Best post 80s Michael Jackson tracks

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by gottenbold, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. gottenbold

    gottenbold Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    West Yorkshire
    I've just been thinking about which tracks I'd choose if I were making a post 80s Michael Jackson compilation. The pickings are pretty slim but I reckon I could pick 9 good tracks:

    You Rock My World (one of his best ever)
    Remember The Time
    You Are Not Alone
    Stranger in Moscow
    Who Is It?
    Don't Walk Away
    Heal The World (at a push)

    That's it. I can't even get to 10.

    What about you?
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  2. kanno1ae

    kanno1ae Forum Resident

    Dallas, Texas, USA
    Heal The World is one of my least favorite MJ songs. I do, however, like Black Or White and In The Closet from Dangerous, as well as Remember The Time, which you already mentioned.
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  3. gottenbold

    gottenbold Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    West Yorkshire
    Black and White is pretty good. I could have chosen that to make it 10. I just wish it wasn't as mechanized and unfunky as it is when compared to his best stuff.
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  4. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    Zack Island
    I love 'For All Time'. Not sure if that counts (even partly) as a post-80s MJ track because the song was born during Thriller but was eventually completed in the early 2000s...
    Apart from that I like 'Black Or White' and 'You Are Not Alone'.
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  5. Crimson jon

    Crimson jon Forum Resident

    My favourite is butterflies
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  6. ascot

    ascot Senior Member

    "Black Or White" for sure.
  7. thxphotog

    thxphotog Camera Nerd

    Los Angeles, CA
    Many tracks from Dangerous.

    Money & Tabloid Junkie from History are both tremendous fun to listen to from a demo perspective.

    Rock My World as op mentioned. Fantastic track. (if you clip the spoken intro)
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  8. HeavensAbove

    HeavensAbove Forum Resident

    Though it technically doesn't fulfill the requirements of this thread due to its origins as a Thriller-era demo, the posthumously finished "Love Never Felt So Good" is my favorite MJ track released post-80's. Production-wise, I prefer the Justin Timberlake-duet version over the solo version.
  9. SITKOL'76

    SITKOL'76 Forum Resident

    Colombia, SC
    All in the OP but so much more, I would like to say that 'Stranger In Moscow' may just be my all-time favorite MJ song.

    Will You Be There
    In The Closet
    Earth Song
    They Don't Care About Us (this song is in his top 5)
    Scream/Childhood (I like both yes)
    Blood On The Dance Floor
    Break of Dawn (HELLO!!!)
    One More Chance
    Love Never Felt So Good
    Slave To The Rhythm

    History and Dangerous rank up with any of MJ's classic albums imo.
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  10. SITKOL'76

    SITKOL'76 Forum Resident

    Colombia, SC
    The US missed out on a lot of MJ during the 90's. 'Earth Song', 'The Don't Care About Us', and tracks from Blood On The Dance Floor/Ghosts were completely ignored here, meanwhile were smash hits on just about everywhere else on earth.

    It seems that during the 90's the US had given Janet the title of their favorite Jackson sibling.
  11. Mal

    Mal Phorum Physicist

    "Monkey Business"
    "Dangerous" (demo)
    "Beautiful Girl" (demo)
    "Fall Again" (demo)
    "On The Line"
    "History" (original version)
    "Earth Song"
    "Heal The World"
    "You Are Not Alone"
    "Will You Be There"
    "Black Or White"
    "Is It Scary"
    "They Don't Care About Us"
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  12. gottenbold

    gottenbold Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    West Yorkshire
    Forgot about "Break of Dawn". Good track!

    Another posthumously released one I like is "Chicago" from "Xscape". "Love Never Felt So Good" is fantastic as well.
  13. Brendan K

    Brendan K Forum Resident

    I dislike the hologram. I love the song.

  14. Spaceboy

    Spaceboy Forum Resident

    "Black Or White"
    "Earth Song"
  15. gottenbold

    gottenbold Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    West Yorkshire
    That is a quite good song, but a weird hologram.
  16. dbone828

    dbone828 Only Visiting This Planet

    1. Black or White (1991, Dangerous)
    2. Remember the Time (1991, Dangerous)
    3. Who Is It (1991, Dangerous)
    4. Heal the World (1991, Dangerous)
    5. Will You Be There (1991, Dangerous)
    6. You Are Not Alone (1995, HIStory)
    7. Earth Song (1995, HIStory)
    8. They Don't Care About Us (1995, HIStory)
    9. Stranger in Moscow (1995, HIStory)
    10. Is It Scary (1997, Blood on the Dance Floor)
    11. Morphine (1997, Blood on the Dance Floor)
    12. You Rock My World (2001, Invincible)
    13. Butterflies (2001, Invincible)
    14. Break of Dawn (2001, Invincible)
    15. Heaven Can Wait (2001, Invincible)
    16. One More Chance (2003, Number Ones)
    17. This Is It (2009, This Is It)
    18. Love Never Felt So Good (2014, Xscape)
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  17. MikeVielhaber

    MikeVielhaber Forum Resident

    Cypress, TX
    I don't know about radio, but the video for "Earth song" got a lot of play. I remember coming hone from school every day and watching it in late 1995.
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  18. Ristifer

    Ristifer Forum Resident

    I must be the only one who loves This Time Around. What an awesome track. MJ goes off and sounds fairly aggressive.
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  19. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Not much to choose, I agree, but enough to choose from.

    Don’t you think there are just too many tracks on Dangerous?
  20. Scope J

    Scope J Forum Resident

    Another vote for Scream
  21. Talisman954

    Talisman954 Forum Resident

    Stranger in Moscow
    Remember the time
  22. bataclan2002

    bataclan2002 All You Need Is Now.

    I can’t be the only one who thinks “HIStory” is bloody brilliant.
    Can I?
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  23. kreen

    kreen Forum Resident

    You're not trying very hard... What about Scream, Blood on the Dance Floor, They Don't Care About Us, Black Or White, Jam, etc?
  24. Luke The Drifter

    Luke The Drifter Forum Resident

    United States
    I’ll second They Don’t Care About Us and Blood on the Dance Floor.

    The rhythm track on Care About Us kills.
  25. kreen

    kreen Forum Resident

    I like it but it has many flaws -- the lame cover of Come Together, the 5 different endings to the song HIStory (the remix on BOTDF is miles better!), the terrible lyrics for Little Susie, etc.

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