Best sounding David Bowie albums on the RCA CDs (only)?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pig whisperer, Nov 8, 2006.

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    when i put together the pdf i didn't make a distinction. pick a favourite track and i'll send you samples of both.
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    The subject of the Bowie RCA CDs has long been of interest to me (at least since as I became aware in the mid to late 80s that they had been withdrawn as a result of Bowie's dissatisfaction with the label) and the link below seems to shed some light on the subject, written apparently by a UK RCA staff person who worked on putting the releases to CD (and in many ways, though not entirely, he is addressing the release of Bowie RCA for the European market, but nevertheless, there seem to be some facts in the linked blog that answer certain questions some of us have about the RCA Bowie releases. Of course, some of his information may be subject to dispute, just like any other recollection from thirty years ago, and some of his observations may be based on incomplete information, but I do think that that the details he has provided are credible and enlightening. An interesting note of his, found elsewhere on his blog than the direct link below, states with regard to the Alladin Sane album, "As a 15 year old in 1973 this was one of the releases we were waiting for, could he follow Ziggy? Absolutely yes he could. Remains my favourite Bowie album. I converted it to CD in 1984 as part of the team at RCA. There are two mistakes on the artwork (or possible misjudgements) firstly moving the artist's name to the left hand side to accommodate the corporate RCA CD logo and secondly the (c) date on the back of the booklet and the inlay reads (c) 1981 when they should read (c)1973." Seems like the subject of an odd copyright date was mentioned elsewhere in this thread. Anyway, I hope some find this link useful:

    Pick 'n' Mixed: David Bowie RCA CDs (1984) ยป

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