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  1. sewerdog

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    jumped in and bought a chinese copy for $29.90 on ebay. i know it;s a fake but i am hoping i get lucky like i did on the stones mono box apart from a couple of the cd jackets not being fully glued on the bottoms everything else was good the sound and even the stray cats did not have the white line across the center any way is there a site where i might find out what might be wrong with the set
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    One bullet in the chamber. Spin cylinder then hope for success. Good luck with this.
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    Might want to get an admin to make the thread title more descriptive.
  4. EdwinM

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    Buying a Chinese Stones Box means no money for ABKCO. Even Mick might see something positive in that.

    I bought the American box some time ago on Amazon which was advertised as genuine, but the flimsy inner sleeves pointed otherwise. Furthermore the innersleeves gave nasty stains on the cd's. I had to polish them all and replace the sleeves. Also some of the cd's did not play properly.

    BRODNATION Tomorrow Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    If I were you I would skip the US CD box. Considering that it is just the British 2009 masters in US sequencing. I bought just the box and mini LP sleeves and put in my Dr Ebbetts Stereo CD-Rs. But to each their own
  6. sewerdog

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    if the cd's do not play right but the box book and covers are ok i can always burn my own cd's. but it comes with ebay's protection worst case if everything is bad i am only out $29.90
  7. Bingo Bongo

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    I once bought the mono set from China. It was a crappy as I fully expected. I sold it to a knowing customer, and he was content.

    The sound was good, just the printing was crappy.

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