Beginning of the Endgame for Thrift Store Shopping?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Antenociticus, May 4, 2021.

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    The Goodwill stores around here moved to that way of pricing some time ago...

    They used to have singles priced at $1.99 each, and if it was a double CD set, it was usually priced at $3.99... Same thing with DVDs- Singles were $1.99 each, and complete TV seasons were usually $3.99 or more... They went to flat pricing, so no matter how many discs are in the set, it's all $1.99 each.

    And about the people with their scanning, quite frankly, it p****s me off... There's one gut at one of the Goodwill stores I go to, and he'll stand in front of the entire shelving unit of DVDs and scan each and every one. This same store has now changed their shelving a bit-They still have the one average sized rack of DVDs which someone could easily stand in front of and hog the space, but they now also have a very long shelving unit, with lower shelves, and you literally have to get down on the floor to look at the discs on the two bottom shelves... Something tells me that guy isn't going to be scanning those...
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    I love getting there before the dealers and scanners get there. I can tell when the stock has not been too picked over as most others can as well. When you see a really cool title that never comes around used, and you look and the disc(s) are all there, no wear or scuffs, and it's $1.99, that means no dealers have been here for a day or so.
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    Scanners (Discogs/eBay dealers) are in record stores a lot these days. I saw three working over a big store. I hope they realize that stores only put out the duffers/commons/museum prices and what they want are listed by them.
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