Biggest Band Drop-off After One Quits/Fired

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MortSahlFan, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo Music gives me Eargasms

    I still blame Yoko for the breakup of the Yoko Ono Band!
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  2. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    Roger Fisher was voted out of HEART by the other members...and history shows there was a drop-off.
  3. modrevolve

    modrevolve Forum Resident

    Reni - Stone Roses..
  4. R. Totale

    R. Totale The Voice of Reason

    I didn't buy the second one, but the first seemed to me like a continuation of the slide which I agree with you started with "Hell's Ditch". Not that the Popes record was all that much better.
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  5. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Respectfully, I disagree here.

    They were a wonderful band when he was part of it but the fab four era ratcheted the quality up a notch or two, to my ears anyway.

    The band missed Timothy B. Schmit and George Grantham when they left, I reckon, but still continued to make worthwhile records up to and including the most recent studio album, All Fired Up.
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  6. mace

    mace Forum Resident

    I think they were a better band after Clem came on board.

    Same when DLR left Van Halen, they went from game show rock to a semblance of rock.
    Just my opinion.
  7. mmars982

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Judas Priest when Rob Halford quit (by fax)
  8. AppleCorp3

    AppleCorp3 Forum Resident

    Journey after Steve Perry

    Boston after Brad Delp (yeah he came back for Corporate America and the other one, but never handled all the vocals like he did on the first three albums).
  9. Mickey2

    Mickey2 Forum Resident

    Bronx, NY, USA
    Maybe not a drop-off in commercial success, but certainly a different (not for the better IMO) band sound/style for The Doobie Brothers after Tom Johnston left.
  10. Maurice

    Maurice Forum Resident

    North Yarmouth, ME
    The Cure after drummer Boris Williams left in 1993. The ten or so years that he was part of the band saw them create some (most?) of their most iconic and enduring work, nothing's really come close since.
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  11. Mickey2

    Mickey2 Forum Resident

    Bronx, NY, USA
    True. But this was a bigger drop off.. (and yes, I know, Some Girls followed that.. their last dying gasp)

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  12. Indeed - Doug Yule brought in his brother Billy to sub for her on Loaded.
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  13. StevenC

    StevenC SUEDE > Both Oasis AND Blur.

    I actually enjoy the swagger of songs like "Finish What Ya Started" and "Top of the World". Keep in mind, the keyboard stuff was 101% Eddie. It's why Dave left and Sammy doesn't even play piano or keyboards.

    When they surprised the crowd by turning up for an acoustic set at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concert, Eddie explained that the first album was Eddie writing on piano or keyboard while Sammy wrote on a guitar...

    I get your point but the artistic drop off wasn't to do with Sammy. I love Dave and his big persona, but artistic he wasn't.
  14. StevenC

    StevenC SUEDE > Both Oasis AND Blur.

    It's very fashionable to take Gilmour's side and snub Waters because Roger says stuff people don't like. However, "Wish You Were Here", "The Wall", "Animals", all those albums that you adore are the brainchildren of Roger Waters. Yes, Gilmour wrote the guitar parts over tracks, but everyone loves Money and that's Roger writing on his bass. But again, it's fashionable and almost cliche to favor Gilmour these days.
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  15. StevenC

    StevenC SUEDE > Both Oasis AND Blur.

    times a million. Steve Perry was the heart and soul of Journey and everything since, and yes I've seen them live since, is like Karaoke.
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  16. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    Noone looked to Van Roth for, artistic music. I've always been schooled that VH was fun party music, pre-Sammy. Nothing more! Now it's artistic rock? Hum.
  17. StevenC

    StevenC SUEDE > Both Oasis AND Blur.

    Here's one some may know and many may not know... And fans of this band may disagree, but the British band Suede. On their first two albums and the "Stay Together" EP, there was very strong artistic quality in every song. The b-sides, everything. Artsy and a bit dark and dangerous. When Bernard Butler quit, things were still great but things got very sunny... very poppy.... Both eras are very good but Bernard Butler was a musical genius and his back-fills were competent but it took 2 people to back-fill him.
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  18. Murman

    Murman Forum Resident

    Same. Bought the first, played it a few times and that was it. Spider and the others who sang just didn't do it for me. Shane's first post-pogues album, The Snake, was fantastic. The Crock of Gold was a significant step down.
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  19. Murman

    Murman Forum Resident

    Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds after Mick Harvey left
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  20. HitAndRun

    HitAndRun Forum Resident

    I don't think people are discussing their thoughts on Pink Floyd to be 'fashionable' or 'cliche'. We're music fans giving our honest opinions. Roger Waters made a big contribution to 70s Pink Floyd, but the other band members contributed as well. Both to the songwriting and also to the arrangements, production, and performance.

    We can see what Roger contributed to Pink Floyd by looking at The Final Cut, which is him minus the contributions of the others. And in my opinion it is a much lesser album than the classic 70s albums when all four were contributing.
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  21. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Waiting For Herb really struck a chord with me for some reason. Along with Peace & Love, it's probably my go-to Pogues album these days. Just love the songs and performances.

    I've got The Snake which I like, particularly the Gerry Rafferty cover .Never heard Crock Of Gold.
  22. MortSahlFan

    MortSahlFan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    That sounds pretty selective, considering Roger wrote 100% of lyrics before, and a majority of the music.
  23. Farmer Mike

    Farmer Mike Forum Resident

    Keith returned from Planet Junk.
  24. intv7

    intv7 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    :shrug: I think that's at least as good as Goats Head Soup and It's Only Rock & Roll -- maybe better.
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  25. BluesOvertookMe

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    Houston, TX, USA
    98% of the fans buying tickets have no idea who John Deacon is.

    97% couldn't name Brian May, hence Queen +.

    People do not know the names of most individuals in bands.
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