Big artists with a 'sell-out' disco hit?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TheLazenby, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. BourbonAndVinyl

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    Rod Stewart, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"
    Rolling Stones, "Miss You"
    Kiss, "I Was Made For Lovin' You" - this one is probably borderline
    David Bowie, "Let's Dance" although it was a tad late for the disco craze
    Queen, "Another One Bites the Dust"
    Grateful Dead, "Shakedown Street"
    J Geils Band, "Freeze Frame" again, borderline
  2. Synthfreek

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    Just can’t have any kind of sell out thread without people having a big issue with the phrase. Jeez, lighten up and just post a song...this is supposed to be fun.
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  3. I grew up during Disco and I have never understood this reference.
    How in the hell is this song Disco? You can't really dance to it. It's too slow.
    It barely has a chorus and has a really long guitar solo. Sure it has the "four on the floor" but many rock songs do. Roger yelling about pudding at the end and the phone beeps? I just don't get it.
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  4. I always thought "Emotional Rescue" sounded more like Disco than "Miss You".
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  5. Fame isn't Disco. That's pure funk baby!
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  6. Hardy Melville

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    We'll just have to disagree if you think Rod was merely giving expression to his inner creativity with Sexy instead as I do that he was cashing in on the disco craze.

    You disagree with the whole notion of "selling out". Seems to me...
  7. Hardy Melville

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    New York
    A lot of people here seem to have trouble with the distinction between funk and disco. To be sure in certain cases specific songs and groups blurred that distinction. But as genres, on the conceptual level, and in the majority of cases, they were not the same.

    Fame is funk. Not disco.
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  8. dalem5467

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    One of the few country disco hits.

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  9. BrutandCharisma

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    Hey, it's my favorite Eagles song. And I never thought it was a "disco" song either, much less a "sell out" one.

    But when you listen to it and combine it with what Henley and Frey say . . . well, if its a disco song it's a damn good one.

    The problem is that disco was preceded by years of great dance music, before "disco" became a 4 letter word.
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  10. TheLazenby

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    You also forget they took a throwaway folk-styled song (listen to the demos) and totally overhauled it for single material.

    ABITW2 made it onto Top Of The Pops, for God's sakes! XD
  11. TheLazenby

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    Also, you complain about phone beeps - have you ever heard the 12" version of "You Dropped A Bomb On Me"?

    Now THAT is undanceable!! :p
  12. steve phillips

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    This song broke the hearts of millions of original Kiss fans, like myself.
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  13. MikeVielhaber

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    The fact that it was different than their earlier stuff and timely with the musical trends doesn't inherently make it a sell out. Did they do it against their artistic desires?
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  14. MikeVielhaber

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    I can't answer that question, but is that the prerequisite to it being a disco tune? Shouldn't the content of the song be more of a factor? What we do know is disco was a direct influence on the song. They actually went to the disco clubs looking for something to take from it to incorporate into the song because they thought it could be a hit. I think Roger had to be convinced to allow it as he felt they were not a singles band.
  15. Weirwolfe

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    Yeah, you're right. I was never bothered by it much.
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  16. Say It Right

    Say It Right Not for the Hearing Impaired

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    Made for good laughs by those who already considered them to be a joke! Didn't go unnoticed in "Detroit Rock City" either.
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  17. Record Rotator

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    Read post #43! :)
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  18. steve phillips

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    Detroit Rock City isn't a disco song.
  19. boyjohn

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    My video! Pretty much the only AB song I like (sorry)
  20. Emberglow

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    Can - 'I Want More' was disco-lite but they had quite a big hit with it on the pop charts. They even played it on Top Of The Pops but I cannot locate the clip
  21. lightbulb

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    “Run Like Hell” has more of a disco feel, to me.
    “I've always enjoyed Pink Floyd's The Wall album.
    However, after several years of listening, the constant, steady, rhythmic beat on both “Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2” and “Run Like Hell” have become prevalent to my ears.

    I recently read that during the recording sessions, Bob Ezrin recommended adding a disco beat. Supposedly Roger Waters OK'd it, and David Gilmour objected.

    For better or worse, Bob Ezrin's production work on The Wall brought that dominant sound into "the mix".
    As much as the Floyd fans object, there IS a constant, steady beat, very reminiscent of a disco rhythm.
    However, I understand that many will vehemently deny this.

    To the band's immense credit, all the other instrumentation successfully adds extra sonic layers to the songs, which allows one's focus to drift from that dominant rhythm.”

    Mar 9, 2017

    From the closed thread:
    Pink Floyd's The Wall - Too Much Ezrin?”
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  22. steppednwhat

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    Back in college daze, we were a bunch of white boys living across the apartment landing from a group of black guys that were members of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Do to our wildly varying musical tastes and herb, we became friends. They heard my JB records and things like "Blow By Blow" and Bowie.They told us we were pretty funky for white boys. They made us Honorary Sphinxmen and we co-opted the "Swearin To God" song and sang it as "Pseudo Guy" because we were "Pseudo Sphinxmen". Ah the 70s! .............. I'm becoming a storyteller as I age. I enjoy it and I enjoy this great website. Thank you and good day. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.:cool:
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  23. Say It Right

    Say It Right Not for the Hearing Impaired

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    It's a movie.
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  24. steve phillips

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    I can't remember if I've seen that movie. I'll check it out.
  25. LoveYourLife

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    Record label shenanigans. Changing artwork and/or changing track versions on re-presses should never be allowed.
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