Billy Joel - Turnstiles (Original Caribou Ranch Recording Sessions)

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    Starting this discussion, as the original thread is no longer open for comments...

    Billy Joel - Turnstiles - Original Version?

    From Wikipedia....

    Disenchanted with the L.A. musical scene, Joel returned to New York in 1975. There he recorded Turnstiles, on which Joel used his own hand-picked musicians in the studio for the first time, and took a more hands-on role. Songs were initially recorded at Caribou Ranch with members of Elton John's band and produced by famed Chicago producer James William Guercio, but Joel was dissatisfied with the results. The songs were re-recorded in New York and Joel took over, producing the album himself.
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    Forum member markbrow said
    So, can you tell us more?

    I'm surprised this is not on Youtube.
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    If you’re looking for answers for anything Billy I can not recommend this Facebook group enough ... Billy Joel Completely Retold
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    Nigel Olsson said that he and Dee Murray played on the album, but Joel redid it because it sounded too much like Elton John.
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    It would be fascinating to compare the two versions. Seems like the perfect excuse for Turnstiles deluxe edition.
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    So where can I buy it?
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    It might be that US and Europe differ in musical taste. Anyway I have the "river of dreams" album on CD and although it's mostly enjoyable, but when we get to the "in the middle of the night" gospel stuff it makes me want to throw the CD out of the window. Sorry.
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    This stuff is exactly why I can't stand that album
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    I reckon Joel's whole catalog is underrated these days, mainly due to radio's overexposure.

    It would be really nice to get some early Joel Deluxe treatments, that included things like this.

    The Streetlife Serenade quad sacd is very good, and the two 5.1 albums - Stranger and 52nd street are very good. I sure would be nice to get Turnstiles, Piano Man and a few others also
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