Best movie to watch while drinking Absinthe?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by SquishySounds, Dec 19, 2017.

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    "Dark City" would have been a good choice.
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    The Beyond
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    'Cook, Thief' as an example of moral bankruptcy? The whole thing was basically an angry howl of righteous anger in response to Margaret Thatcher's policies. I can understand disagreeing with Greenaway's beliefs with regards to social responsibilities, but he certainly has 'em. And isn't shy about putting them on screen. 'Cook, Thief' is practically the cinematic equivalent of a Crass album! Maybe you should have gone with 'Prospero's Books' or 'The Falls' instead?
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    Didn't see The Falls, but did see Prospero's Books and loathed it. Criminal what he did to John Geilgood's dream of playing Prospero. I neither know nor care what Greenaway might have intended as social satire - it didn't come across in the film, and what I did see was dreadful. Like those writers creating intellectual defenses of Salo - no amount of academic posturing going to convince me that the film is worth watching.
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    Perhaps skip the movies altogether and go straight to Cards Against Humanity while listening to The Doors.
  6. SquishySounds

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    I suppose ‘what albums should I listen to while drinking absinthe?’ Deserves its own thread. I do love avant-garde music
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  7. With the idea being a "fun" party my mind wanders over to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 side of things.
    Get your party together, get looped, at least a tiny bit before starting the movie, with the "star" beverage and let the comments fly as you watch the movie.
    Maybe even make it a game with someone keeping track of the best comment, crudest joke or inference, best interjection of a line...that sort of thing.

    With that in mind I suggest a few possible movies to get the process flowing.

    "Mars Attacks." The Martian language, as interpreted on Absinthe, may be hilarious.
    "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", but only if you sing, dance, and comment along with the movie like you are supposed to do...otherwise forget it.
    "Jurassic Park" Only if you have a really large screen and no one has a heart condition.
    "The In Laws" 1979 version.
    "Zathura or Jumanji" Again, only while tripping and with a big screen.

    "The Evil Dead." C'mon, a romp with Ash could be a riot on Absinthe.
    "Feast" 2005 version. Fast monsters, gory, odd, stupid.
    "An American Werewolf in London." Good werewolf, a bit weird, a bit scary, fun.

    "Rubber." Hard to take seriously but may induce some fun while buzzing.
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  8. Dillydipper

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    There ya go! +1!
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  9. The Bubble in 3-D!

    Pink Floyd's The Wall

    Heavy Metal

    Manos the Hands of Fate

    Plan 9 from Outer Space

    The Fifth Element

    Bachelor Party

    This video:

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    I think the Cook, the such a powerhouse of a film, which still stands the test of time today. Visually, Greenaway is excellent. Some of his films I’ve watched again haven’t aged well; I watched A Zed And Two Noughts about a year ago, and thought it was dreadful. I was never too keen on Prospero’s Books; and preferred his contemporary Derek Jarman’s version of The Tempest. However, I still think The Draughtsman’s Contract is superb.
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  12. 93curr

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    Well, you say that but, when you're in the mood for a film where someone sings 'Teddy Bears Picnic' every fifteen minutes, what ELSE are you supposed to watch? Your options are kinda limited.

    Also it's one of the very few Greenaway movies available on BluRay.

    According to Toyah, Peter Greenaway called her at some point in the production and asked her to lend him a copy of Jarman's 'Tempest' (on VHS or Betamax, I presume) as he wanted to make sure not to copy anything. I guess he wanted to make sure it was as different as possible.
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  13. GodShifter

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    For obvious reasons
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    Ha ha, I never looked at it that way. I remember being very enthusiastic about it on release, but 30 years later it did nothing for me. The Draughtsman’s Contract and The Cook... still hold up really well. I noticed the blu ray for “Zoo” in HMV the other day, but passed on it.

    Greenaway’s version is more of a loose adaptation, and a very different film from Jarman’s, which I think is superb, but I never knew that. I also notice Toyah is revisiting Jubilee on stage, and I believe she’s playing Queen Elizabeth this time. Very different from her original character in the film.
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  16. Bingo Bongo

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    The Trip.

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  19. rjp

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    hell with the movies, go to caesars palace las vegas and watch the production "absinthe"..................
  20. Chris DeVoe

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    Another good one would be the DVD of Galaxy Quest that has an alternative audio track in the Theremin language.
  21. I've always though of Greenaway as the M Night Shyamalan of the Cahiers du Cinema set - so many of his films are pretentious shaggy dog stories that are ultimately all about the "shock" endings.
  22. tvstrategies

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    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.
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    That's my understanding too, that's just high octane alcohol, no different than 151 rum or moonshine. Even the orginal woodworm type only caused hallucinations after drinking it on a regular basis due to a base amount of brain damage.

    Modern absinthe is kind of like the worm in mescal supposedly doing the same thing. If you're going to choke a bottle down, then you're going to claim the worm has mystical properties in order to bolster the idea that you actually drank the crap, got drunk as hell, and then ate a pickled worm.
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  24. SquishySounds

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    I believe the hallucination effect came about because heavy Absinthe drinking happened to coincide with legal, over the counter cocaine, marijuana, heroin, morphine, laudanum, and gods-know what else was available in 1905
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  25. Nice Marmot

    Nice Marmot I've seen better ways, man. I know better ways.

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    I believe opium dens were pretty popular back then, too.

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