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    If I'm not mistaken "F***" has been unmuted once in BB and once in BCS.

    I don't even know why they bother anymore. The word is such an integral part of the English language. Kids in grade school are using it. Hell, we were using when I was in grade school!

    Really, there was a time when the older generations would claim the word was used because of a lack of vocabulary. I don't think that really applies anymore.
  2. RayS

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    Anyone else think it was a bit odd and out of character for Howard to share the reality of bad times at HHM with Jimmy? Was there an intentional contrast there to when Jimmy was excluded from celebrating GOOD times at HHM in the flashback scene?
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    What scene did this occur in?

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    I do not.

    This goes back to the respect that Howard actually has for Jimmy, that Jimmy would have even been employed at HHM had Chuck not intervened.

    What's more, I could be looking into it too much (but I don't think so), that in Howard's current state of mind - not only losing cash, but also grieving over the loss of Chuck (and a possible drug habit) - Howard's vulnerability shown through in that moment. Though there's respect, there's also a modicum of resentment, as I'm sure that Howard feels that Jimmy might have contributed to Chuck's demise, though Howard knows that Chuck dug much of his own grave.

    After all, Jimmy came in with genuine concern. Howard knows that Jimmy isn't mean spirited, so Howard spilled. Moreover, what shoulder does Howard even have to cry on these days? Jimmy didn't cotton to Howards wallowing. What preceded was Howard telling Jimmy off, yet Jimmy responded in a McGill way - not the words that Chuck would have used, but the same reaction that Chuck would have had.

    In fact, what a compliment to Howard that the ultimate salesman called Howard a good salesman!
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    "Mad Men", another AMC show, let it through a few times too.
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    I'm getting the sense that Howard wants to open up to Jimmy. In the last 2 episodes and the first of the season. Jimmy is the only other person who knew Chuck in any way like he did. Part of why the FU moment was so powerful.
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    Were we told where Chuck's money went in the will (beside the 5,000 to Jimmy?) That was a big chunk of change!
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    For now, at least, it likely depends on how it is used (i.e., as a simple swear word vs a description of the act itself). As George Carlin pointed out many years ago, on TV you can prick your finger but you can't finger your prick.
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    I get the impression Howard wants to be left alone to wallow in his misery and Jimmy wants him to quit his self-indulgent belly-aching and fight for the life of his firm. After all, the viability of the class action and Jimmy's stake in it - as well as the financial futures of all those elderly people he was trying to help (looking at the commercial brought that home to him) - potentially hangs in the balance. Jimmy is really impatient with gullible saps, including himself for getting rolled, and those who cannot pick themselves up by their bootstraps, which Jimmy has had to do his entire life. Howard remains, as Chuck and Jimmy both knew/know, a spoiled brat who's never had too remove the silver spoon from his mouth . . . until now.
  10. I heard Vince Gilligan say in an interview that AMC allowed Breaking Bad one "F-word" a season.
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    I find it interesting how all of your rather detailed, analytical and voluminous posts have all been centered around Jimmy and Kim dynamics, which is half an episode's worth these days, rather than the cartel stuff. I also find that part far more interesting...
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    jesse definitely had some interesting sexcapades though.
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    True. But that's because I like the Jimmy, Kim, Howard, etc. stuff and am a bit bored with the cartel stuff. Well, there's at least about a half-hour show for both of us!
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    Obviously not what Vince Gilligan had in mind so I guess you're disappointed by your own expectations.
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    Possibly what they originally had in mind, but when the show became a hit with the prospect of many more seasons they probably figured they needed to stretch it out much more. I guess there just isn't enough back story for Saul to fill (say) eight seasons. I assumed they'd simultaneously do a sequel (i.e., Gene's story), but they went with a BB prequel instead. Gene seems to get only one five minute sequence per year.

    I understand that next season half the shows will be dedicated to the back story for Huell. There actually is a very interesting flashback where Huell, as a small child, has to hit a pinata on his birthday but accidentally smashes his best friend's head temporarily putting him in a coma. Coincidentally, a young Gus, who lives in the neighborhood, discovers the child in the hospital while cleaning bedpans (hit first job) and decides to nurse him back to health. On his breaks, he reads to him and watches over himn every chance he gets. And do you know who that young boy turned out to be when he got better? Remember the guy who was killed in front of Gus at poolside in Breaking Bad? That's right! And we get his back story too. Before he met Huell, he was an orphan and . . . and . . . and . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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  16. George Co-Stanza

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    So did Hank.

    I remember him saying that, but Season 1 of BB had a bunch of f-bombs. They scaled down to a couple a season after that.
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    Exactly. Im not sure how it could go any other way.
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    Really don't understand why the US is so prudish about the f word. It's fine to show people getting their brains blown out, but saying a word is more offensive?
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    I usually find the “Jimmy” stuff most interesting. But it’s all good. I wouldn’t consider the strong possibility of rating the show higher than “Breaking Bad” if I thought anything on the show was total dead weight.

    I think the idea that “Better Call Saul” was ever going to be solely or primarily about Saul/Jimmy is a misunderstanding concerning the show’s prompt from the get-go. Jonathan Banks was always the “co-star” (second billing, whatever one wants to call it), so “Mike” stuff was always going to be a major part of the show. And the Mike stuff has often intersected with Jimmy anyway.

    Then, of course, once Mike comes into the picture, then all the cartel/Fring, etc. stuff comes into play.

    And certainly, the cartel/Fring/Mike all intersect with “Saul” on BB.

    Let us also remember that the “cartel” came into play first via a plotline involving Jimmy (the Tuco/Nacho stuff with the skateboarding twins).

    The Fring stuff is probably my least favorite aspect of BCS. Not because it’s too much of a callback to BB or anything. I’ve just never found Fring *quite* as compelling on BB or BCS as others have, especially when he’s on his own and doing speeches/soliloquies. But even the Fring stuff is still very well done and I do find it compelling. I tend to find Fring more compelling when interacting with Mike (or the very early appearance interacting with Jimmy). Same goes for the Salamanca stuff. It’s far more compelling when Salamanca interacts with Mike or Nacho.

    But ultimately, despite being the show’s (sort of) namesake, to a large degree Jimmy is to “Better Call Saul” what Walter White was to “Breaking Bad.” That is, the characters are the top billed, main attraction but there are other plotlines as well and other characters, some of which intersect with the main characters.

    My only complaint about BCS is that, while I acknowledge that doing shorter seasons and not bloating out to 26 episodes per year like the olden days does result in a better show, I wish they could up the episode count just *a bit* for BCS. Maybe 12 instead of 10 or something. I think they have a talented-enough rotating cast of writers and directors that they could do this.
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  20. balzac

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    I think in many if not most cases, the *viewers* in the US aren't personally offended/shocked by the use of the word. It's more just a case of objectively finding it surprising that AMC allowed the word, because it isn't often used on "basic cable" even though the FCC can't regulate language on cable.
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    Storylines thus far this season:
    Kim - A plus (Great stuff.)
    Jimmy - A
    Nacho - A (Trapped, tense and poignant.)
    Mike - B to C
    Howard/HHM - B minus (More details on the collapse. Feels rushed. Could be such a great story. Always found Howard a compelling character.)
    Gus/Cartel - C minus (Does meth really command these kind of expenditures? )
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  22. Veltri

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    I think so too. Otherwise why even have Jimmy come to his office?
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    That's how I see it as well. Before the show started I knew Jonathon Banks was going to be in it and that meant all the rest was in play. And I'm happy that way. My expectations were the show would be as it was, but less compelling, more the way I find Breaking Bad. I did not expect to be as deeply involved in this show as I am and for me the acting of Odenkirk, Seahorn, Banks and McKean have been the reason, as well as the excellent writing they are utilizing.
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  24. George P

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    Was there even any mention of Nacho during this past episode? I guess we are to just assume that he is recovering at his dad's place?
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    I wouldn't even try to understand. It could cause a stroke.
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