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    Better Call Saul is more a dark comedy at least season 1&2.
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    Geeeez, still a month to go! :oops:
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    Vince Gilligan has extended his deal with Sony Pictures Television for another three years. That's pretty impressive given that he's already been with Sony for the past 11 years. Their partnership seems to be a very good fit, while other showrunners (like Shonda Rhimes) are making the move to the streamers. Better Call Saul's immediate future is still in the best of hands!

    ‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Sets New Deal With Sony Pictures Television
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  6. From my understanding, the delay for Season 4 was partly, if not wholly, a product of negotiations with AMC. AMC wants full control, while Vince has always aligned himself with Sony.

    It would seem to me Sony stepped up to bat in the renegotiations for Better Call Saul, with AMC, albeit it took a while.

    Evidently Vince was happy with Sony's role, so he reupped.

    As a result, there shouldn't be as long of a delay to keep them out if the writer's room, between Seasons 4 and 5.
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    Aaron Paul season 4?
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    I think that's a pretty good bet. But I'd imagine whenever he shows up, it won't be a major part. Something along the lines of Tuco's brief entry into the BCS universe (though I think we'll see more of him before the series ends).
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    Walter White season 5.:)
  10. If they put WW and JP in BCS the worse thing they could do is shoehorn them in with a crowbar, where it feels forced or artificial.

    I'm not too geeked about their inclusion, unless it's something akin to WW cleaning the tires on Saul's car, or trying to upsell Saul on a wash package at the car wash. Even the latter might be too much. It should be extremely subtle.

    As for Pinkman, right now in the BCS timeline, Jessie is like in the 8th grade, at most a sophomore in high school. How do they even attempt to pull that off?

    Better to make Pinkman a more solid character in Gene's life, after Saul.

    Remember, though, after BB, Gilligan surmised that Jessie was caught. Maybe that has changed now.
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    i'm very confused by your post (sometimes i'm just confused in general), but are you forgetting that Saul was an integral part of BB? the car wash thing didn't even happen until later in the series... long after Saul came into WW's world.
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    Walt was an employee at the car wash part time early in season 1.
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  13. Ummm...yeah, so that means that right now, in the BCS timeline, which happens before Breaking Bad, Walt is either working at the car wash, or is soon to work at the car wash, which means that in the past it is conceivable that Walt and Jimmy/Saul could have met each other in passing, yet forgot all about it by the time they meet in Breaking Bad, in the future.
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    BCS...flash forward for Jesse Pinkman.
    Walter White ? Saul observe's White makes quip to Mike.
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    Rumor is that Paul issued his salary demand for "BCS" on a single slip a paper with the words "Mad stacks yo" on it.
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    told you i was likely confused! thanks for the reminder!
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  17. That's okay. It's a message board. Confusion abounds.

    I find myself confused by the stuff I write here quite often! :D
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    Season 4 trailer:

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    Could be long as they don't make it too breaking bad. Let Jimmy be Jimmy.
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    Why do people want to watch spoilers trailers for the upcoming season?
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    Why do people ask silly questions?
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    Indeed, why do they? I mean, if I really liked a show and was eager to watch the next installment, why would I want to know ahead of time which plot points and developments would be covered before they are revealed in the course of watching the show? I guess I just don't get it..
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    Part of the excitement...getting ramped up for it?
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    Let's start a Season 4 thread!!!

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