Best record shops in DC

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  1. Guy Gadbois

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    I'm headed to DC next week and looking for suggestions for good record shops.

    I'm not looking for places that sell bagles, coffee and records.

    I'm looking for real deal record shops that have diverse selections and some treasures.
  2. japes

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    richmond, va
    CD Cellar in Falls Church is by far my favorite. Giant assortment of valuable records in their own section. One of the biggest audiophile selections I’ve ever seen. Not always the cheapest but always worthwhile.

    I also like Smash in Adams Morgan (very punk heavy) as well as Joint Custody.
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  3. cdash99

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  4. caleb1138

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    Another one for CD Cellar. I also recommend Right On! Records in Herndon, VA. Just one room, so it's very small, but they have a great selection (mostly classic rock, folk, jazz, and maybe some zany stuff) and friendly staff.
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