Beatles Upcoming Releases: group or solo

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jmxw, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Vagabond

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    It absolutely wasn’t.

    Now I’d think about it I’d probably say George was great in the 80s / early 90s. I’d bundle them together.

    Amongst all his released material we’ve mentioned, I even include things like his Rockline interview (below). Where he was basically relaxed, hanging out with the host and Jeff. You get a really good sense of the man himself, his sharp humour, wisdom and his spirituality.

    George was in such a good place in this era, and really came into his own I think.

    Just a shame we didn’t get more of this George.

    But then perhaps we should consider it lucky we got what we did, as John didn’t get to grow into his middle age at all.

  2. mikecarrera

    mikecarrera Forum Resident

    By reading the post I made on Feb 15, it seems that the official Lennon page made the update kinda late. Looking forward to have this in my hands, my favorite Lennon album and to be released just in time for my birthday.
  3. Marry a Carrot

    Marry a Carrot Interesting blues gets a convincing reading.

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    So July 19?
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  4. jricc

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    My fave John record as well...
    Looking forward to it.
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  5. maccawings

    maccawings Senior Member

    Yes Lennon box and some other stuff to look forward to
  6. mikecarrera

    mikecarrera Forum Resident

    They tend to move release dates a lot since the past three years with all releases (before announcing the final date to the public);we learned a lesson, but let's hope they stick with the planned release date (not the 19th unless they move it, still enough time to make changes)
  7. mikecarrera

    mikecarrera Forum Resident

    yesssss Sir!!!!
  8. foreverrock

    foreverrock Forum Resident

    Hmm, some good looking Macca avatars these days.
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  9. joeislive

    joeislive Streets Ahead

    Wishing and hoping for more archives in ‘24!
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  10. maccawings

    maccawings Senior Member

    In the short term so far, we do have some things to look forward to, two we are expecting, one I’d call a surprise. After that, let’s hope for additional things to look forward to
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  11. Beatlerocker

    Beatlerocker Forum Resident

    LT and BTTE Archive coming this spring?
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  12. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Spring? Highly doubtful, as I think that we'd have heard at least a glimmer of a rumor if something was in the pipeline for a spring release in April, May, or even June.

    But an optimistic viewpoint may still hope for an Archive set later in the year.
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  13. Chief

    Chief Over 12,000 Served

    The thing that seemed frustrating as a George fan in the eighties was that there was no new album. I think he said he was done with making albums. But then there were all these little projects bringing George back into the music world, little by little, until there was an actual new album.
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  14. maccawings

    maccawings Senior Member

    Looks like something in 2 of the 3 and then July
  15. jmxw

    jmxw Fab Forum Fan Thread Starter

    Question 1: How short is "the short term"? 3 months? 5 months? 8 months?

    Question 2: Which two things are we officially expecting? Ringo EP? Mind Games Ultimate? New McCartney album? Rubber Soul SDE?

    Question/comment 3: Hmmm.... a surprise? Cool! Would it be more or less anticipated than underdubbed version of BOTR?

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  16. maccawings

    maccawings Senior Member

    Question 1: already answered in a subsequent post

    Question 2: unless it's your first day on the forum, the two that we are expecting should be no surprise or tough to figure out at all

    Question 3: Wouldn't be a surprise if I started hinting
  17. joeislive

    joeislive Streets Ahead

    We are expecting Mind Games and the new Ringo ep, both already officially announced.
    Not sure what the surprise could be, maybe something to do with the Man on the Run documentary, originally announced for ‘24 release. Could be a George release…could be anything.
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  18. Elliottmarx

    Elliottmarx Always in the mood for Burt Bacharach

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    A surprise surprise? Like a whole new concept?
    Or something we've all talked about in the past, like Ringo SDE or Early Takes Vol 2?
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  19. BlueJay

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    The two we know of are releases by Ringo and John. Anything archival from Paul or George at this point would be a huge surprise, but I'm thinking perhaps the third item might be something from the Beatles. The original Let It Be film? Now and Then - the extended version?
  20. jmxw

    jmxw Fab Forum Fan Thread Starter

    Now And Then (instrumental) ?? :shake:
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  21. Elliottmarx

    Elliottmarx Always in the mood for Burt Bacharach

    Los Angeles
    There was that private party at Abbey Road where an orchestra player a specially composed medley which featured Now and Then. Wasn't there talk of that being released on Youtube?
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  22. SilverBottomSavior

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    Hershey, PA
    Now And Then - 2025 remix made with updated Super-Mega Belch Extractor ™

    180g 45RPM pressing will be withheld for the holiday season.
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  23. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    And in late April, there is the re-release of George's Let It Roll compilation.

    Also there are those zoetrope vinyl re-releases of Wonderwall and Electronic Sound:
    Record Store Day Partnership Announced - George Harrison
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  24. maccawings

    maccawings Senior Member

    And Arnie is right, I was not counting the George Re-Issues. So even more short term fun
  25. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Unable to tolerate bass solos

    Rubber Soul SDE maybe? Not sure that would be a surprise though...

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