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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by NiceMrMustard, Aug 5, 2016.

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    Virginia, USA
    So I see Jeep has an exclusive deal with Beats by Dr. Dre for their vehicles' sound systems. And the Apple Store is full of Beats headphones.....what if one is not a fan of bass-heavy music? I listen to classic rock for the most part. Never hip hop and rap. How does this system/headphones sound for non bass heavy music? Because it appears Beats is trying to corner one segment of the market.
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    RSII's By Grado... That's how I roll.

    Mine are the previous version, the RSIIi's (instead of the current version, the RSIIe's). They're great with classic rock and the like, plus they work really-well with portables (32ohm impedance). I run mine off of my Fisher 800C tube receiver, and the two make a killer combination, surprisingly. I still plan to buy a good headphone amp though, so I have something for those times when I'm away from my home system. The RSII's are underrated headphones. They can really-sing if given the chance.

    My next step will probably be electrostatic headphones, but that will have to wait until after I move and get settled in at my new place. I'm already really-happy with my RSII's though.
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  3. Jack Flannery

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    I have owned a couple pairs of beats earphones and a pair of headphones. You will be sorely disappointed. I bought the earphones because of the non twisting cable.
  4. Arkay_East

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    Of course, that's an expose and should be read as such, but it's hard to argue. Particularly when metal pieces are added just to beef up the weight. That's shady unless I'm missing something.
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  5. murphythecat

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    my roomate have Beats. I couldnt believe how bad they were. my 5$ VE monk destroy them. They must have 10db bass boost. everything sounds like you added serious bass boost that bleds into the midrange

    ATH M50 destroy Beats and Im not even a big fan of M50's.
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  6. royzak2000

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    Poor headphones, my grand daughter was so proud of them, I could not heart her feelings.
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  7. Arkay_East

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    It's ok to be proud of them. Just like a pair of new jeans or new earrings. They probably (maybe?) sound better than Apple earbuds ...
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  8. royzak2000

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    It was cool to walk down the street, quality is not inportant.
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  9. OnTheRoad

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    The same one's that drive around with those annoyingly FAT subwoofers for their cars are the same one's who buy the Beats.

    I love good, rich, fat bass myself....but not overblown...I mean, come on.

    I've got the ATH M50 and love them. Nice tone to me.
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  10. Time Is On My Side

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    Yep save your money and go after one of the reputed brands - Grado, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Denon, Beyerdynamic, B&W, Audeze... I'm saving up for the Audio Technica M70X, but I want to wait until they're on sale for $200 again. I have only heard the Solo HD and the Pro models though. The Solo HD didn't sound good at all, the Pro were not bad. But they were not better than my Audio Technica M50S imo. And at more than double the price.
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  11. Ken_McAlinden

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    Livonia, MI
  12. The Pinhead


    Amen to that bro; if it bleeds into the midrange.....:(
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  13. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    I'd call it bass flabby. Of course this was only a 60 second listen in a store but it was all I could take.
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  14. sunspot42

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    San Francisco
    Most of their cans and buds sound like crap. A couple of their newer cans aren't awful, but are ridiculously overpriced. The earbuds as far as I can tell are all garbage.

    They look fantastic, though...

    Best earbuds I've ever heard are RHA's t20/t20i (for iPhones, with microphone):

    They sound better than some fairly-expensive cans. I seldom wear my AT cans anymore because of them - the cans are a bit cleaner and crisper, but not enough to justify the discomfort and hassle.

    Cans that sound better than Beats can be had for half the price.

    The surprising thing to me about Beats buds is that the bass is awful. Yeah it's boosted, but at around 150Hz or something. The deep bass actually seems anemic. The midrange is horrid. I had a cheap pair of Philips noise cancelling buds that sounded better. I had a pair of V-Moda Vibe buds that I got out of a vending machine for about $60 that sounded far, far better than anything from Beats. The bass was ridiculously boosted, but it was deep and at least somewhat accurate, and they were otherwise surprisingly pleasant. When they broke after a couple of years I tried a pair of Beats' "best" buds as a replacement and was stunned by how truly awful they were in comparison.
  15. WiredChuck

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    Bay Area
    The only geniuses at Apple work in marketing.
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  16. XentimenT

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    Yeah, none of their products is worth it's pricetag. But, thanks to that great marketing people run to stores and buy their products convinced that they bought best peice of tech out there. Poor sheeps.
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  17. BIGGER Dave

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    People are going to like what they like. A young lady I work with asked me what to buy for headphones. I told her I like Grados, but told her to go listen to several and decide for herself. She did. And she decided on Beats. To her, the Beats sounded best. As long as she's happy, that's all that counts.
  18. acdc7369

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    it’s not even a smooth bass boost either, it’s just a giant mid-bass hump. awful
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  19. vinyl_puppy

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    Santa Rosa, CA
    Not sure why Jeep would need to make a deal with a company that emphasizes bass. Current Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep stereos are naturally bassy as is, without needing extra bass boost.
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  20. guitarguy

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    Greenville, SC
    There is a large segment of the *market* for which headphones are a fashion accessory. IMHO, Beats are no different than Bose in this regard. I travel a lot for business and while my observations are not a scientific sampling of the market, I notice that older "business travelers" tend to have Bose around their necks while younger folks in "non-business" attire seem attracted to Beats. I suspect that the business traveler choosing Bose is subject to the same type of peer pressure, brand status, and market bias that causes some to buy Beats.
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  21. To Bose’s credit they do make about the best noise canceling headphones on the market.
  22. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Please label the photos you post

    Austin, TX
    The constant posts I read here of people claiming that us Apple users are ALWAYS talking smack about Windows and other product lines but all I ever see are garbage posts like this one. How is it allowed for people to call me a sheep
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  23. TVC15

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    New Jersey
    I have a pair of the noise canceling “studio” headphones (v 2).

    They aren’t bass heavy as old versions, and the noise canceling is OK but nowhere near Bose on that front.

    Overall sonic signature is what the kids might call “warm” - but I say they lack any real insight or dynamics. But hey, I bought them on sale and for travel. But overall wouldn’t recco.

    Lately I’m enjoying a set of wireless (non-NC) Bose Soundsports. Better isolation and sound than the Beats and way more flexible. And super comfortable and secure. I find I’m turning to these more often than my trusty (and 20 year old) Grados.

    Not such a snob on headphones as I am on my regular gear, but I think many of you might enjoy the soundsports.
  24. Ed Hughes

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  25. Hendertuckie

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    Henderson, Nevada
    Last year I purchased Headphones for exercising and went with audio-technica ATH6BT. Outstanding wireless phones that have a very balanced sound. The Bluetooth works great plus they can be used tethered with the provided cord.

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