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  1. clhboa

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    Actually I went with Bose after doing a side by side demo at Best Buy. Even though I was cringing at the idea of walking around with Dr. Dre's name plastered across the headband I probably would have bought them if they sounded better to me.
  2. TVC15

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    New Jersey
    Robert Fripp must be subject to peer pressure then. Sitting up on stage every night with his Bose noise cancelling cans. Your ears must be far superior to Mr. Fripps.

    Honestly, I think this statement is nonsense. I have a pair of Soundsports (see earlier post) and I think they are quite good considering they are small, portable & wireless. I'm not traveling with a pair of open air Grados, nor will I working out in the gym with them. For the intended use, I'm not sure there's anything better.

    Agree with the other comments on Beats, although the mid-bass hump is not present on all models.
  3. McLover

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    For me, real Headphones are Sennheiser, AKG, Beyer Dynamic, Stax, or Grado. And the top Pro Sony cans. Bose noise cancellation is great, the sound is meh.
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    If I was going to buy a Jeep I would have them remove it.
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  5. MacGyver

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    i still rock an early-70's pair of PIONEER SE-305;


  6. Claude Benshaul

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    They can't be that bad. The ATH-M50x are the worst headphones I had the misfortune to own, I seriously can't think of anything so bad that it make the ATH-M50/M50x sound like a good deal in comparison.
  7. TVC15

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    New Jersey

    YES! Always love a surprise lot of Macgyver Pioneer pics.

    Its likely just a licensing deal, anyway. Like VW with "Fender" car stereo. Perhaps with some "sound signature" enhancements, maybe. They don't actually develop or manufacture car audio.

    Agree. The ATH-M50's SUCK. Much worse than Beats Studio. I have a pair in a drawer somewhere.
  8. forthlin

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    From the noise canceling aspect they are the best thing out there. My daughter let me try her Bose headphones she bought last year and the noise cancellation was remarkable. She was sitting about three feet in front of me and when I put the phones on--with no audio playing--I could barely hear her speak. I didn't love how the music sounded, but I've heard much worse. Also they were very comfortable, I can understand why someone who travels frequently would enjoy these.
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  9. My day is complete!:laugh:
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  10. Duke Fame

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    Wow. Is there a dial on the right side can? My dad had a pair that looked exactly like those, I even recall having a case for them like the one in the top photo, but I seem to recall a dial of some sort on one or both cans.
  11. ralf11

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    I guess this isn't the crowd to sell my Beats to, eh?
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  12. DangerousKitchen

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    IIRC, the higher Pioneer models from this era had volume controls. Not the last name in comfort.

    Edit: here you go!
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  13. Spinmeout

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    The sad thing is that the kids think it's cool to walk down the street wearing them, but the people who know quality sound are laughing at them because they paid way too much for them and could have better sound for less $.

    But i guess marketing works for that demographic and the people buying them don't care about sound quality and they have more dollars than sense.
    They're pretty much a fashion accessory more than a quality headphone, so "cool" kids will keep buying them and I'll keep laughing at them and telling them they got ripped off.
  14. Veltri

    Veltri ♪♫♫♪♪♫♫♪

    You can turn down the bass in the vehicle. Radio sounds better than through most stock speakers.
  15. Alert

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    What headphones mentioned on this thread (Grado, Sennheiser, AKG, Beyer Dynamic, Stax) are better than Beats and cost less (around $120)?
  16. GroovyGuy

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    Halifax, NS Canada
    Beats headphones are a fashion accessory and not audio gear. Both my step kids have them and after listening to phones for 5 minutes I got a headache. Seriously. Waste of cash.
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  17. Duke Fame

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    Tampa, FL
    That's them!! Thanks for posting.
  18. Duke Fame

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    Tampa, FL
    I think my entry level Grado's cost around $70 back in the late 90's. I'm pretty sure you can still get the entry level model for under $120.

    Edit: You can get the SR80e's for $99. The entry level SR60e go for a paltry $79.

    Also, a buddy of mine has the Philips SHP9500's and likes them a lot. They've gotten quite a few good reviews. You can get them for under $80 on Amazon.
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    As you can see, several people here have a lot of strong opinions about Beats. For the Jeep system, I haven't heard it but I imagine that is a marketing play more than anything else. It's actually totally possible Beats isn't even the ones manufacturing that system, but rather tweaking an existing system and branding it. But I have no idea honestly, just saying it's possible. If you look at the cars listed on their partner site, you'll find that it's mostly midsize vehicles that also focus on style and lifestyle branding over form and functionality. It's a good fit in that respect, but I have no idea how these sound.

    As for the headphones, they've already cornered one segment of the market, especially with millennials. As a matter of fact, their millennial tie in fits perfectly with the vehicle partnerships as that demographic moves into purchasing their first brand new cars after a few years of post grad employment, or their first larger vehicles for starting families. As others have said, the sound is up to you. Try them. Given your rock preferences, you might actually enjoy that bass boost because it's become so common it's how many people feel comfortable listening now. And it might not feel as overbearing without massive hip hop or techno bass drops. Beats wouldn't be my choice, but in this case it's not my dollar either.
  20. Bingo Bongo

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    I luv my beats! :magoo:
  21. I'm sure his ears are. Unless he's a 71 yr old who's spent most of the last 50 years fronting a prog group who can and do play loud.. Seriously.. I'm not persuaded by that kind of conjecture.:shake:
  22. XentimenT

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    This doesn't stand for every apple user. If you love apple, I'm fine with that. But from my personal experience people buy apple's products just so they can take picture of that apple logo for snapchat and be like: "whoa look how cool I am, i bought iPhone X, I can throw 1000$ for a phone" (which isnt worthy more than 800 by any means) Same happens here for beats. You buy logo, not the product. These are sheeps. If you buy apple because you just prefer it i'm fine with that. I hate people buying it for social recognition.
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  23. Claude Benshaul

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    Thread derailment coming in 3, 2, 1...
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  24. Dennis0675

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    They style and fashion of the day is meaningful and people will pay a premium, always have.

    The thing is that sound quality also has an “of the time” style that changes from generation to generation.

    People are in fact buying Beats because they like the way they sound. Beats are tunened deliberately to sound the way they do and it works. My god, it’s a headphone company that sold for a billion dollars. Think about that for a minute. I don’t know that McIntosh sells for that much money.

    I’m not saying it’s good but it’s of this time and the people buying are not only doing so becuse it’s a fashion accessory. People are paying a premium for what they consider improved sound quality and they are therefore audiophiles.
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  25. MacGyver

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    those would have been one of the two step-up models from the 305; either the SE-405 or the 505;


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