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Best Selling Rock/Metal/Prog & more from charts around the world

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Fusionfan, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Some good stuff here. My standouts are The Sef Lemelin track, which is just lovely and tge Delta Goodrum song, which surprised me because I usually think that her material is never quite as good as her voice. Billionaire is excellent though.
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  2. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Nice to see Wolf Alice top the charts. Excellent band. Billy Gibbons in the top twenty too! :righton:
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  3. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident


    Love the Esa Holopainen song. Any relation to Tuomos or is Holopainen Finland's equivalent of Jones :)? Do you know who the singer is? the listing I found for the album wasn't much help.

    This post has reminded me to look up Maustetytot, too. Interesting duo.
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  4. Rockhead

    Rockhead Forum Resident

    Sorry to be so late in this thread, but as a Pole I'll try to deliver some answers :)

    First of all, Metallica has always been huge in Poland (and I really mean HUGE). Possibly the most popular foreign band. In the 80s they were the favorites of metalheads here (second only to Iron Maiden), but "Black Album" helped them to achieve enormous popularity among more casual public (just like it did anywhere in the world). From 1991 to 2018 they had 18 songs in the top 10 on the most popular Polish radio hit list. 7 of those songs reached number 1. Metallica's cover of When a Blind Man Cries spent 40 weeks on that list. I hope it sheds some light on how massive this band is in Poland.
    Secondly, I'm sure that with the release of the S & M2, the already huge interest grew even more and made some new fans delve into Metallica's discography.

    BTW I'll be glad to help if you have any questions regarding Polish rock, but I should give notice in advance, that I'm familiar mostly with 70s, 80s and 90s bands :)
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  5. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter


    They actually aren't related :) There's an all-star cast of vocalist on the album including Anneke Van Giersbergen:

    Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen by SILVER LAKE BY ESA HOLOPAINEN - info and shop at Nuclear Blast - Nuclear Blast
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  6. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

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  7. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Germany's top 100 albums this week:

    2-Rise Against
    4- Billy Gibbons
    5- Udo Lindenberg
    9- Flotsam and Jetsam
    16- Crowded House
    21- Lindemann (peak #2)
    22- Desaster
    26- AC/DC (peak #1)
    27- Måneskin (peak #18)
    28- Broilers (peak #1)
    36- Mick Fleetwood And Friends (peak #12)
    37- The Black Keys (peak #3)
    38- Red Fang
    42- Fury In The Slaughterhouse (peak #2)
    47- Twenty One Pilots (peak #6)
    49- Greta Van Fleet (peak #3)
    53- Kansas (peak #44)
    54- Pink Floyd (peak #9)
    56- Die Ärzte (peak #1)
    57- Rammstein (peak #1)
    62- Can (peak #17)
    64- Billy Talent
    66- Blackberry Smoke (peak #21)
    67- The Baseballs (peak #13)
    75- Mighty Oaks (peak #10)
    77- Japanese Breakfast
    78- Satyricon (peak #53)
    79- Rammstein (peak #2)
    80- Nirvana (peak #3)
    82- Satyricon (peak #69)
    83- Tanzwut (peak #11)
    86- Linkin Park (peak #2)
    87- Måneskin (peak #76)
    91- Eisbrecher (peak #1)
    93- Volbeat (peak #1)
    96- Evanescence (peak #2)
    98- James


    31- Dota Kehr
    48- Buena Vista Social Club
    58- Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
    88- Curtis Amy & Dupree Bolton

    Red Fang:

    Dota Kehr:


    Fury in the Slaughterhouse:





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  8. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Austria's top 75 albums this week:

    5- Måneskin
    9- Twenty One Pilots (peak #4)
    15- Måneskin
    25- The Black Keys
    27- The Baseballs
    30- Zucchero (peak #6)
    33- Måneskin
    34- Blackberry Smoke
    39- Edmund (peak #2) (pop rock)
    48- AC/DC (peak #1)
    51- David Bowie
    52- The Offspring (peak #1)
    56- Udo Lindenberg (peak #4)
    57- Rammstein (peak #1)
    59- Del Amitri
    62- Can
    68- Edmund (peak #4) (pop rock)
    74- Queen (peak #3)
    75- Linkin Park (peak #6)


    14- Molden/Resetarits/Soyka/Wirth
    20- Molden/Resetarits/Soyka/Wirth
    50- Birgit Minichmayr

    Birgit Minichmayr:



    Blackberry Smoke:




    Del Amitri:

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  9. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Switzerland and rock on the top 100 albums this week:

    1- Billy Gibbons
    2- Ellis Mano Band
    4- Rise Against
    5- Måneskin (peak #5)
    11- Megawatt (peak #2)
    23- Måneskin (peak #27)
    25- Wolf Alice
    26- The Black Keys (peak #3)
    27- Crowded House
    29- Texas (peak #5) (pop rock)
    30- Flotsam and Jetsam
    31- Twenty One Pilots (peak #4)
    32- Mighty Oaks (peak #11)
    36- Zucchero (peak #1)
    37- The Baseballs (peak #7)
    44- Blackberry Smoke (peak #9)
    51- Udo Lindenberg (peak #2)
    57- AC/DC (peak #1)
    66- James
    69- Red Fang
    73- The Offspring (peak #4)
    78- Måneskin (peak #61)
    79- Pink Floyd (peak #8)
    80- Gotthard (peak #1)
    96- Kansas (peak #23)

    Ellis Mano Band:

    Red Fang:


    Wolf Alice:


    Flotsam and Jetsam:


    Rise Against:

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  10. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

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  11. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks for writing. I know Metallica are huge in Poland but was there something in particular which set off sales in this particular period? Even for Poland, it's unusual to have multiple Metallica albums all in the top 50 at once years later ;)

    I'd love to hear more about Poland in the 70s, especially the prog and hard rock scenes with which I am most familiar. SBB, Niemen, Skaldowie, Budka Suflera are some of the artists/bands I know from that period but I'd be curious to hear more from you about all of that and other periods as well.

    From later periods, I've also enjoyed Exodus, Quidam, Millenium, Riverside, Kruk, Retrospective and Lunatic Soul to varying degrees among others.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2021
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  12. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    As you know, I'm partial yo a bit of folk-rock so that Tanzwut track was right up my street. Never heard of them despite their long recording career and the act they are apparently linked to Corvus Corax, a band I know well,

    Dota Kehr and Fury In The Slaughterhouse are worth exploring too I reckon.

    Always nice to see the old stagers back in the charts so kudos to Kansas. I've enjoyed their last race of studio albums so I'm hoping that their enthusiasm to record hasn't left the band along with Zak Rivzi.
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  13. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Some curious - not in a bad way though- tracks there. I love the idea of a world where lounge jazz versions of Bill the Quill's poetry makes the charts and an act that looks and sounds like the resident band of your local folk club have not one but two albums in the top twenty. :D

    Del Amitri & Blackberry Smoke up to their usual high standards!
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  14. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Rise Against is another example of a band that has been going for ages, had a fair dgree of success in my country yet have past me by until now. Strong song! Enjoyed The Elis Mano Band & Wolf Alice too.

    Good to see Flotsam & Jetsam still going. I had no idea.
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  15. Rockhead

    Rockhead Forum Resident

    As for Metallica, the release of S&M2 played a part, but also their remastering campaign was pretty big around the web here. Every online music shop I visited had banners with Metallica's logo and offers for newly remastered old titles. Really good marketing.

    I'm quite surprised that you know so many classic Polish rock artists :righton: I knew that SBB had enjoyed some popularity in Western Europe back in the 70s, but really didn't expect you'd know any other artists from Poland. In fact, you already know of the most important 70s bands, which were few in that decade, because Polish rock scene was small until the early 80s. Still, I hope I can suggest some interesting titles. Should I PM info to you, or would you like it posted here (info, links, videos)? Don't want to threadc*ap.
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  16. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter


    Hi and thanks for the reply. No need to worry about the thread going in other directions; very few people here are interested in music from outside of the usual countries so it won't matter :) As you might have guessed from this thread topic, I'm interested in music from a lot of different places, including Poland, so it's very welcome here.

    Please feel free to mention any groups or albums you think might be of interest. Even if I already know of them, it's interesting to hear other viewpoints on them and of course also feel free to talk about other periods and styles too if you like.

    I'm also curious to know how much music from places like Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia or Serbia etc made/makes its way to Poland (and the other way around) and how much interaction there is/was.

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  17. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I figured you'd be interested in Tanzwut and that was one of the reasons I made sure to post a video :)

    Glad you enjoyed the others; it was a nice range of artists this week!
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  18. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    The French top 100 albums chart this week:

    30- Texas (peak #10 (pop rock)
    40- Queen (peak #7)
    48- Indochine (peak #1) (pop rock)
    52- Queen (peak #3)
    65- Indochine (peak #1) (pop rock)
    66- Billy Gibbons
    70- Black Keys (peak #6)
    79- Gojira (peak #2)
    96- Calogero (peak #1) (pop rock)


    3- Johnny Hallyday
    41- Renaud (peak #16)
    61- Jon Batiste
    75- Johnny Hallyday (peak #7)
    89- Pomme (peak #13)




    Billy Gibbons:

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  19. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    From Spain's top 100 albums this week:

    11- Robe (peak #1)
    12- Andres Calamaro (peak #5)
    17- Måneskin (peak #12)
    22- Love of Lesbian (peak #1)
    26- Queen (peak #2)
    28- Dani Martin (peak #1) (pop rock)
    33- Louis Tomlinson (peak #4) (pop rock)
    43- Twenty One Pilots (peak #9)
    44- Héroes del Silencio (peak #3)
    51- Måneskin (peak #38)
    54- Leiva (peak #1)
    59- Wolf Alice
    66- Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba (peak #5)
    70- James
    76- Duncan Dhu (peak #5)
    80- AC/DC (peak #1)
    82- Taburete (peak #12)
    84- Billy Gibbons
    90- Héroes del Silencio (peak #7)
    91- Texas (peak #55) (pop rock)
    94- La Oreja de Van Gogh (peak #1) (pop rock)


    35- Rozalen (peak #1)
    77- Ismael Serrano (peak #2)
    96- Zenet (peak #30)

    Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba:



    Andres Calamaro:

  20. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Finland's latest weekly chart from the top 50 albums:

    1- Måneskin
    4- Måneskin
    5- Måneskin
    7- Klamydia (peak #1)
    9- Billy Gibbons
    11- Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen (peak #2)
    18- Arttu Wiskari (peak #1) (pop rock)
    27- Lauri Tähkä (peak #1) (pop rock)
    32- Blind Channel (peak #39)
    35- Rammstein (peak #1)
    42- Haloo Helsinki! (peak #2)
    46- Metallica (peak #4)
    47- Maustetytöt (peak #2) (pop rock)

    Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen:




  21. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Finland's top 50 albums chart this week shows Måneskin enjoying remarkable success:

    1- Måneskin
    4- Måneskin
    5- Måneskin

    And on the Finnish top 20 singles chart as well where they top the charts for the second straight week and dominate the listings:

    1- Måneskin
    2- Måneskin
    5- Måneskin
    16- Måneskin (peak #5)

  22. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Rock from Japan's weekly top 50 album list this week:

    2- Tokyo Jihen (rock pop)
    5- Wagakki Band
    6- the LOW-ATUS
    14- Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    17- Rottengraffty
    21- Jet-black angels invited to the dusk
    24- Gastunk
    34- LiSA (peak #2) (rock pop)
    36- Ging Nang Boyz (peak #12)
    45- Ammo
    47- Mono No Aware

    Tokyo Jihen:

    Wagakki Band:






    Mono No Aware:
  23. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Nice one. Cheers! :righton:
  24. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    From the Dutch top 100 albums this week:

    2- Måneskin
    14- Adrian Borland
    23- Måneskin (peak #11)
    26- Joe Bonamassa
    32- Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
    43- Twenty One Pilots (peak #7)
    50- Black Keys (peak #2)
    51- Fleetwood Mac (peak #1)
    70- Arctic Monkeys (peak #1)
    71- Beatles (peak #1)
    75- The Offspring (peak #38)
    79- Garbage
    80- Bløf (peak #1)
    81- The Police
    84- Imagine Dragons (peak #2) (pop rock)
    87- The Police
    88- Ryan Adams


    98- Marina

    Joe Bonamassa:



    Adrian Borland:




    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds:

  25. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Denmark and this week's top 40 album chart:

    5- Måneskin
    23- Jung (peak #3) (pop rock)
    27- Kim Larsen (peak #2)



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