BEST CHOICE (Russian Record Label or UK Record Label)

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    Greetings All,

    Recently saw this for sale and had several questions whether this was in fact a real record label in the UK or a "fake" Record Label from Russia. '' Best Choice ''

    There is a note in the comments : - This is an ''Unofficial Release'' from the artist as maintained by Discogs Management / Like release(s) have been blocked from the Discogs Marketplace as a result of a legal notice received by Discogs asserting that the release was not authorized by the rights holder. Ref. #127675.
    Discogs Login (see here).

    The detailed information has been changed continuously by the submitting user (Alex778 ) from Russia (ironic or devious).

    I've researched this so called ''record label'' and found no such Record Label even exists in the UK.

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    2) Explore Record Labels on LabelsBase

    2) Record Labels and Companies: Independent Label Links

    Your helpful comments are welcomed.

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