Best record shops in Camp Hill/Harrisburg PA

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  1. Guy Gadbois

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    I'm headed out that way for business later this week and am wondering what the best shops are in that area. I'm not looking for tiny boutique places that have coffee and records, I want real shops with deep collections.

  2. smarone313

    smarone313 Forum Resident

    What kind of music are you looking for and how far are you willing to travel? The pickings are very slim in the immediate area....
  3. speedracer

    speedracer Forum Resident

    Just asked a musician friend in Harrisburg:

    Record Connection in Ephrata, Pennsylvania is a good one. 45 minutes from Harrisburg, 90,000 records

    Tom's Music Trade in Red Lion, Pennsylvania is good too; about a half hour from Harrisburg
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  4. Dillydipper

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    Central PA
    Welcome to the capital city of one of the nation's most populous states...with the crappiest record store selection I've ever lived near!

    Think I'm kidding? There is a monthly record fair in Lancaster, 30+ miles away, which is the best option...and it's only open a few hours on one Sunday morning of the month!

    Otherwise, yes, Ephrata or Red Lion.

    Or, my basement. :shrug:
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  5. Guy Gadbois

    Guy Gadbois Chief Inspector Thread Starter

    Well I only have a few hours to kill so I really can't go on a prolonged expedition
  6. Chee

    Chee Forum Resident

    Time it with the Allentown or Lancaster record shows. Don't go prolonged on safari adventures to stores.
  7. smarone313

    smarone313 Forum Resident

    Close to Harrisburg/camp Hill is RecordSmith in mechanicsburg, pa- about 10 min or so from camp hill. It has mostly 60s-80s used vinyl - pretty mainstream rock/pop - decent condition and prices. A few new things as well, but you are not likely to find a holy grail here. Some CDs, but pretty limited there. Their website posts recent acquisitions - check before you travel.

    The York area has three stores: Ikos is about 30 min south of Harrisburg. Nice selection of rock, jazz, soul- good condition and great pricing. The owner is a great guy- loves music and people who love music. Mostly used selection, some new vinyl as well. Decent Cd selection, too- especially in jazz and blues.

    10 min farther south is Mothership. Small store, trying to be more upscale- still finding its way. Inventory is mostly rock, with some interesting jazz vinyl. Used cds are well priced but pretty mainstream

    15 from there is Tom’s in Red Lion pa. Likely the biggest selection in central pa, but good luck finding anything. Calling the store chaotic is an understatement. Lots of rare and unusual stuff, I’m sure- but good luck finding it. And it’s likely not priced. I think the owner is a good guy, but acts like customers are keeping him from doing something important.

    45 southeast of Harrisburg are two stores in downtown Lancaster, pa. Stan’s is a decades long mainstay. Selection is mostly mainstream, but a little expensive. Mr Suit is down the street and is smaller, but a more curated collection- you might find a gem or two in here and prices are fair- a little more focused on music from this century.

    about an hour west of Harrisburg, in Ephrata pa, is record connection. Lots of vinyl- well organized. Rock, soul, country all well spoken for. Good cd selection. Their inventory is beginning to over run their space, but it’s organized. Owner seems to have an affinity for metal and prog rock.

    oh - and Harrisburg has a 2nd and Charles….
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  8. smarone313

    smarone313 Forum Resident

    Oops - noticed that I said ephrata was west of Harrisburg - it is East of Harrisburg and directly north of Lancaster. Sorry!!
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  9. Guy Gadbois

    Guy Gadbois Chief Inspector Thread Starter

    Visited Record Connection. Fantastic store for anyone in the area who hasn't seen it. Nathaniel - one of the employees - is straight out of a 1988 hair metal band. He's hysterical and very knowledgeable

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