Biggest selection of used vinyl records, Seattle/Tacoma area, 2022?...

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    The title asks the question.

    I'm up for some serious LP and 45 r.p.m. disc trawling -- in particular, I'm hoping to find a clean cover of the first Stealers Wheel LP on A&M, and hopefully a copy of the original 7" single version of "(Everyone's Agreed) Everything Will Turn Out Fine". But that's just my excuse ...

    I'm just hoping to have a nice, nostalgic time. Extra points for recommending a shop with a great coffee place nearby! (I'm out-of-touch with record shopping, it's been ages due to the pandemic, etc.)

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  2. bhazen

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    Deepest suburbia
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    I have not done much record shopping in Seattle since the pandemic hit (I've been gone too much -- so maybe some of these are now gone), but Golden Oldies on 45th is good, then there are the assorted Silver Platters locations. I think there are a couple of new places nearby, up in Wallingford. There's also a cool little shop in the Georgetown neighborhood. Turntable Treasures and Golden Oldies in Tacoma, and there are other joints in the same neighborhood. Bargain CDs on Broadway up in Everett (literally adjacent to my now-demolished middle school, with good donuts next door). I also have found a surprisingly large number of cool items upstairs in the Pioneer Antique Mall in Puyallup.

    ---A Washingtonian exiled in Kansas
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    Easy Street in West Seattle and Hi Voltage in Tacoma both have great inventory and good coffee nearby!
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    Daybreak Records on Fremont Blvd near Marketime
    Easy Street always has a great sidewalk sale during the W.Seattle summer street fair
    Wall of Sound on Pike x ~12th
    New: Janku Land on 6th in Tacoma
    Rainy Day Records in Olympia. Takes the kinda-quirky prize, classical dollar bin and a McMenamins nearby.
    Quimper Sound Records on Water St in Port Towns(h)end

    FYI/Caveats, re: Turntable Treasures in Tacoma- His inventory is not in good condition. Records not cleaned, overpriced. He makes no secret of wanting to sell out and retire. Also, High Voltage in Tacoma has bumped its prices up considerably, post-remodel
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