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    A couple of years ago I bought the Real Gone Music CD of Fanny's Mother's Pride.
    One of the bonus tracks is an outtake (alt. vers.) of Beside Myself.
    IMO it's better than the 'proper' version albeit the vocals are a bit quiet. The NR used is quite noticeable... I would've loved hearing this version warts and all, I don't mind a bit of hiss!
    IMO excellent soundstage for an outtake.
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    I’m referring to my experiences with vinyl here and don’t know how some CD versions sound, but....

    I have an original 1965 RCA pressing of ‘The Sound of Music’. The track where Julie Andrews is teaching the children to sing, Do Re Me I think (no not the Hawkwind album :laugh:) , has amazing ambience at the start of that track where you can hear the voices bounce off the back of the room or studio.

    When I put my old Monitor Audio R652 speakers on a concrete fireplace at my parents house one Christmas I was amazed at the 3D effects in some original ABBA vinyl. These recordings were done at the Metronome studios, which has a reputation for good productions. I decided then to make my own concrete stands for these speakers.

    Going back 25 years or more, I recall one late afternoon at West Midlands Audio who had acquired Rega’s then new first range of amplifiers in the Elex and Illicit I think. We were listening to Wishbone Ash 4 and the tracks Jailbait or Blowin Free? It was quite spooky how the sound stage created an effect where you could hear and visualise the band stepping towards the mics just as they started to play. I had never experienced that effect so starkly before.
    All the early Wishbone Ash LPs have some very nice production and are worth a listen on a good system.

    Another LP which is often overlooked is ‘Baby’ by Yello. The recording on this is super dynamic although I’m not sure how 3D it actually is or just mixer effect. :shh: I made a tape cassette of this which I carry in the car and occasionally drop into peoples systems just to see how! It always takes people by surprise. ;)

    If it has to be CD then Fireworks by Bjork (1998 Westwood Networks) The haunting last track she sings beautifully in her native language.
    Another impressive soundscape CD is ‘The Ship’ by Brian Eno. Kind of weird, but I get it.

    Other honourable mentions; Intro to track ‘Lazy’ from Machine Head by Deep Purple on original Purple Records. ‘ Intro and track ‘Space is Deep’ on Space Ritual original UA vinyl. Warrior on the Edge of Time also by Hawkwind. Black Sabbath from the same album and band. :cool:
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    Four more jazz selections:

    Yamamoto Trio: Midnight Sugar—very close perspective, like you are sitting in the front row of a small club (Lp better than CD).;

    Michael Hedges: Aerial Boundaries—distant perspective (LP slightly preferable to CD)

    Anour Brahem: Bhadra (from “Thimar” album)—midhall perspective (fantastic sounding CD)

    Bill Charlap—Time After Time (from S’Wonderful album)—close perspective, but hall cues also evident (hard to find Japanese CD)
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    I experience this sometimes as well! If I pull something from my shelves, I put it in a purgatory box for a year or so and occasionally open the box and go through it to make sure I REALLY am ready to let it go. I moved into a new house with a more dedicated listening space that images better. I look forward to breaking out the purgatory boxes.
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    i do enjoy my sunday morning listening sessions over coffee almost as much as my horn blowing or rocking out , alcohol fueled late night sessions.
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  6. bhazen

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    The Kinks, "Waterloo Sunset"
    Roger Waters, Amused To Death
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  8. fish

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  10. jeddy

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    the Reference Recording of the Chicago Pro Musica have some of the most realistic brass sounds I've EVER heard!
  11. jeddy

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    ...and recorded with one mic
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  12. StratDoc

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    Most anything from Quincy Jones the Dude.
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  13. Glfrancis2

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    Bowled me over when I was tweaking my speaker placement. sounded amazing!
  14. Glfrancis2

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    Birmingham al

    Oh s***! I think this just imaged clear into the townhouse on both sides of me. Huge huge huge soundstage :cool:
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  15. Just got around to Ellington’s “Blues in Orbit” and absolutely love it. Any recommendations for similar recordings?
  16. Sex Lies And Master Tapes

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    I...c H...s : S...t

  17. James Lovell

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    Days of the New. Just outstanding for width and depth placement.

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  19. AL01

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    Not from The Dude, but this track is a monster:

  20. bluesaddict

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    The Dixie Chicks - Gaslighter yes it's an album about devorce but the Sonics are killer!
    Another one I like is Dire Straits - Love over Gold 180g cut at 45rpm.

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