Big artists with a 'sell-out' disco hit?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TheLazenby, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. vinylontubes

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    I have to agree with this sentiment. I could list a lot of alternative bands for making songs that ended up in Dance Clubs. Nine Inch Nail had more than 1 song. Beck did an entire album with club music. I wouldn't consider either acts sell-outs. If the OP would have worded more precisely with Rock artists releases in the Disco era, I could go along with listing something. But adding the word Club in the body text of the post.
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  2. mark winstanley

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    Can't disagree ... and like Jimi said - It isn't a crime to get played on a jukebox (or something like that)
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  3. Jmac1979

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    Oh ok. I could see the point, to me it always felt like a tribute to T. Rex and the ilk
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  4. Fullbug

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    Musicians are musicians, they love all types of music. The record companies package the stuff that they think will sell and fit in with the artist's image, but at home the great musicians probably listen to and play all sorts of genres, from country to jazz.
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  5. PaulKTF

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    Elton John- Johnny B. Goode (and the Victim Of Love album as a whole).

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  6. slashdot87

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    "The Big Ragoo..."
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  7. Dillydipper

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    Since I'm a lifelong Blood, Sweat & Tears fan, 1974's Mirror Image album was where it all started going off the rails for me. Not a "hit" by any means, but the lack of care in the production, and the lack of respect for their past in the sound, certainly screams "disco sell-out!", when it comes to the lead-off track, "Tell Me That I'm Wrong".

    It's got the overblown rhythm-n-strings studio bloat; it's got the conga-soaked, bass-drenched simplicity in the "ONE-TWO" beat...and, particularly for a band who was legendary for the spectacular audio quality in their first two memorable's got poor mastering that resembles nothing more than a coked-up executive doing an end-run around band management, walking into the mixing bay with a third-generation cassette dubbed off a Yorx boombox, and blaring it directly onto the finished master...and then looking back at the stupefied engineer on-duty during everybody else's lunch break, tossing-off a callous order to "JUST MAKE IT WORK!", as he headed to the airport for a last-minute red-eye flight to the Left Coast.

    Whomever thought this was a good idea...wasn't even in the room that day.

    Sure, I'll tell ya...yer wrong.
  8. Hardy Melville

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    I absolutely HATE that song. It amazes me that some people like it.
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  9. LoveYourLife

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    Not sure I'd classify this record as a "sell out"... well maybe to those die hards from the CBGB days only
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  10. Hardy Melville

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    As you probably know, the original of that song was NOT a disco tune. They re-did it as one.
  11. Hardy Melville

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    Heart of Glass

    It's not my favorite Blondie by any means, but I agree it's hard to call it a sell out. They were actually great at doing things in different styles, and they were simply adding another genre to the mix.
  12. LoveYourLife

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    London, UK
    Maybe slightly off topic but if selling out sounds this good, I'll take it any day

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  13. bob60

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    Yep, my thoughts exactly...:D
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  14. Mulderre

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    Well, the original version by Hello had a beat copied from Hamilton Bohannon's megahit Disco Stomp, a soul song. So, I would rather dismiss it as glam rock.

    Also, the fact that it was released in 1975 means that it was in the tail-end of glam.
  15. bob60

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    London UK
    Actually I think you will find that many millions of people liked it, in fact they liked it enough to actually buy it....
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  16. egebamyasi

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    One of my best friends (I only have two) played in a cover/wedding band in the late 70's and Carmine The Big Ragu's brother was the singer.
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  17. Grant

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    A lot of these songs mentioned aren't even disco.
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  18. Jmac1979

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    Maybe because some of us can get over the fact that it was the one-time "music savior rock god" of Maggie May and The Faces betraying the rock establishment and get over ourselves enough to just enjoy a fun trashy disco song? I'd certainly take it over any of his crooner-period albums
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  19. Steve Mc

    Steve Mc Bangles Encyclopedia

    United States
  20. jeendicott

    jeendicott Forum Resident

    Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34
  21. Zoot Marimba

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    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
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    DEAN OF ROCK Forum Resident

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    One Chain (Don’t Make No Prison)- Santana
  23. Platterpus

    Platterpus Forum Resident

    The Cosmos
    The Eagles - The Disco Strangler
    Queen - Another One Bites The Dust
    Van Halen - Dancing In The Streets
  24. daca

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Not necessarily a sell-out per se, rather a copy of Good Times by Chic.
  25. markreed

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    Tori Amos' Armand Van Helden remix of "Professional Widow".

    Which has nothing to do with Tori's style, work, or the original track.

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