Best vinyl version of Jackson Browne Running on Empty

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tgreg, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Tgreg

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    Memphis, TN. USA
    Running on Empty, to me was the first sign of a dip in quality in his catalog. Didn't really care for the Load Out/Stay...and a couple of other songs....but there are still some very fine moments. "Love needs a Heart" is one of my favorite songs of his....among others on the album...Hold Out was a further dip, but I still enjoy it...he lost me after that...but I sure LOVE those early Jackson Browne Albums....

    All this to say...what is the general consensus of the best sounding vinyl of this record? The original?
  2. Dhreview16

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    London UK
    I have a UK original vinyl which has done me nicely. No idea whether it's the best. My favourite Jackson Browne along with The Pretender and Late for the Sky.
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  3. I had two different versions of this album on vinyl, both U.S. pressings.

    One was this record club version:
    Jackson Browne - Running On Empty
    It is edited, for example it starts right away with the music on the first side, whereas the original has some silence/crowd/ambience noise for some time (less than 30 seconds). Also, this pressing clearly sounds inferior.

    This is the other pressing I have which sounds very good to me:
    Jackson Browne - Running On Empty

    There are probably many different variations out there. If you can briefly listen to the record in the store, just make sure you get one that is not edited and is in nice condition. Also, you want to have the tour insert/booklet, I pressume.
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  4. Tgreg

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    Memphis, TN. USA
    On a, now, locked thread there was discussion about the 80s pressing of The Pretender yellow/black label sounding especially good..I wonder if that is true for Running on Empty or any of the other Browne albums. I picked up an original copy of this, which sounds fine to my ears...was just curious more than anything. Forgoing the expensive Gold CDs, would like to get the best possible pressings of Browne's catalog...mainly 1st album thru Running on these are some of my all time fav albums, especially the first few.
  5. Steve Hoffman

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    Best vinyl version of Jackson Browne Running on Empty

    If you mean the song, it's wonderful on one of the Time-Life comps I did for Audio Fidelity SACD. Beautiful sound. The original cutting of the LP is the best vinyl version.
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  6. anti PC.

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    Twin Cities MN.
    Anyone else?
  7. Isamet

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    New York
  8. astro70

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    Belleville, IL
    I've got an original US LP. Not sure how it sounds though, I haven't heard it in like, 2 years.
  9. bRETT

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    Boston MA
    Last I heard you could get a "Hot Stamper" of it for a couple hundred.
  10. Isamet

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    New York
    Here is some more info on the reissue:
    A: Hello, Ron. The album was mastered by Gavin Lurssen of Lurssen Mastering. The vinyl was mastered by Ron McMaster, and manufactured on 180-gram vinyl by the Pallas Group.

    Anyone know how good Lurssen Mastering and the Pallas Group is?
  11. grx8

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    Santiago, Chile
    A Pallas pressing is possible as good it can get today, at least for a normal release. Every single vinyl I have that was pressed at Pallas, is superb.
  12. lazydawg58

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    Lillington NC
    That's easy. The one I give a dollar or less for that turns out to play VG+.
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  13. c-eling

    c-eling Somehow I See There Are Ships In Her Eyes...

    No kidding
    Mines a Specialty cut (SRC), excellent sound.
    These things can be found in the hordes at local thrifts and used shops.
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  14. steve phillips

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    Even better, when they're in the free box and play VG+ :edthumbs:
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  15. DeRosa

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    Gavin Lurssen came up working for Doug Sax. There is a pretty comprehensive video about his studio on YouTube.
    I need to do a little more research about other examples of his work, i can't say off the top of my head what his reputation is.
    But it looks promising.

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