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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by abor1g, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. abor1g

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    from the newsletter of Acounstic sounds this night :

    Analogue Productions LP
    Bill Evans - New Jazz Conceptions

    This two-LP, 45-RPM record will be included in an upcoming Bill Evans box set on Analogue Productions.

    In 1956, Bill Evans was virtually unknown (it would be more than a year before he first gained notice as part of the celebrated Miles Davis Sextet). His initial album attracted little attention back then, but listening with hindsight it is easy to hear in these highly individual trio and solo treatments a clear prophecy of the rich inventiveness that so deeply influenced Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett and an entire generation of jazz pianists.
    AAPJ 12-223-45 - $50.00

    i think that people who are trying to get the Fantasy top 25 double lps 45 rpm first series like "Waltz for Debby" or "sunday at the village vanguard" will look very carefully after this "upcoming box"
    if it's exactly like the miles davis box, i'll go for it if these 2 are included
  2. Roland S.

    Roland S. Forum Resident

    Rostock, Germany
    Thanks for this Information.

    This is not a good Day for the bad Guys on ebay and Co. :)

    They also can put Chet Bakers "Chet" in it, and then name it Bill & Chet Box. :D
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  3. John D.

    John D. Forum Resident

    Any approximate date on this box set? is it going to be 45rpm on all LP's?
  4. hvbias

    hvbias Midrange magic

    Best news I've heard all day :nauga:
  5. JimSmiley

    JimSmiley Team Blue Note

    That is good news!! Looking forward to some details. :righton:
  6. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member

    I was about to spend a few hundreds to get the 45rpm AP versions of Bill Evans Sunday and Waltz.

    A new reasonably priced box set would certainly be a better option.

    Any news about this? :righton:
  7. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member


    Should I go ahead and spend over 300 USD on Sunday AP 45? Or should I wait for this box set?
  8. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

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  9. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    I'm going to be all over this one.
  10. blue

    blue Mastering rules

    sweet spot
    Great for the music and the people who still look for these records :righton:
    Unmasking again regarding the "limited edition" discussion :thumbsdn:
    Or will the 45RPM Blue Notes be "gone forever" when sold, if all of us don't hurry buying them now ? ;)
  11. karmapolice

    karmapolice Forum Resident

    los angeles, ca
    45rpm for live lp?

    as much as I love the 45rpm lps, is it the best format for a live album?

    Is the sonic difference between the waltz for debby and village vanguard 45rpm versus the sacd enough to offset the loss of continuity of getting up 3 times.

    Any owners of these 45rpm titles who have heard it in both formats that can chime in.



  12. blue

    blue Mastering rules

    sweet spot
    There was an interesting comparison of Steve himself between these formats somewhere in this forum. Essence was, after serious comparison, that 45RPM LP is better. To what extent will depend on the individual and the individual setup I guess...

    For me, 45RPM rules :agree:
  13. Who's mastering this one, our host? If so, I'm definitely on the lookout for it!:winkgrin:
  14. kt66brooklyn

    kt66brooklyn Senior Member

    brooklyn, ny
    I don't worry about the limited edition thing. I have a bunch of these titles. I think it's better if more people get to hear what we (who own these great pressings) are talking about. Really, everybody wins if more records are pressed.
  15. blue

    blue Mastering rules

    sweet spot
    Sure, I agree!

    But why then call them limited, tell people they are gone, when sold etc. ? Why not do like Classic Records does? No limited editions, no numbering, no "buy them because if they're gone, they're gone"? And then CR represses them again and again on different or the same vinyl formulas (but they never told they are limited, so it's ok with no need or risk to kid people). After this, who takes limited editions seriously yet (except for a few labels)?

    But maybe I misunderstood...maybe limited to 2000 pressings means "limited for this pressing run" and if they are gone, this pressing run is gone. But the next run after 1-2 years could have 2000 again...

    I just remember that initially this "limited thing" had a different intention (take Mosaic or others)
  16. blue

    blue Mastering rules

    sweet spot
    Here's a great, great record set I own...see, it's strictly limited :biglaugh:

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  17. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member

    These are truly GREAT news, I can't wait to get my hands on this release, THANKS Steve :righton:
  18. Raylinds

    Raylinds Resident Lake Surfer

    I've been looking for a 45 Waltz for a long time. This is great news!
  19. jpm-boston

    jpm-boston Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    Any updates?
  20. Ronflugelguy

    Ronflugelguy Resident Trumpet Geek

    Jazz Conceptions is out as a single release.
  21. JimSmiley

    JimSmiley Team Blue Note

    From Acoustic Sounds:

    > The set will have 11 LP's, will retail @ 600.00 and the LP's are as
    > follows......
    >> - Sunday at The Village Vangaurd
    >> - Bill Evans Explorations
    >> - Moon Beams
    >> - Everybody Digs Bill Evans
    >> - Waltz for Debby
    >> - New Jazz Conceptions
    >> - How My Heart Sings!
    >> - Interplay
    >> - Portrait in Jazz
    >> - At Shelly's Manne-Hall
    >> - Cannonball Adderley know what I mean with Bill Evans

    Not sure about the 11 LPs number? Probably 11 titles--22 LPs.
  22. John D.

    John D. Forum Resident

    Do you have a link for this one, can't seem to find it at AS.

  23. Ronflugelguy

    Ronflugelguy Resident Trumpet Geek

    All I need is Jazz Conceptions. I already have the rest on 45.
    Why didn't they go ahead and put the Evans/ Bennett Lp in there too. 12 records 24 45's.
  24. charlesp

    charlesp Forum Resident

    San Antonio, Texas
    "Why didn't they go ahead and put the Evans/ Bennett Lp in there too. 12 records 24 45's."

    The listed LPs were all recorded for the Riverside label - the Tony Bennett/Bill Evans LP was recorded for Fantasy.
  25. Ronflugelguy

    Ronflugelguy Resident Trumpet Geek

    Its all under the Concord umbrella now.

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