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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by LouieG, Sep 5, 2019.

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    CD and vinyl both surprisingly good! These grey market reissues will be all we get until Barry can be convinced to change his unreasonable stance (or sadly joins his brothers).
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    Robin "Love Hurts" cover:

    I must say, he has the perfect vocal style for this song. :love:
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    Regarding Saturday Night Fever, had the movie been a one and done thing, nobody would have given it second thought. But because it spawned some of the worst music ever recorded, they got caught up in the wrath.

    No I'm not being dramatic about this. Look at revolt that took place against disco.
  5. LouieG

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    Record companies saw $$$$$$ after Saturday Night Fever so they recorded anyone and anything disco. The Ethel Merman Disco Album is often cited as the zenith of disco commercialization. Even artists like Frank Sinatra and Elton John were recording disco songs. This and the overexposure on radio, TV and film led to the backlash, but the extent to which American radio went to completely ban The Bee Gees was unprecedented. All of their pre-1975 music was included in the total blackout. If was nearly impossible to hear The Bee Gees on the radio in the 80's. It wasn't until 1989 when they had a big Top 10 hit with "One".
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    The disco labeling of Bee Gees is too easy. There's plenty of r&b and pop and soul and stuff in it. It was more of a melting pot than just a disco dance. To my ears at least.
  7. mark winstanley

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    I grew up with Best Of The Bee Gees, and I thought it was really good.
    For some reason I never bought one of their albums until 2 or 3 years ago. I ended up getting all the albums from Bee Gees First to Living Eyes.

    My favourite period is 67-70, but I actually really like Life In a Tin Can too. I enjoy the R&B/Disco years, but tire of the falsetto after a while.
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    south paris maine
    I've always wondered if there was any mashups between the Bee Gees and Andy Gibb versions of Our love and Warm Ride
  9. HeavensAbove

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    To Whom it May Concern, Cucumber Castle, and the unreleased A Kick In The Head... are truly underrated, IMO.
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  10. mark winstanley

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    Cucumber Castle is actually my favourite album of theirs, and I know Robyn isn't on there, but that isn't the reason. I just really like the songs
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  11. Hadean75

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    TWIMC is definitely in my top three Bee Gees albums. :righton:

    Recently, I've been listening to Life In a Tin Can quite a bit. I wasn't really sold on it initially, but now that I've revisited it, my opinion has certainly gone up. A beautifully arranged album.
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  12. LouieG

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    Tin Can and A Kick In The Head were pretty much recorded around the same time. If they took the best songs from lot and made one album, I think it would have done much better than what actually happened.
    My track list for A Kick In The Can:
    1. Harry's Gate Part 1
    2. Harry's Gate Part 2 (Rocky L.A.) (lead single)
    3. Elisa
    4. Saw A New Morning
    5. Jesus In Heaven

    6. Wouldn't I Be Someone
    7. South Dakota Morning​
    8. My Life Has Been A Song
    9. Castles In The Air
    10.Method To My Madness
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  13. Hadean75

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    Very interesting track listing! :agree:

    I've only heard pieces and parts of A Kick In The Head, but what I have heard is great. It's a shame most of it remains unreleased.
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  14. LouieG

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    As long as Barry is alive, I'm guessing it will remain in the vaults. He thinks very little of this album.
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  15. Hadean75

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    Sadly very true. But then again, he hasn't seemed to be interested in ANY sort of re-issue that isn't a greatest hits compilation. That's his right of course, but that doesn't mean I have to like it lol.

    Edited to add:

    I am glad they did at least release a large portion of the albums digitally via Amazon, Apple, etc. I realize that this doesn't replace the physical editions that we all want, but it did give me an opportunity to get a few albums I had been unable to get physical copies of for one reason or another.
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    South Carolina
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  19. jeffmo789

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    New England
    I saw on FB that the makers of Bohemian Rhapsody are going to do a biopic on Bee Gees next.
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  20. ferdinandhudson

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    That's what the above link is related to.
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  21. Hadean75

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    I've been following this on and off the last few years. I just don't see a biopic happening anytime soon.

    To be quite honest, with the way Barry is sitting on the catalog and everything else, I'm surprised "Hollywood" has even gotten this far.

    Me personally, I really don't have a need to see a biopic (especially if Hollywood puts their own "twist" on things just to sell tickets).

    But hey, if it DOES somehow escape development limbo and ultimately gets a wider audience interested in their back catalog, maybe we can finally get those re-issues we really want (particularly if it looks to be a profitable venture).

    I can dream, right? :laugh:
  22. ferdinandhudson

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    Yeah, I am of the same mind. If it manages to get the catalogue going again then I'm all for it. Otherwise I could do without the documentaries or films. It'll probably end up being just Timeless retitled using the film's title or a tracklisting very close to it...
    I've been around the block too many times already to have any illusion we'll get anything of value.
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  23. LouieG

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    If this movie does get made, they need to clean up the excessive number of hits compilations. After the Grammy salute, they had 4 albums in the Billboard 200 and none were the newly released Timeless, which came out a week too late! Greatest, Ultimate, Number Ones all sold well enough to make the Top 200 in addition to Saturday Night Fever, but if they only had Timeless available it probably would have gone Top 10. Such poor planning.
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  24. ferdinandhudson

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    Timeless was Pointless anyway. It added nothing of value, not good mastering either (not that the others are any better). Timeless was just another in the line of near-identical single-disc comps that we've had coming since the late 80s and I'm fed up with them at this point.
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  25. Phil12

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    Just on Dutch radio. Isn't it a great song?
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