get weaker, factor in age and those 2 things could account for the thin tone of George's voice.
    Nonetheless, I love him.
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    Yes, George specifically mentioned that Jeff worked with him on his vocals, encouraging him to do more takes until he got the best vocal take he was capable of, or similar.
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    George always had a rather limited vocal range and was certainly no Tom Jones or Paul McCartney.
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    Back in the late 80s, McCartney's original vocal for Let It Be was used on a charity single but was credited solely as him rather than the Beatles.
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    Was that the 1969 vocal? The scansion on "mother Mary comes to me" sounds a little different. (I suppose it could be an alternate take.) Paul's vocal starts around 0:18:
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    It definitely sounds like the original vocals to me
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    I just fiddled around with it in Audacity and I think you're right - the vocals seem to line up perfectly if you make a small edit around "speaking words," which seems to throw off the rhythm a tiny bit. Probably some slight speed correction issues too - I'm a semi-helpless dilettante with such things.
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    Happy Easter, everybody!

    Buona Pasqua :)
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    Just wishing a very Happy Easter to all of our Forum Members who celebrate!

    For those who do not, hope you have an awesome day!
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    Happy Easter to all who celebrate!
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  13. Buona Pasqua e Buona Pasquetta a tutti
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    That's how they became the eggmen.
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    Yeah, but which one is the walrus?
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    I really love the George of the 80’s.

    I was too young to appreciate it at the time. But looking at that era now, it feels like he’d grown into himself, for want of a better term.
    Seemed more at ease with himself, his fame and the media. Happy to play a part in TV and radio appearances.

    Comfortable showcasing his trademark humour and openly taking the piss out of himself and his celeb mates in public.

    He looked great, and seemed a lot wiser somehow.

    Came across as smarter than most. Showcased his intellectual and spiritual side, but in a humble, not arrogant way.

    I think his vocals and songs of the time were so great because that’s exactly where he was in life.

    I hope to hear more of his music from this era one day.

  18. Derek Slazenger

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    Didn't know they'd used the original vocal. Mind you, I haven't been falling over myself to listen to it to be fair.
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  20. Chief

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    The eighties wasn’t a total dead zone for George. And you’re right, he always seemed laid back and cool and wise. He was out and about a little more than it seemed and usually those times were noteworthy. So it wasn’t too bad being a fan at the time.

    • All Those Years Ago was a hit (81)
    • Time Bandits (81)
    • Gone Troppo (82)
    • Porky’s 3 soundtrack with “I Don’t Want To Do It” (85)
    • Water movie (with George in the band) (85)
    • Carl Perkins show (85)
    • Shanghai Surprise was a fiasco but George was everywhere (85-86)
    • Prince’s Trust (87)
    • Got My Mind Set On You was #1 and Cloud Nine was big, and George was everywhere again (87-88)
    • Wilburys (89)
    Compared to the 90s, the 80s was a great time for George fans.

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  21. joeislive

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    On Instagram the John and Yoko pages posted to “join us . Immigration to Nutopia begins tomorrow April 2nd 10am NY 7am LA 3pm UK 11pm Tokyo”
    A link to the site CITIZEN OF NUTOPIA
    And Mind Games (ultimate mix) is the track used.

    so could this actually wind up being the press release for the Mind Games set? I know the ep is coming for rsd in a few weeks, and the book got delayed to Sept, but if the originally rumored June release date winds up being true, a solid 2 month window between announcement and release seems normal (even if it winds up being more then the forums favorite “50 day rule”)
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    One more from 1980's, another Geo H track, add to Chief's excellent list:
    • Cheer Down - 1989 great single - Lethal Weapon 2 film (also, a live version w/ EC Band Dec 1991 in Japan, George intro, spoofs the song is from the film 'South Pacific.'
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  23. Marry a Carrot

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    The "rumored" June release date came from the official John Lennon site, and it was changed to July a month ago.

    MIND GAMES The Ultimate Collection: 72 tracks, 6CDs, 2BluRays → July 2024
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    I haven't done the math for solo projects but as far as I know that's seemed to only apply so far to Beatles releases.
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