Better Call Saul - Season 2 discussion

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by stereoptic, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. mpayan

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    I could go for some of that fried chicken right now.
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  2. I'm watching Season 2 again on a binge-watch, which is the same thing I did before Season 2, watching the 1st season again.

    True to the first time around, rewatching the prior season is even better than when it was broadcast. The flow is more seamless without waiting a week between episodes.

    But I'm watching the blu ray, which absolutely kills the original broadcast and Netflix stream. Wow! The blu ray is reference level stuff. It totally heightens the experience!
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  3. George P

    George P Notable Member

    I'm planning to do the same, only I think I might go back to the beginning of season one and work forward.
  4. Absolutely true. I had the same experience with the Muscle Shoals documentary. Small theater > PBS > Blu ray ( wow ! 1000% improvement in both picture and audio.
    Only, with Saul, I sold season 1, and am about to finish season 2 on Netflix, only because I had to draw the line somewhere. I've already spent over $1,200.00 in vinyl, CDs, and Blu rays this month ! My son pays for the Netflix, so I sacrifice PQ and SQ.
  5. Deesky

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    Yes, it's true blurays have the ultimate bitrates, but the difference should not be so huge if you have a fast internet connection and/or can handle H.265 decoding. Netflix automatically selects the level of compression based on a sampling of your internet connection. So if your sustained speeds are lower, you will get a more compressed version and therefore the quality difference with bluray will be very noticeable.
  6. Yeah, I can stream 4K, so I don't imagine that Netflix is holding me back, it's just that the VQ of Season 2 is so good, gaining full marks on Better Call Saul: Season Two Blu-ray

    The Season 1 blu ray (and I agree) came up just shy.
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