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  1. FJFP

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    I’m away for a long weekend in Amsterdam at the moment, and wanted some tips on the best places to get some great records in this beautiful city. I’m preferable after vintage 60s (and some 70s) stuff, but a mix is always good.
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  2. ABBDutchFan

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    You will probably enter Amsterdam through the central train station:
    While leaving the front entrance: turn left and walk roughly 500 meters. There's a store called Mediamarkt. Inside there's a department called FAME. It's a very big CD/vinyl store with a great selection. I think they still have a boxset sale. At their service counter they also have free Amsterdam city maps.
    Oosterdokskade 67; 1011 DL Amsterdam; 020 521 36 66.

    Another great store for new and second hande CD's and vinyl is CONCERTO near the Rembrand Square located in the Utrechtse straat, 52-60.

    I also really like the Amstel Antique store. Amstel 110, 1017 AD Amsterdam. Amstel Antiques & Records . BTW, there's a lovely Irish pub very close to this store!

    Most important: go into the first record store you encounter during your walk and go the counter: big chance they have a very nice brochure listing most of Amsterdam's independent record stores including opening hours and directions.

    Happy hunting!
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  3. eifion

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    North Wales
    When I was in Amsterdam last summer I found RecordFriend grammofoonplaten at Sint Antoniesbreestraat 64 to be a pretty good secondhand place with reasonable prices. There's another shop next door to it, too, but I didn't go in there for some reason.

    Near Centraal Station on Hasselaerssteeg there's a place called Game Over? which is mainly sells second hand games consoles and cartridges. They had a shelf or two of vinyl that was worth searching though, even though they're stored spine-out which makes them difficult to browse. I found a near-mint original copy of Joy Division's "Closer" in there for less than the price of a new reissue.
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  4. Graham

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    London, UK
    Yes! Just Google image searched Concerto and that's the shop I went to three years ago on a two-day visit. Great place, and quite large too. Recommended.
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  5. Peterr

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    Yep Concerto is my favorite place for the last 20+ tears.
    Great collection of second hand, not cheap but always good quality.
    And a verg big selection of special and reduced priced new ones.

    When you visiting our red light district? .. Check out Platipus records.

    And our local breweries of course.
    Have fun and welcome!
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  6. timnor

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  7. Noirtist

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  8. Fishoutofwater

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    Some great advice, nice one!
  9. Orthogonian Blues

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    London, UK
    Yup, definitely make a couple of hours for Concerto records. A great place to hang out.

    And if you ever feel like going to the Netherlands for some serious browsing, there's always the twice yearly Utrecht record fair. Although, seriously, you would need a couple of days to explore that properly.
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  10. Soundslave

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    When I was there back in 2017 I've found those two shops to be cool:
    Distortion Records - Westerstraat 244 (superb)
    Velvet Music - Rozengracht 40, 1016NC (good)

    If you'd happen to be at Distortion - say hello from siberian Chris Cornell fan :) Mind you I'm only interested in rock/metal vinyl.
  11. vinylontubes

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    Katy, TX
    I haven't been there in a long time. But, Amsterdam is very easy to get around on foot. I would just explore. Undoubtedly you'll have to eat somewhere. Ask the wait staff would be my suggestion. Amsterdam is a very friendly to visitors. It's both a port and center for arts with museums throughout. So tourism is central to it's economy. Every local I've spoken to speaks English. When I was there I thought I'd pick up some Dutch. At least a few phrases. But all I met were more excited to practice their English, so that didn't really happen.
  12. Telegramsam

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    beside Concerto, try Waxwell and Record Friend.
  13. FJFP

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    Thanks guys! I went to Concerto when I was last here 8 years ago, so it’s good to hear it’s still great! We’re probably going to use the time tomorrow for some digging time, so here’s hoping!
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  14. Noirtist

    Noirtist Well-Known Member

    Re the OP's request:

    Record Friend>Amstel Antique>Record Palace>Concerto>Distortion>Eardrum Buzz

    Enjoy and happy hunting.
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  15. nancybrooke

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    Seattle, WA, USA
    Seconding Waxwell and Record Friend!
  16. UglySickJoker

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    The Netherlands
    City Records
  17. Soundslave

    Soundslave Forum Resident

    Did another visit to Amsterdam almost a month ago - Fame Megastore is actually worth mentioning. Still, Concerto, Distortion and Velvet are my favorites.

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