Biggest Band Drop-off After One Quits/Fired

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MortSahlFan, Aug 14, 2019.

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    There's a lesson to be learned here... don't date a band member if you want to keep your gig! :sigh:
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    LOL, funny. OT, this may be old news, but I find it interesting and um, amusing. Shakira and Roger Waters bought a tropical island several years ago. It's a place where celebs can go on retreat and songwriters can write and record in a nice, plush, tropical studio.

    Shakira, Roger Waters buy island together
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    Which was highly ironic, given that Shemp had been part of the original trio and had first been replaced by Curly.

    (Curly is a legend now. Was he in 1946?)
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    Yep, I haven't enjoyed any of DM's post-Wilder albums. I don't want to discount the talent of Martin Gore, but Wilder is a genius of arrangement/production and he created the Depeche Mode sound. They never recovered from his loss.
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    Great thread with some nice discussion.

    However, being the thread party pooper: some posters should have a second thought about the original intention of the thread. It’s called

    Biggest Band Drop-off After One Quits/Fired

    ... thought guys like Freddy Mercury, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, and so on Died while still in the band

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    It was all over for Ozzy/Blizzard of Oz when Randy Rhoads was killed.
    (It'll already b be in the previous 17 pages somewhere I imagine.)

    Motorhead never seemed the same after Fast Eddie departed.
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    You two need to talk! :D
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  8. TERRY KATH, Chicago's underrated great guitarist and one of the three original lead vocalists, did not quit. He was not fired either. He died in January 1978, when Chicago was still firing on all cylinders, by accidentally shooting himself with a gun he thought unloaded. Chicago somehow lost their mojo when he died. Without Terry, the musical balance and synergy within the band were altered forever and Chicago never fully recovered after his death.
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    Here's some more - after reading the thread title properly :)

    Hawkwind after Bob Calvert.
    Gong without Daevid Allen.
    UFO after Schenker.
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  10. Michael Rose

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    Princess + Adam Lambert


    Dutchess + Adam Lambert

    FTW :shtiphat:
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    glad someone pointed this out. depeche mode peaked artistically with alan wilder (one can debate exactly where/which album) and he left when they were absolutely huge. this one is definitely one of the game changers.
  12. peskypesky

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    for me:
    Clash after Mick Jones
    Genesis after Steve Hackett
    Yes after Jon Anderson
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    Something of an overstatement considering Roger only plays bass on a single track from Animals, and according to Gilmour, was hardly ever in the studio when they were making the thing. Yeah, Roger wrote the lyrics and probably contributed some chords, but the whole band had been workshopping that material since 1975 at least and the hard work and arranging was done by the entire band. Roger wrote very little of what you hear considering how much of the album is devoted to long instrumentals and band interplay.
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  14. mbd40

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    Genesis and Phil Collins. Calling All Stations is one of the worst albums that I've tried to sit through. I couldn't make it past the first few songs.
  15. RedRoseSpeedway

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    For me, it’s Floyd when Syd left.

    I just like psych pop/rock better than progressive rock
  16. mbd40

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    I disagree but I understand why others prefer Syd. They're like two completely different bands and enjoying one is no guarantee that you'll enjoy the other. While they kept the same name it's a lot like Joy Division and New Order.
  17. RedRoseSpeedway

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    Yep that’s key for me. I think post-Syd Floyd made some amazing albums, but since I’m so much more into 60s psych than 70s progressive, I tend to listen to the first two records the most, especially Piper.
  18. Paul Gase

    Paul Gase Everything is cheaper than it looks.

    I like both eras. Though when I’m spinning 70s Floyd I’m not hearing prog.
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  19. mbd40

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    Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, WYWH and Animals sound proggy to me but without the virtuoso level musicianship of other prog bands.
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    This is incorrect. Roger wrote not only all the lyrics, but all the music, except for most of "Dogs". Gilmour only plays bass on "Pigs (Three Different Ones)"
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  21. DTK

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    Jamming on existing songs aka "band interplay" isn't songwriting, it's arranging, at most. Roger wrote all if Animals except for Dave's co writing credit.
  22. Two Sheds

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    Three come to mind immediately:
    1. Mick Jones getting kicked out of the Clash (1983)
    2. Bill Berry bidding adieu to R.E.M. (1997)
    3. Peter Tork leaving the Monkees after Head in 1968.
  23. Steve Hackett's departure from Genesis.
  24. RedRoseSpeedway

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    I still think Instant Replay is incredible though!
  25. RedRoseSpeedway

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    Basically everything since Ummagumma has been labeled progressive, at least on sites like Wikipedia and Discogs

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